DeBlasio & Bratton Increasing Marijuana Arrests In NYC

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New York City’s New Boss, Same as the Old?

New York Needs To Stop Arresting Marijuana Offenders

A new report released this week by the Marijuana Arrest Research Project reveals that marijuana arrests have actually increased in New York City under the new leadership of Mayor De Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton.

In March 2014, the NYPD performed more marijuana possession arrests than in any month in the last six months under the Bloomberg administration. In fact, March 2014 saw more arrests than in 10 of the 12 months in 2013 under the previous administration. The total number of arrests for first quarter of 2014 are higher than both the third and fourth quarters of 2013.

These arrests also continue the disturbing trend of disproportionately falling on individuals of color. In Brooklyn, in predominately white Park Slope, police made just 7 marijuana possession arrests in the first three months of 2014. In Carroll Gardens and Red Hook they made 12 marijuana arrests in that same time frame. More affluent neighborhoods saw even fewer arrests. In Manhattan, Police only made two marijuana possession arrests in the Tribeca/Wall Street area, one arrest in the Upper East Side, and four arrests in the Upper West Side. The story is quite different in predominately black or latino neighborhoods, where the police made significantly more arrests. In Bedford-Stuyvesant 111 individuals were arrested, 130 in Crown Heights, and 438 in East New York from January to March of this year.

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Despite similar use rates across racial groups, 86% of those arrested in the first quarter of 2014 were blacks and Latinos.

Harry Levine, a sociology professor at Queens College, City University of New York, and co-director of Marijuana Arrest Research Project said:

“At 28,000 arrests a year, New York still makes more marijuana possession arrests than any city in the world. Yet the simple possession of marijuana has not been a crime in New York State since 1978. Isn’t it time for these unfair, biased, damaging, often illegal arrests to just stop, now?”

  • forby

    lets face it. Government thinks it controls every aspect of your life and body. But hey, they are totally fine with sending you off to die in a war to get blown up by a road side bomb. but don;t you ever smoke a joint and relax. WE MUST CONTROL YOU.

  • This kind of news always makes me sick to my stomach… Wasted time, wasted resources, ruining lives…

    Though, my over analyzing nature won’t allow me to avoid asking… Where did the remaining 1% go from the “Jan-Feb-Mar 2014” bar figures…

  • nlitenmint

    It makes money for the criminal justice system.

  • rgaura

    i frame this as a war on consciousness. Its not about the drugs, its the higher consciousness they open us to. Watch Graham Hancock´s censored Ted Talk, or Charles Shaw´s Exile Nation. We need to frame the debate to reveal what is really going on here.

  • ‘zactly . it perfectly outlines the criminality of the ‘justice system’ which is really a CRIMINAL justice system … legal system

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