Day 6 Of Countdown To Launch: Rivera Sun

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On December 10, 2017, Popular Resistance is beginning a new phase.

As we count down to that date, we are featuring some of the people behind Popular Resistance.

Rivera Sun is an author, activist and movement strategist living in New Mexico. She writes fiction that teaches nonviolent strategy through compelling stories for people of all ages. Her current project is The Roots of Resistance, a sequel to The Dandelion Insurrection, which comes with a nonviolent action study guide. Popular Resistance has published many of Rivera’s “Man From the North” articles, written in the voice of one of the characters from the series.

Rivera is a community-supported writer who engages in Community Publishing Campaigns. She also teaches nonviolence and is a trainer with Campaign Nonviolence. She co-hosts the program, Love (and Revolution) Radio, with Sherri Mitchell.


Rivera Sun is an ally of Popular Resistance. She and her partner, Dariel Garner, advise Popular Resistance on movement strategy and regularly promote our content.

Rivera explains her support for Popular Resistance:

“Popular Resistance is unique as an online journal. You often find journals that are telling you what the problems are, but they aren’t necessarily telling you what the solutions are and how you can be a part of it. If you want to know what actions are being organized, what issues are being protested, how people are rising up to stop injustice, Popular Resistance is where you go.

In my work as a movement strategist, I use the Daily Digest they put out each day as a way of following the complexity of the interconnections between the movements and knowing where I should be taking a stand for the maximum possible effect.

One of the great things about Popular Resistance is how they integrate teaching about nonviolent action and nonviolent movements with learning more about how people like us are using them all across the country to make change and the very changes that we need so much.

Popular Resistance is the place to go if you want to find out what the problems are, what the solutions are and how you can be a part of that solution.”

You can sign up for the Daily Digest here, which brings you a list and summaries of the articles published the day before in an email each morning.  Our weekly Newsletter analyzes current events and incorporates movement theory. Subscribe to it by clicking here. Popular Resistance also organizes activist training camps. Our next camp from April 7 to 10 will be focused on National Improved Medicare for All.



  • Larry Punheim

    How do we put out an idea here, perhaps like “We should boycott Walmart until they start paying their employees a livable wage and provide health benefits?”

  • Jon

    You just did “put out an idea here.”

  • kevinzeese

    There was a vibrant Walmart protest movement not to long ago, organized by a union. It was call Our Walmart. See articles on it here, The union decided to stop investing in it. I guess they did not see the union organizing outcomes they wanted.

    Walmart is a monster. I’d like to know about how leveraged they are with debt, how their profits are and some other basics to guage how suseptible they would be to a boycott. Boycott’s are not easy to organize, but even a small percentage boycott could make a big difference in the corporation is in a weak position. I would not be surprised if Walmart was a corporation that could be impacted by a boycott.

    I hope someone picks this up, does some research and makes a proposal.