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Declaration Of The Embassy Protection Collective

Above photo: Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, David Paul, and Adrienne Pine at windows of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC. They were the four Embassy Protectors arrested by federal authorities.

Note: Below is the statement of the Embassy Protection Collective signed by more than 1,500 people and organizations who support the Venezuelan Embassy remaining the under the control of the sovereign nation of Venezuela that is represented by the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, whose government is recognized under Venezuelan law and by the United Nations. The Embassy Protection Collective began on April 10 and remained as interim protectors of the embassy for 37 days until the embassy was illegally invaded by more than 100 paramilitary police and the final four Embassy Protectors were removed and unlawfully arrested. The Declaration below explains the reason for the Embassy Protection Collective. Our goal was a mutual Protecting Power Agreement between the US and Venezuela where Switzerland became the protector of the US embassy in Caracas and Turkey became the protector of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. The Embassy Protection Collective consistently said it would leave the embassy once a Protecting Power Agreement was reached. Sadly, the United States choose to violate the Vienna Convention and put embassies around the world at risk. This precedent will lead to blowback against US embassies and their personnel. It is a decision the United States will regret. The mutual agreement remains our goal. KZ

We have joined together as the Embassy Protection Collective to show solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their right to determine their elected government. We are staying in the Venezuelan embassy with the permission of the legitimate Venezuelan government under President Nicolas Maduro. We seek to provide a nonviolent barrier to the threatened opposition takeover of their embassy in Washington, DC by being a presence at the embassy every day of the week for 24 hours a day.

The Collective is working from the embassy, located in the heart of Georgetown in Washington, DC during the day and holding seminars and cultural events in the evenings, as well as sleeping in the embassy. Events include forums on Venezuela, its government, economy and the ongoing attempted coup. We are also holding seminars on US foreign policy toward Africa, Honduras and Iran, the prosecution of Julian Assange and other issues.

There is great cause for us to be concerned about a hostile takeover of the DC Embassy. On March 18, 2019, the Venezuelan opposition took over the military attaché building on 2409 California St in Washington DC, with the help of the DC Police and Secret Service. On that same day, the opposition also took over the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City. They have publicly threatened to take over the embassy itself.

International Law Protects Foreign Embassies Located In The United States

According to Article 22 of the 1961 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations, foreign embassies should be protected by the United States government and their space should not be violated by the US government. Specifically, international law requires:

  1. The premises of the mission shall be inviolable. The agents of the receiving State may not enter them, except with the consent of the head of the mission.
  2. The receiving State is under a special duty to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the mission or impairment of its dignity.
  3. The premises of the mission, their furnishings and other property thereon and the means of transport of the mission shall be immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.

The Trump Administration is violating the Vienna Convention by not only allowing the illegal seizure of diplomatic premises but by facilitating it. The Election Protection Collective is supporting the people of Venezuela by taking responsibility to ensure that Article 22 of the Vienna Convention is followed.

The Elected Government of President Maduro Remains In Power

The government of President Nicolás Maduro was re-elected on May 20, 2018 in response to the opposition demanding an early election. The election was held consistent with the Venezuelan Constitution, in consultation with opposition parties and as determined by the National Electoral Council, an independent branch of the Venezuelan government.

Sixteen parties participated in the election with six candidates competing for the presidency. President Maduro won by a wide margin, obtaining 6,248,864 votes, 67.84%; followed by Henri Falcón with 1,927,958, 20.93%; Javier Bertucci with 1,015,895, 10.82%; and Reinaldo Quijada, who obtained 36,246 votes, 0.39% of the total. A total of 9,389,056 people voted, 46% of eligible voters.

The electoral process was observed by more than 150 election observers. This included 14 electoral commissions from eight countries among them the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America; two technical electoral missions; and 18 journalists from different parts of the world, among others. According to the international observers, “the elections were very transparent and complied with international parameters and national legislation.”

In a letter to the European Union correcting some of the false statements made about the election, election observers wrote: “We were unanimous in concluding that the elections were conducted fairly, that the election conditions were not biased, that genuine irregularities were exceptionally few and of a very minor nature.”

Voting machines were audited before and immediately after the election. Venezuela does something no other country in the world does, a public Citizen’s Audit of a random sample of 52 to 54% of voting machines. The Citizen’s Audit is observed by the media, the public, and all opposition parties, who sign the audits.

The Invalid Self-Appointment of Juan Guaidó Violated Venezuelan Law

Juan Guaidó’s self-appointment as interim president violated the Constitution of Venezuela. The language of the Venezuelan Constitution is clear regarding when the president of the National Assembly can become president and none of the conditions in the Constitution have been met.

The opposition relies on Article 233 of the Constitution, which allows the National Assembly president to serve as interim president only if the president-elect has not yet been inaugurated. Guaidó’s self-appointment occurred after President Maduro had been inaugurated.

Article 233 allows the president of the National Assembly to become president only if the president-elect:

“become[s] permanently unavailable to serve by reason of any of the following events: death; resignation; removal from office by decision of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice [equivalent of impeachment]; permanent physical or mental disability certified by a medical board designated by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice with the approval of the National Assembly; abandonment of his position, duly declared by the National Assembly; and recall by popular vote.”

None of these conditions were met.

If Guaidó had met the above conditions, Article 233 allows him to serve for only 30 consecutive days pending election and inauguration of the new President. Guaidó’s self-appointment and fraudulent inauguration occurred more than 30 days ago and no election has been scheduled.

In a press briefing, Elliot Abrams, the US Special Representative for Venezuela, could not explain these violations of law by Guaidó and admitted that Guaidó is not “able to exercise the powers of the office because Maduro still is there.” Even Abrams admits that Guaidó is not the president. Therefore, he has no authority over the Venezuelan embassy.

The Role of the Embassy Protection Collective

The Embassy Protection Collective is in the embassy with the permission of the Venezuelan government. We are upholding international law and the Venezuelan Constitution and opposing a coup attempt against the legitimate government of Venezuela on behalf of the people of Venezuela who elected their government.

The Embassy Protection Collective is made up of civilians, United States citizens, who are peacefully defending the embassy. If the opposition enters, they will be trespassing. We call on the DC police, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and any other law enforcement agency to uphold the law and prevent the opposition from trespassing.

The Collective feels a responsibility to hold our government to a standard of respecting the rule of law as well as a responsibility to stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.


The Embassy Civilian Protection Collective (Colectivos Por La Paz)


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David Monsees
Vivian weinstein
Susan Willis
Gary Erb
christian major
Robert Forsythe
Susan Lehrer
José A. Soler
Kathryn Albrecht
Roland Verrier
M. A. Mareck and family
Ken Brown, a.k.a. Analysis
Scott G. Walker
Abner I Dumoff
John Cook
Douglas Olson
Daniel Kasowitz
Larry Maxwell
Jonathan Mitchell
dan handler
Valmore Suárez
David Polden
Edith Rees
Wes Eastridge
Roger Stoll
Karl Reed
alan marwine
Heather Lane
Pat Moore
Susan Sheinfed
Dr. Rainer Rothfuß
Bunny Daubner
Juliana Barnet
Sami Heikkila
Enrique Gomez
Beverly Williams
Gage ashbaugh
Lily Benavides
Helen Schietinger
James Odling
petr dann
Dr. Christine Schrader
Willi Schrader
Susan Brown
Carolyn Ludwig
Colin Neiburger
Sharon Maldonado
John Hershey
Nancy Cavazos
Lincoln Bergman
Autumn Gonzalez
Jelica Roland
Victor M Rodriguez PhD
Arthur Milholland
Mohammad Askari
William Thomas Sherrod
Marie Murphy
Barrie Stebbings
catherine podojil
marie vogel
John A Dunker
Timoteo Jeffries
Melvin Zimmerman
DeCourcy Squire
Edith Rees
Ákos Tárkányi
John D Welsh
Rev. F. Mark Mealing Ph.D.
Maria Nunes
Rob Wheeler
Renee Lee
Daniel Francis
Nancy L Cowger
Andrea Jones
Laura Wells
Shauna Gunderson
Gavin O’Connor
Jim Bearden
Pamela J Bond
Bill Perry
Stanford McConnehey
Esteban Almiron
molly l murdey
Barbara Blong
jo hayward-haines
Paul Karitis
John and Debby Hanrahan
Andrew Funaro
Dean Ke ndall
Peter Gunther
Christopher Koston
Jordan Atkin
Aji Adhinatha Laksmana
Ireno Rodríguez
Ari Wibowo
Norma Mahns
Kym Cooke
Edith Oropeza
Neysha Sima
Neysha Sima
Robert Goldmann
Vannia Palacio
Earl H Staelin
Robert Cable
J MacDonald
Lucía C Heller
Marilyn Goodman
David Renton
Debbie Campbell
William Amy
Jan Ralske
M Ali Rahangiar
Joan Gannon
Angie Fulford
Eliud Lopez
Sandra Thompspn
Raul Guerreiro
Dragos Savu
Irena Varjabedian
Irena Varjabedian
Frank Fortino
Steven J. Silva
neysha sima
Pamela Bell
Tammy Swoboda
Beverly Deutsch
Grace Shimizu
John Moran
Nancy Feraldi
Lorena Loran
Sandra Twang
Michael Bass
Ronni (Veronica) Varner
Wendy Hermance
paul larkin
Darlene Hebert
Emma Beverage
Kathleen Kilcommons
Sam Adams
Sue Martin
Thomas Baker
Jim Yarbrough
Charles Xu
John Morgan
Magdalena Hohl
Jacqueline Johnson
Giorgio Riva
Nasir latupono
Guy Liston
Guy Liston
Chris Hager
June Zaccone
Paula LeRoy
Eldon Grossman
D Nunns – Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Santa Cruz
manijeh Saba
Majid Maleki
Pat Moore
James Mahoney IV
Brian Heath PhD
Don Smith
Carlos maldonado
Brant Groff
Tyreece Rogers
Bill Nicholson
Jodean Marks
Madge Penelope Morgan
Gary Hicks
Gary Mesker
jim herod
ron ridenour
Sabine Dohrn
Carolyn Poinelli
Nora Roman
Nancy L. Wallace Nelson
Martha Rollins
Gisea Lopez
Denise Lytle
Dany Lindenbacher
Virginia Hoffman
Jan Garrett
Geordie Zapalac
Sinéad O’Brien
Aileen McEvoy
Felicity Ruby
Scott Burger
Jed Williams
Dawn Jones
Michele Reynolds
BrendaLee Lennick
D. Roberts
Carl Baker
Michael Boone
Dennis B Lintz
shari wessler
Jeanne Dickerman
Carol Farina
Susann McCartju
Christine Hughes
Robert O’Neil
bev walker
Cynthia Sherman-Jones
Rashid Patch
Seshadri Srinivas
Vic Burton
Barry Meehan
thomas grover
Rosemary Tucci
Stephen Keast
Valeriet Thatcher
Christo Meyer
Vona F Quinlan
wendell H williams
Herb Kline
Marilyn Hoff
Toni Vlasits
Carol Devoss
Anita Rapone
Jessica Cresseveur
Judith Beaver
Fuck you
Robn Diekow
John Heath
Gregory Haney
Joyce H Dixon
Laura Potter
Nick Egnatz
Jim Bearden
Susan Detato
Claire Alexander
Michele Sterling
Robert B Perkins
Anne M Curran
Glen Anderson
Helga I. Fellay
Chico Callman
Ellen Murphy
John McKee
Kathy Bradley
Edward Bear
Richard Clemens
Hollis Higgins
Pamela Gallegos
Pennelloppe Allee
Jonathan Boyne
Kevin McKaig
edith gurney
Daniel LeClaire
Rosemary Grace
ralph fortune
Gene Ulmer
Lois Jordan
James Miller
Evelyn Haas
Carolyn Summers
Maggie Davidson
Lee T. Loe
Ayla Bailey
Kirk Leonard
Duane McDonald
Nancy Woolley
kate nyne
Kathleen A. Mireault
Jelica Roland
Muhamad Hardiyanto
Albert Sargis
Queen Pieter
Queen Pieter
Eleanor Weisman
Dorothy Moloney
Linda Greene
Martha A. Nathan
Anthony Glavin
Anneke Corbett
Barrie Stebbings
jay henderson
Father Claude Mostowik msc
Christine Pepin
Boyd Schwarz
Riva Enteen
Anne Lamb
Daniel Shea
Frank Hughes
Jonathan Boyne
Albrecht Ludloff
Suzanne Hesh
Samuel Morningstar
ed kinane
Peter Childs
Jim Crittenden
dianne budd, MD
Jon Haillay
jim webb
Kevin M McCarron
E. Grace Johnston
Peg gefell
John Sheridan
Jill M Hearn
Wendy Yost
Barbara Kirkpatrick
Karl Hildenbrand
Cam Bundy
Shaun Secaur
Kathleen Barrett
Nancy Hallock
Dr. Colleen Kattau
Dr. Colleen Kattau
Michael Kelly
Julia Ganson
David Schwartzman
adekunle theophilius
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Peter Kuznick
Pam Larson
Daniel Ellsberg
Alice Rodgers
Larry Rodgers
anat Krier
Gail Fleischaker
Kristin T Dooley
David Routh
Jim Becklund
Jean Darsie
Derrick Schnur
Marcelo Vazquez
Michelle M Miller
Christopher Weaver
Emily Luhrs
Marsha (Ngozi)
Abiose O Adebayo
Kazuye Suyematsu
Martha Iancu
Kelley Scanlon
Jean Sanborn (Maine Group Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom)
Sean J Cunningham
John M. Morgan
Dianne Burnham
Greg LaMotta
Merriam Ansara
Herb Kline
Renate Bridenthal
Marcia J. Eagleson
Jody Coss
Elizabeth Shanklin
Angela Teresi
Robert Nixon
Shirley Novak
Claire Mortimer
Aaron Albrecht
Albert Leger
John Spitzberg
William chaney
Casey Buchholz
pam uri
Casey Buchholz
James Savoca
Catherine LIONNET
Donald Hartley
Michael Runyon
Cynthia Howard
Thomas Rippolon
Allen Lomax
Susan Chandler
Paul Hubbard
Robert Gardiner
Glen R Williams
Joyce Good
Stephen Crabtree
Jill Everett
Timothy Havel
Tom Slaughter
Paul Krumm
Bob Manizza
Susan Brown
George Cammarota
Karen New Ball
Kristi Doyne-Bailey
Adam Nation
Jean Johnson
John Chadwick
Jose A. Soler
Raul Anorve
Josephine Lowrey
Elizabeth Neuse
judith lienhard
wendell H williams
Jim Bearden
D.V. Leslie-Pringle
D.C. Leslie-Pringle
Paul-Mary Draxler
Joanne Cvar
Joseph George
dan kelley
Gini Lester
Marian Carter
Nancy Woolley
Keith Brooks
Joseph Alicea
Joseph Alicea
Gregory Zensen
Vic Burton
Kate Lattimore
DS Vincent
Larry Maxwell
Rosemary Mondo
Heidi Eastman
Mike Parsons
Kenneth Ruby
Jeff Stack
Derek Tennant
Peggy Kacerek
donna muhs mccarten
Vern Schafer
Laurie McGee
Yvonne Gibbins
Eliot Miranda
Chris Berg
Paula Berry
Kathleen A. Mireault
Kathleen A. Mireault
William Guthrie
Bunny Daubner
Tom Violett
Johnnie Sims
Jacob Novak
steve davis
Linette Landa
Dr Connie Stomper
Bahram Zandi
Jon Olsen
Robin Laurain
Romi W. Elnagar
Lou Novak
Brian Gay
Haryaksha Gregor Knauer
Diane Moxley
Paula Overby
Rich Whitney
david johnson
Michael Pappas
gail gouveia
Stuart Levy
John Anthony La Pietra
Georgeann Hartzog
Jacqui Deveneau
Dennis Hunkler
Hector Lopez
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