DC Climate Strike Shuts Down Washington, DC

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The Shut Down DC protest that is part of the global Climate Strike did an excellent job stopping business-as-usual in Washington, DC. They did so with a wide variety of affinity groups stopping traffic on key roads and doing so with creativity, visibility, and artistic expression. Below is a series of tweets showing how activists Shut Down DC to demand action on the climate crisis.

  • voza0db

    All very nice pictures… What is the end result?

  • Many activist groups have voiced aversion to hierarchical organization. This is understandable; however, leadership is necessary. It does not and should not have many layers of command such as found in typical hierarchies. It does need a common exciting and resonating vision. It does need a small cadre of leaders that are able to articulate that vision and a sound effective plan for its realization. It does need leaders who are passionate and able to transfer and sustain that passion to the groups they interact with. The fine-tuning of the tactical plans can be done by those in the field but a clear vision and macro-strategy needs to be created by a few leaders with the input from many.

    That leadership team development needs to begin with those that have connections and have the ability to form new connections to the various independent single-issue groups. Enable them to understand the common root cause that fuels each of their issues. Enable them to understand that by lasering in on the eradication of this root cause, space is opened up that enables the creation of what is needed to solve their individual issues. When they understand these things, the willingness and inspiration to unite under one umbrella organically grows.

    Fine tune that unanimous top level vision. Make it amazing. Make it simple. Make it realistic to achieve with concentrated effort, courage, and yes, sacrifice.

    We must come together very soon. The time to influence change on all fronts is slipping away – it won’t be long before we will be overwhelmed with the consequences of soft short term results achieved through easy activism. Concrete systemic transformation is critical for any lasting shifts to become the new norm. It will not come about through trying to work with the existing system – the existing system is structured to sustain itself. I’m going to repeat that – the existing system is structured to sustain itself.

    I am not discounting the many hard fought achievements of the past that cost those committed activists their freedom, their livelihood, their health. Right now all of those prior achievements are in jeopardy. There are too many pressing issues – success will not be realized by focusing on one at a time or just a few. This very interesting and dangerous era requires going for the evil heart pumping out all of this malaise.

    To put it simply, we’re at the stage of either Go Big! or go home.

  • richardprofumo

    People over profit

  • I neglected to add that some of us, hopefully many of us would be willing to put our various skills and abilities toward something cohesive that had a reasonable possibility of producing the desired results.

  • Infarction

    As you mentioned, working through a failed system does not produce the desired results of change. Instead, it merely gives legitimacy to a system that only benefits the corrupt and venal dominant class.

    Capitalism in the US failed the working class. The illegal US government is riddled by politicians that have gerrymandered themselves into a life-long multi-million dollar sinecures that result in sustaining a mafia-like organization. This ensures the societal inequality of wealth ind justice as the plutocracy with the acquiescence and participation of their owned politicians steal everything that is not nailed down.

    The days for half measures have passed. BDS the US government.

  • History301

    Good question. Wish I had the answer to it. I can tell you that I think the peoples inhabiting our world will one day rise up and protect us from the monsters currently destroying it for profit and power, but I don’t know this will become a reality soon or at all. I can only hope and do whatever I can by being a good steward of our environment, while educating others in hopes they will act likewise.

  • voza0db

    You’re putting too much hope on an animal species that as demonstrated during millennia that she can’t live in a Balanced way.