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This Saturday National Day of Action: Wave Of Indignation

A national day of action called by Ferguson Action organizers. You can find actions around the country here. They are calling it a Wave Of Indignation. They write:

Ferguson Action Day of Action 12-13-14

This movement for justice has been dubbed a “Wave of Indignation” across the country. What started as an urban revolt of young black people in Ferguson, MO has grown into a national movement for Black lives.

The entire nation is awakening to the reality of our broken criminal justice system. We cannot stop or slow down now. This Saturday, we’re taking it to the next level.

We’re asking you to join everyone in the streets this weekend and #ShutItDown. It’s our civil disobedience, marching and chanting that got us this far— and we must keep going.

When you hit the streets, you’re letting them know: body cameras are not enough. Blue ribbon commissions are not enough. We need broad, decisive action NOW.

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