Deep Racism: The Forgotten History Of Human Zoos

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Racism is deeply embedded in our culture.  Slavery of African people, ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and colonialist imperialism are seeds that intertwine to create racism that still has impacts today.  One example of the sad human history of racism — of colonizers seeing themselves as superior to others — is the long history of human zoos that featured Africans and conquered indigenous peoples, putting them on display in much the same way as animals. People would be kidnapped and brought to be exhibited in human zoos.  It was not uncommon for these people to die quickly, even within a year of their captivity. This history is long and deep and continued into the 1950s.  Several articles below with lots of photos so we can see the reality of this terrible legacy. KZ

Through the 1950s, Africans and Native Americans Were Kept In Zoos As Exhibit

By M.B. David
Political Blindspot, February 13, 2013

Throughout the early 20th century, Germany held what was termed a, “Peoples Show,” or Völkerschau. Africans were brought in as carnival or zoo exhibits for passers-by to gawk at.

Throughout the late 19th century, and well into the 1950′s, Africans and in some cases Native Americans, were kept as exhibits in zoos. Far from a relic from an unenlightened past, remnants of such exhibits have continued in Europe as late as the 2000′s.

Throughout the late 19th century, and well into the 1950′s, Africans and in some cases Native Americans, were kept as exhibits in zoos. Far from a relic from an unenlightened past, remnants of such exhibits have continued in Europe as late as the 2000′s. Above photograph is from  Brussels, Belgium in 1958.

Brussels, Belgium in 1958

Only decades before, in the late 1800′s, Europe had been filled with, “human zoos,” in cities like Paris, Hamburg, Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Milan, and Warsaw. New York too saw these popular exhibits continue into the 20th century. There was an average of 200,000 to 300,000 visitors who attended each exhibition in each city.

Carl Hagenbeck of Germany ran exhibits of what he called, “purely natural,” populations, usually East Asian Islanders, but in 1876, he also sent a collaborator to the Sudan to bring back, “wild beasts and Nubians.” The traveling Nubian exhibit was a huge success in cities like Paris, London, and Berlin.

The World’s Fair, in 1889 was visited by 28 million people, who lined up to see 400 indigenous people as the major attraction. The 1900 World’s Fair followed suit, as did the Colonial Exhibitions in Marseilles (1906 and 1922) and in Paris (1907 and 1931) which displayed naked or semi-naked humans in cages. Paris saw 34 million people attend their exhibition in six months alone.

Just four years shy of the 20th century, the Cincinnati Zoo kept one hundred Sioux Native Americans in a mock village at the zoo for three months.

Ota Benga at Bronx Zoo

Ota Benga at Bronx Zoo

In 1906, the amateur anthropologist Madison Grant, who was the head of the New York Zoological Society, put a Congolese pygmy Ota Benga, on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The display was in the primate exhibit, and Ota was often made to carry around chimpanzees and other apes. Eugenicist and zoo director William Hornaday labeled Ota, “The Missing Link.” The public flocked to see the display.

Benga shot targets with a bow and arrow, wove twine, and wrestled with an orangutan. Although, according to the New York Times, “few expressed audible objection to the sight of a human being in a cage with monkeys as companions,” controversy erupted as black clergymen in the city took great offense. “Our race, we think, is depressed enough, without exhibiting one of us with the apes,” said the Reverend James H. Gordon, superintendent of the Howard Colored Orphan Asylum in Brooklyn. “We think we are worthy of being considered human beings, with souls.”

In 1906, the Bronx Zoo kept Ota Benga on a human exhibit. The sign outside of her fenced in area of the primate exhibit read, “Age, 23 years. Height, 4 feet 11 inches. Weight, 103 pounds. Brought from the Kasai River, Congo Free State, South Central Africa, by Dr. Samuel P. Verner. Exhibited each afternoon during September.”

These sorts of, “human zoos,” continued even later. The Brussels 1958 World’s Fair kept a Congolese village on display. Even as late as April 1994, an Ivory Coast village was kept as part of an African safari in Port-Saint-Père (Planète Sauvage), near Nantes, France.

In Germany, as late as 2005, Augsburg’s zoo in Germany had similar exhibits. In August 2005, London Zoo also displayed humans wearing fig leaves, and in 2007, Adelaide Zoo housed people in a former ape enclosure by day. They were, of course, allowed to return home at night, unlike many of the earlier incarnations of these racist displays.

Many people console themselves with the belief that the racism of yesterday remains safely in the past. But the echoes of the, “human zoo,” into recent years show that this is far from the case. The racism of the past continues to bleed through into the present.

UNCOVERED: The Haunting ‘Human Zoo’ of Paris

In the furthest corner of the Vincennes woods of Paris, lies the remains of what was once a public exhibition to promote French colonialism over 100 years ago and what we can only refer to today as the equivalent of a human zoo.

In 1907, six different villages were built in the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, representing all the corners of the French colonial empire at the time– Madagascar, Indochine, Sudan, Congo, Tunisia and Morocco. The villages and their pavillions were built to recreate the life and culture as it was in their original habitats. This included mimicking the architecture, importing the agriculture and appallingly, inhabiting the replica houses with people, brought to Paris from the faraway territories.

The human inhabitants of the ‘exhibition’ were observed by over one million curious visitors  from May until October 1907 when it ended. It it estimated that between 1870 up until the 1930s, more than one and a half a billion people visited various exhibits around the world featuring human inhabitants.

In 1906, this Congolese replica “factory” was built in Marseille as part of a colonial exposition. Congolese families were also brought over to work in the factory. In February 2004 its remains were burnt down.

Today, the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale is treated as a stain on France’s history. Kept out of sight behind rusty padlocked gates for most of the 20th century, the buildings are abandoned and decaying, and the rare exotic plantations have long disappeared.

In 2006 the public was granted access to the gardens but few people actually visit at all. The entrance is marked by a 10 ft Asian inspired portico of rotting wood and faded red paint that stands like the ghost of a slain gatekeeper. Visitors can instantly feel a sense of anxiety upon entering and quickly develop an understanding that this is not a place that the French are proud of. A hundred years on and there’s still an eerie presence of ladies clutching sun parasols and men in bowler hats arriving, eager to see the show on the other side of this now crumbling colonnade.

Only some of the pathways remain clear of overtaking nature and they all lead to various vandalized monuments, condemned houses with danger signs and abandoned paraphernalia that you can’t make any sense of.

A doorway to one of the houses at the Indonesian pavillion

The Moroccan pavillion

I sneaked over a fence into this eerie structure hidden at the back of the park, a workshop where scientists and students came to study tropical wood brought back from the colonies. 

More than thirty-five thousand men, women and children left their homelands during the high noon of Imperialist Europe and took part in ‘exotic spectacles’ held in major cities like Paris, London and Berlin. Entire families recruited from the colonies were placed in replicas of their villages, given mock traditional costumes and paid to put on a show for spectators. An opportunity to demonstrate the power of the West over its colonies, the expositions became a regular part of international trade fairs and encouraged a taste for exoticism and remote travel.

Europeans gawked at bare-breasted African women and were entertained by re-enactments of “primitive life” in the colonies. Here, anthropologists and researchers could observe whole villages of tribespeople and gather physical evidence for their theories on racial superiority.

The Tunisian pavilion. 

While the villagers had come to Paris of their own free will and were paid to be on display, they were equally oppressed, exploited and degraded. The distinction between person and specimen was blurred. They were not guests here. They were nameless faces on the other side of a barrier.

When the Exposition Tropicale ended its four month run in October 1907, it is unknown how many of the participants returned home safely. Villagers were enticed by lecherous agents or even mislead by their own village chiefs into joining circus-like troupes that toured internationally. From Marseille to New York, their vulnerability in a capitalist world was exploited every step of the way.

Some would eventually find their way home after a few years, but others would never make it. If they didn’t fall victim to diseases unknown to them; smallpox, measles, tuberculosis; they would die of adversity in an alien world.

There are rumors that one building, the Indochine pavillion, will be refurbished to function as a small museum and research centre. It may be an intelligent solution to a touchy subject. If the French government destroyed the gardens, there would be accusations of trying to cover up the past. If they were fully restored, it might be construed as a commemoration to a France’s once very sinister use of power.

And so the garden remains, hauntingly beautiful; a neglected embarrassment.

Gardeners stopped coming a long time ago. Wild and verdant, mutations of untamed tropical plants plucked from their homelands are left to fester in a junkyard of French colonial history. They are the ghosts of this purgatory, waiting for a ticket home.

Address: Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, 45 bis Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 75012 Paris. RER station: Nogent-sur-Marne

Sarah’s Story: A Colonial Showpiece

The primitiveness of putting the ‘primitive’ on display began during the modern period when explorers like Columbus and Vespucci lured natives back to Europe from their homelands. To prove the discovery of exotic lands, the natives were flaunted and paraded like trophies. But what began as curious awe deteriorated into an era of racial superiority and the invention of the savage.

A 20 year-old girl from South Africa known as Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman would be emblematic of the dark era that gave rise to the popularity of human zoos. She was recruited by an exotic animal-dealer on location in Cape Town and traveled to London in 1810 to take part in an exhibition. The young woman went willingly under the pretense that she would find wealth and fame. Exhibitors were looking for certain qualities in their ‘exotic’ recruits that either coincided with the European beauty ideal or offered unexpected novelty. Sarah had a genetic characteristic known as steatopygia; a protuberant buttocks and elongated labia.

She found herself being exhibited in cages at sideshow attractions dressed in tight-fitting clothing that violated any cultural norms of decency at the time. A few years later she came to Paris where racial anthropologists poked and prodded and made their theories. Sarah eventually turned to prostitution to support herself and drank heavily. She had been in Europe for only four years.

When she died in poverty, Sarah’s skeleton, sexual organs and brain were put on display at the Museum of Mankind in Paris where they remained until 1974. In 2002, President Nelson Mandela formally requested the repatriation of her remains. Nearly two hundred years after she had stood on deck and watched her world disappear behind her, Sarah Baartman finally went home, where the air smelled of buchu and mint, and the veld called out her name.

Additional images via Les Expositions universelles de ParisInvisible ParisShane Lynam and Olivier Aubert


Trip Down Memory Lane
October 1, 2012

It is general historical knowledge that African civilization came before the rise of caucasian race. However, the Eurocentric historians have always tried to make Africa and other human race to seem inferior to the caucasian race. The historical achievement of civilizations like both the Egyptian and Nubian civilization were hidden until recently historians like Cheikh Anta Diop, Ivan Sertima, Amiri Baraka, Molefi Kete Asante,Rashidi Runoko and others came in to reveal it to the world.Africans and people from other race contributed immensely in literature,science,astrology,music and other forms of art. Despite all this, with the rise of caucasian race in human race recently in history, they rather saw all other race especially Africans (blacks)  as primitive beings whose mental capacity are akin to that of apes or monkeys. So in other to erroneously satisfy their myopic theory of Darwinism human zoos were erected across Europe to make mockery of other human race.
The Europeans/caucasians claim American native Indians were cannibals ( a word coined by Christopher Columbus upon landing in new world) but cannibalism has been well-known in Europe for many years.

In Gough’s Cave, England, remains of human bones and skulls from approximately 15,000 years ago, suggest that cannibalism took place amid the people living in the cave.

Archaeologists can trace back evidence to about 7,000 years ago proving mass cannibalism in Germany – even children and unborn babies were on the menu.

The Gruesome History of Eating Corpses as Medicine

Read more:

Eating other humans’ flesh and drinking their blood for medicinal purposes is well-documented:

Take when Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed in 1492, his doctors used vampire-like technique on 3 boys and had the pope drink their blood. The boys were bled until they died, and the pope died as well. Of course this was the same time that Columbus “discovered” America and coined the word “cannibal.”

The medical journal, The Lancet, published an article regarding corpse medicine. The article recounts notable doctors of 1600s England digging up bodies to use the bones for medicine. Noted in the article was the fact the human body was widely acknowledged as the “therapeutic agent”.

Medical treatments included ingesting flesh, bone, or blood, along with a variety of moss sometimes found on human skulls right up until the late 18th century. Use of medicines made from blood and other human body parts was widespread in Europe. Fresh blood was used as a cure for epilepsy and other body parts to treat a variety of diseases, including arthritis, warts, diseases of the reproductive system, sciatica, and even teenage acne…

One of the books this stuff is documented in Cannibal The History of People Eaters.

It’s quite a conceit to present the cultures of non-white peoples as deviant and hold them and their cultures up to spectacle….whilst whites and European cultures are quarantined as inherently sound and their cultures as apexes of civilization.

Europeans had no ethical or moral issues at all with cannibalism – for example – until the 19th century. The bodies of other humans was just another natural product available for use and recycling.

Candles made of human fat were used up until the 1880s.

King Charles II of England sipped ‘The King’s Drops’, a powder mix of human skull with alcohol.
Thomas Willis, a 17th-century pioneer of brain science, would routinely brewed a drink for apoplexy (or bleeding), that mingled powdered human skull and chocolate.

Did other Europeans consider these practices deviant and depraved? Was the King of England or respectable English scholar merely ‘racially primitive’ because of the liquids they drank?

Of course not, after all, a French Franciscan monk of the same time was making marmalade out of human blood, and even wrote a recipe for it. The instructions, in part, read like this:
“stir it to a batter with a knife…pound it…through a sieve of finest silk.”

Jam-making aside, the eating of human bodies could also be used as military weapon – something that was traditionally buried, down-played and ignored – in the way that rape in war has been hidden or dismissed.
Take the Crusades, for example. The 1st Crusade in particular, and the Siege of Maarat, or Ma’arra, in 1098 in the city of Ma’arrat al-Numan, in what is modern-day Syria. An eyewitness of the siege wrote, “In Ma’arra our troops boiled pagan adults in cooking-pots; they impaled children on spits and devoured them grilled.” The chronicler Albert of Aix seemed to rank Muslims lower than dogs when he wrote, “Not only did our troops not shrink from eating dead Turks and Saracens; they also ate dogs!”

Guibert of Nogent, in his work Historia Hierosolymitana noted that the Christian barbarians (or Tafurs) were feared by the Muslims because of their cannibalism. For that reason, on at least one occasion, the Tafurs publicly “roasted the bruised body of a Turk over a fire as if it were meat for eating, in full view of the Turkish forces.”

Guibert notes that the Franks (Germanic clans) also practiced cannibalism, but they did so “in secret and as rarely as possible.”

With all these past,the blacks and people of other race did not see Europeans as primitive and of inferior brains to use against them. In fact, when Africa had introduced way of writing the white race was oblivious of how to communicate through letters. Yet when the whites of yore got the opportunity of enlightenment it did not take them long to see all other human race as inferior to them even when some of them were aware that that perception was and is still wrong. They rather went on to introduce human zoos to shame fellow humankind.

Advertising post for human zoo in Germany

Human Zoos

Human zoos were 19th and 20th century public exhibits of people like a museum pieces (also known as “an ethnological exposition”, “the exhibition of human beings” and “a Negro Village”)- mostly non-Europeans. Africans, Asians, Indigenous people and many others were often caged and displayed in a makeshift ‘natural habitat’. These human displays were very popular and shown at world fairs where they drew Europeans and Americans in their tens of millions – from Paris to Hamburg, London to New York, Moscow to Barcelona.

The Edmond Pezon’s menagerie: this is Zizi-Bamboula.

This curiosity regarding indigenous races had a history at least as long as colonialism and Columbus brought indigenous Americans from his voyages in the New World to the Spanish court in 1493. Human zoos and exhibitions of exotic populations became common in the 1870s in the midst of the New Imperialism period. They could be found in many places including Hamburg, Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Milan, New York, and Warsaw, and hundreds of thousands of people visited these exhibitions.

Negro Village

The goal of that was to demonstrate people born in Asia and Africa, and show their primitive and sometimes even savage lifestyle. Such zoos, especially in Germany, had strongly pronounced racist implication, which was taken from the Social Darwinism currents, when people from Africa were often demonstrated together with monkeys in order to show their common origin.

This is the settlement of Iroquoises. People wear their traditional costumes and headwears decorated with feathers.

In 1874, Carl Hagenbeck, a German merchant in wild animals and entrepreneur of many Europeans zoos, decided to exhibit Samoan and Sami people (Laplanders) as ‘purely natural’ populations. In 1876, he sent a collaborator to the Egyptian Sudan to bring back some wild beasts and Nubian people.

Hagenback`s human zoo “Sudanese troupe”

The Nubian exhibit was very successful in Europe and toured Paris, London, and Berlin. He also dispatched an agent to Labrador to secure a number of ‘Esquimaux’ (Inuit) from the settlement of Hopedale; these Inuit were exhibited in his Hamburg Tierpark.

A family of Labradorean Eskimo is in Hamburg or Berlin Zoo, 1880. They adopted Christianity and took German names. Men’s name was Abraham Ulrikab, his wife’s name was Ulrika, they had two children — Sarah and Mary, their nephew’s name was Tobias; there were another family with them. It was the way to earn money for them; the family was to clear off debts and needed money. All of them died within five months because of smallpox which they didn’t have immunity to. Abraham Ulrikab made notes writing the Inuktuit language; he described all the humiliations that his family underwent.

Geoffroy de Saint-Hilaire, director of the Jardin d’acclimatation, decided in 1877 to organize two ethnological spectacles that presented Nubians and Inuit. That year, the audience of the Jardin d’acclimatation doubled to one million.

African child in Negro village being fed like a monkey

Between 1877 and 1912, approximately thirty ethnological exhibitions were presented at the Jardin zoologique d’acclimatation.

Native people of Suriname were displayed in the International Colonial and Export Exhibition in Amsterdam held behind the Rijksmuseum in 1883.

Ceylonese citizens were also shown at such exhibitions.

Both the 1878 and the 1889 Parisian World Fairs presented a Negro Village (village nègre). Visited by 28 million people, the 1889 World Fair displayed 400 indigenous people as the major attraction.

The idea of “a Negro Village” was the most popular in Germany, where the ideas of Social Darwinism were widely spread and accepted by many people. Even Otto Bismarck visited “the Negro Village” exhibition.

Negro Village

The 1900 World Fair presented tin nude in cages, often nude or semi nude.

“Negro Villages” are at the exhibitions in France.

Parisian world fair

The 1931 exhibition in Paris was so successful that 34 million people attended it in six months, while a smaller counter-exhibition entitled The Truth on the Colonies, organized by the Communist Party, attracted very few visitors.

This is a Somalia village, which was demonstrated in Luna Park, St. Petersburg.

Negro Village

One of the first modern public human exhibitions was PT Barnum’s exhibition of Joice Heth on February 25, 1835. Joice Heth (c.1756–February 19, 1836) was an African American slave. In 1835 toward the end of her life, blind and almost completely paralysed (she could talk, and had some ability to move her right arm), she was purchased by PT Barnum. He began his career as a showman by exhibiting her, claiming she was the 160-yearold nurse of George Washington. She died the next year; in all probability no more than 80 years old.

The Chinese Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker.

A caricature of Saartjie Baartman, called theHottentot Venus. Born to a Khoisan family, she was displayed in London in the early 19th century. Saartjie Baartman of the Namaqua, referred to as ‘the Hottentot Venus’, who was displayed in
London until her death in 1815.

This is Tuareg.

During the 1850s, Maximo and Bartola, two microcephalic children from Central America, were exhibited in the US and Europe under the names ‘Aztec Children’ and ‘Aztec Lilliputians’.

Five Indians from the Kawesqar tribe (Tierra del Fuego, Chili) were kidnapped in 1881 and transported to Europe to be demonstrated in a human being zoo. All of them died a year later.
The whole thing was staged and played to Western stereotypes:

African mother and child in negro village

  • Arabs were like in “Thousand and One Nights” from the 1300s.
  • American Indians were like in the cowboy-and-Indian books of the time.
  • South Sea Islanders were bare breasted and carefree – even though, as Gauguin discovered, that world was long gone if it ever was (but painted it anyway).
  • Black Africans were shown as savage hunters, spears and all, just a step above wild animals – even though most Africans of the time were herders and farmers. One show was called “Gorilla Negroes”.

      The picture of Australian aborigines, the Crystal Palace, 1884.

The Pygmies at the St Louis fair, on the other hand, liked to smoke cigars and wear top hats, which screwed up the show’s racist evolutionary ranking.

Pygmies were made to dance during numerous exhibitions to entertain visitors.

Some feared for the safety of white women. In both Victorian England and Nazi Germany, some opposed the shows out of fear of race mixing between black men and white women.

Africans shooting archery in 1904 St Louis “Savage Olympics Exhibition”

Human Zoo


At least as late as 2005 you could still see “African tribesmen” in grass skirts at a Western zoo (in Augsburg, Germany). But since the 1930s such things have become uncommon: film, and later television and cheap air travel, were able to give Westerners a much richer-seeming (but not always truer) experience of native peoples.

It is a very shameful period for Europeans, when people earned money kidnapping other people and showing them to others. So, the last African disappeared from the European Zoos in 1936. However, the last “Negro Village” was demonstrated at the Expo exhibition in Brussels in 1958.

Ota Benga at Bronx zoo see:


As if this human zoo racism against blacks are over, recently in India the govt decided to use the tribal hinterland black Andamanese for human zoo to generate tourist attraction to their country. Though the intended human zoo did not materialized but some Indians force Andamanese to dance for tourist in their nakedness for money.

Andamanese girls that were being used as human zoo by the Indian govt.

A human zoo, which features women from a protected tribe dancing for tourists in exchange for food, opened on India’s Andaman Islands.

Jarawa tribal women — some of them naked — are being lured to dance and sing for tourists and to live in a “Jarawa Habitat”.

Under Indian laws designed to protect ancient tribal groups susceptible to outside influence and disease, photographing or coming into contact with the Jarawa and some of the Andaman aborigines had been banned, but the Indian government seems to be looking the other way on the Human Zoo.

Tourists shoot photos and video of a ancient tribe, an indigenous people belonging to the Indian Andaman Islands, and treat them like animals in a zoo.

The tribe, thought to have been among the first people to migrate successfully from Africa to Asia, lives a nomadic existence in the lush, tropical forests of the Andamans in the Indian Ocean.

India’s Tribal Affairs Minister Sanjay Krishnabba Chandra said that they are looking into the situation to make sure that all the women in the zoo are treated properly – feed, bathed and cared for on a daily basis.

SeMany Indian citizens are outraged about the Human Zoo.

“It’s deplorable. You cannot treat human beings like beasts for the sake of money. Whatever kind of tourism is that, I totally disapprove of that and it is being banned also,”  an Indian MP added. “(source:e the story below:

‘Human Zoo’ Allowed Tourists to Throw Bananas at Islanders

What horrible human outrages does this monstrous world of ours bring today? Video of a “human zoo” in India’s Andaman Islands, featuring women from the Jarawa tribe, ordered to dance for tourists in exchange for food.

The video, first published by Guardian sister paper The Observerapparently depicts a bribed policeman ordering the women to dance for tourists “on safari.”

“Dance,” the policeman instructed. The girls in front of him, naked from the waist up, obeyed. A tourist’s camera panned round to another young woman, also naked and awkwardly holding a bag of grain in front of her. “Dance for me,” the policeman commanded.

To shield tribes like the Jarawa from disease and culture shock, Indian laws ban outsiders from seeking out or photographing the people. Nonetheless,

On the day the Observer visited, when the gates opened the cameras immediately started clicking. Tourists threw bananas and biscuits to the tribes people at the roadside, as they would to animals in a safari park

This tribe began to have a contact with the modern world only at the end of XX century. Its population is about 300-400 people, locals and tourists are banned from contacting them, take their pictures and videos, otherwise, the offender will be arrested and brought to justice.However, for a bribe – about $ 560 – tourists may violate these prohibitions, and local police turn a blind eye to it.

[T]he price of a day out with the Jarawa: up to 15,000 rupees (£185) to buy off the police, another 10,000-15,000 rupees on top of that for a car, a driver, gifts for the Jarawa, and biscuits and snacks. Contact is guaranteed, he promised.

Believed to be the descendants of the first humans to migrate successfully from Africa to Asia, there are roughly 400 Jarawa alive today, the AFP reports. They began “to venture out of the jungle in any numbers” in 1998, prompting the government to create “a buffer zone” for the tribe in 2007. “Forced coexistence would be total genocide for them,” according to Anstice Justin, head of the region’s Anthropological Survey of India.

Though officials mostly agree that outrage is the appropriate response to this video (even those opposed to the protection laws don’t want this scandal attached to them) there is some dissent over the appropriate amount of outrage. We return to the AFP:

“Before the 2004 tsunami, people might have forced them to dance and there may have been some much smaller violations since then,” Justin said by telephone from the capital Port Blair.

“The video appears to be six to seven years old when Jarawas remained unclothed but now they wear dresses in public,” Director-General of Police Samsher Deol said.

Andamanese tribal people at the beach watch this:

The bribed officer from the video will reportedly “have his future promotion delayed by six months” as punishment.

It is about time every black person living everywhere should be given a needed protection and right to their dignified way of living without exploitation by the governments that control their lives. These Andamanese are the original inhabitants of India before the so-called white Indian Skin came to occupy their land. They must be seen as the bonafide owners of the land and if no compensation is given to them by the Indian government,their right to a dignified living must not be exploited through human zoo experimentation in the name of tourism. It is so racist and disrespectful to this ancient tribe of African origin.

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    We bring it up so we better understand history and how deep the roots of racism are.

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  • Doug Rollison

    How about a little balance and journalistic integrity?? Assuming motives and labeling every public display of a different culture as a “human zoo” is pretty simple-minded. Modern “Interactive History Parks” have pioneer villages and native American “Interpreters” who dress in authentic costume and demonstrate customs of their tribe. Does that make them human zoos? How about Disney’s World Showcase at Epicot Center? RACISTS!!! Native people exhibits throughout history were not popular because “white people are filled with hate” but because city people were curious about how people in far-away lands lived.

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  • Njambi Kahuthu

    This is still happening in this century. Norway has recently opened a human zoo with the following justification “Organizers of the “human zoo” re-enactment say they have chosen to
    embark on the project to enable important discussions about the legacy
    of colonialism and racism.” Norway is a so called champion of “Human Rights” and yet they allow including their king to go and gawk at black people in a zoo. I am at a loss of words but still proud to be AFRICAN and BLACK.

  • Christine

    The “inhabitants” of those exhibits are acting, generally haven’t been kidnapped/coerced away from their homes, and rarely have bananas thrown at them. Please don’t confuse an interactive historical exhibit with this type of colonial display.

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    If talking about this causes YOU guilt and shame then that sounds like a personal problem. People talk about these things, because it is important to TALK about them so people can UNDERSTAND the root and problems of racism and hopefully try to fix them. Not just IGNORE it because it makes YOU uncomfortable.

  • Meow Mix

    how are those things even remotely the same as these human zoos???

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  • Mandate Schoolman

    The rapid evolution of humans has left black people behind. The differences between whites and blacks are not just pigment related. The white genome is different from the black genome. We have neanderthal genes while blacks do not. You could say that we are 99% the same but that 1% is very telling. The failure of the black race can be found everywhere in the world – from Detroit to Nigeria – 5 days ago to 5,000 years ago. They are inferior. It is simply a fact.

  • truthseeker

    All have and are being reduced, My father was no WHINER, I am no whiner, I have pointed Europeans to a string of similar circumstance bringing them to Chattel slavery.

    The inherent defense mechanisms and cognitive dissonance, causes them to dismiss the relaying of REAL dynamics as rhetoric and untrue.

    It is only through seeing your own devalued that you will say, this is wrong, it is when your own are affected by the stimulus reserved strictly for me and my father and his father and his father and his father and his father and his father at the hands of someone else, that you will again be able to relate to the giraffe before hunting for sport, hunting the Rhino to extinction, hunting and murdering every single species of life to the amoeba and protazoa.

    You will be reconnected to what you have benefited from only through reduction and pain, I didnt wish it on you, you purchased it like a paycheck. All of nature, all things organic, every single people and their ancestors bear witness and in unison all hurt under the strain, well…a scientific and organic fist is in play

  • George R. Horn

    Jermany, I have one question to ask you, “whose fault is it that people live in a ghetto”? If people get off their ass, get an education, get a job, and then look to maybe start their own business, they will be out of the ghetto. Stop the damn blame game, it is pure bullshit.

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  • I guess there is no such thing as systemic racism and studies that prove that it is a barrier, is just propaganda from the Left? Question where did you get your PHD in Sociology and Political Science? Or are you just talking about your personal experience growing up black in a ghetto and working you and your family out of there?

  • tommi

    whats wrong with having monkeys in the zoo?

  • Shafii Sigera

    And when someone talks about the jews the whole world crushes on you, but this went on for centuries till today,..i think we have to bring people to justice,..

  • Lobsang Dolkar

    I hope that one day it will be as easy for our culture to see how offensive it is to display naked women in strip clubs and prostitution windows as is was to display Africans and Native Americans in the past for the “enjoyment” of white people. One day, I hope, we’ll be just as eager to grant full dignity and humanity to women too. (And don’t bother coming back with straw arguments about so-called “choice” and “agency.” Sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business these says.)

  • Jamie James

    You’re directly comparing human beings of colour to animals. You are the problem.

  • Pingback: Racism: Human Zoos | unnecessary news from earth()

  • Emilie Reimers

    No. I am comparing the discrimination based on race to the discrimination based on species.
    By the way, all living beings on earth are animals, incl. humans….

  • 21mkenya .

    to scum of the earth like you there is nothing wrong!


  • Pingback: » QueerPunxBelgium()

  • dn

    You are very far from intelligent.Your comment is full of hatred, foolishness and inhuman.

    Check history, perhaps you will come to realisation that this is misuse of power.

    Invading others just because they are not the same colour with you,or just because you want to be recognised as superior?

    Everything in life has different colours including animals.

    Animals never fight or oppress other just because they are different in colour.
    Foolishness of men.

    The heart of men are continually evil.

  • dn

    Where do you expect them to live when you fail to realise that this world is not for you alone?

    How on earth did you expect someone to get educated when you limit his ability to learn?

    What happened to Ancient black Egyptian,how come no trace?

    Where did europe get civilisation from,is it not from the same black race?

    How can you set up an organisaion against people and expect them to learn without disturbance,fear,and distraction?
    Please grow up!

  • dn

    Check history, perhaps you will come to realisation that this is misuse of power.

    Invading others just because they are not the same colour with you,or just because you want to be recognised as superior?

    Everything in life has different colours including animals.

    Animals never fight or oppress other just because they are different in colour.

    Foolishness of men.
    The heart of men are continually evil.

    Greed and superiority complex is the problem here.

  • Pingback: The world we live in… |

  • chiefpontiac

    And no other countries have racist pasts? What this article is exposing is America’s worst kept secret. The early eugenicists and their liberal progressive descendants that found a home in the Democrat Party. Madison Grant was a huge influence on the eugenics movement. He shared the same master race thoughts as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. (These ideas, birthed in Marxist/Socialist Europe by the Fabian Socialists, found a home with the early Progressives/Democrats in America, and were returned to Europe and embraced even further by the Nazis for their Final Solution). Madison Grant can trace his thoughts back to Darwin and Francis Galton and even to the father of the modern population control, Thomas Malthus. This article is very misleading. Basically it’s claiming that Western Civilization is the bane of mankind, which is nonsense. Nothing is mentioned of the racism, “colonialism”, and human rights abuses in Muslim countries that have gone unabated and unchallenged for centuries. It was Muslims who sold Black Africans into slavery. The Atlantic Slave Trade could not have happened without the cooperation and participation of Muslim countries. Muslim countries didn’t “officially” abolish the slave trade until the early 1960’s. But as we’ve seen with the Muslim terrorists recently, they still practice it, especially with Christian and non Muslim captives. If you’re going to write a story about the past, then write the truth about everything and not just the part that fits your ideology and agenda….

  • Asha

    But how will I see exotic animals and breed them because they are endangered?

  • Asha

    This was the same argument the French gave to dissidents of the day — You compare these animals to the white man?

  • Rob F.

    “Nobody alive today had shit to do with that” except there’s stuff in here from the FIFTIES.

  • Rob F.

    I think the intent here was to express that plain ol’ zoos have problems too (plenty floating around about how awful Sea World is, for example). But as they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I hope you can see how your comments were misunderstood.

    Emilie, while I agree with you that zoos are not always so great, I’m more aligned with Peter Singer’s philosophies about consciousness, and am willing to say that there’s a distinction to be made between animals like penguins or hyenas and humans (it’s a sliding scale, but the difference exists). Not to say that animals should be imprisoned either, but it’s a double-edged sword when the zoos are also safe havens against poaching, habitat disruption, etc. Perhaps “wildlife sanctuary” is the better model, but there is some use to the zoo model, especially for creatures that inspire a greater appreciation of nature. How many kids grew up to be nature conservancy advocates since they felt an empathic connection to, say, polar bears at a zoo?

    Cut back to the point of this article: a chronicle of exploitation, devaluing of human life, showcases and curiosities a la P.T. Barnum (and literally also P.T. Barnum). This is pure evil.

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  • Pascale Frederickx

    He did not say that racisme didn’t exist, he clearly said , that you should stop playing the victim .. and take your chance as many black americans do today .. you can’t keep looking backward .. and keep blaming coming generations for what happened before. And talking about racism .. tell me why colord pple can walk all over manhattan .. but non colored risk there lives walking into surthen areas .. I am from Europe and I experianced that personaly in N-Y .. those who wan’t .. can today start with yourself and stop complaining !!

  • Jermany Ash

    Pascale, its great your from Europe, BUT even europe you have Ghettos and Eurotrash — People once thought of, and many still think of as being less than human. So many people are poor in europe because of the Royal Classes owning much of the land there – its a historical issue. I’m glad you come to America and experience benefits BLack People can even experience in New York because of White Racism. BUT NOTHING HAS CHANGED THE REALITY — the fact is White People are Racists and they will eventually have to pay for their Crimes Against Humanity. Many People agree on this Issue and its a form of social justice that is the action being taken. IN OTHER WORDS WHITE PEOPLE HAVE TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE NOT ONLY A NATIONAL SCALE BUT A GLOBAL ONE AS WELL. SOCIAL JUSTICE IS THE POINT HERE… BUT YOU DON’T AGREE WITH JUSTICE DO YOU?

  • Providence Destiny

    ha! tell that to the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Grimaldi/Augnacians, Natufians, Dravidians, Shang/Xia, Jomon/Ainu, and Austronesians, etc, etc. The oldest and most ancient civilzations were Black, b/c Black people with varying phenotypes have been on this planet for hundreds of years until some 10kya, Black groups in the Steppes of Central Asia mutated, thus turning their beautiful Black skin an ugly undesireable pasty white. Your history is only 500 years old, the ancient Greeks and Romans were mulatto hybrids b/c your kind is not even indigenous to Europe! There is NOTHING unique about you — at least not in an even remotely admirable way. btw, where exactly do you think Neanderthals came from, dummy? And what do you think they looked like if white skin is NEW to this planet? Exactly… stay stupid its what you people do best.

  • dn

    Your comment is very foolish,naive and at the same time inhuman.
    Well, by their fruits you shall know them.

  • Valencia Jackson McNeill

    The only way that “nobody alive today had shit to do with it” can be REMOTELY true is if NONE of the people that patronized these human zoos had ANY children to raise and influence. Of course they DID have children, and those children had children, and they’re all VERY LIKELY part of the VERY REAL racist climate that exists TODAY. Of COURSE the shit of the past is relevant TODAY! No one asked YOU to feel guilty or apologize for anything, so STOP trying to deny a REALITY just because you DO on some level feel embarrassment, if not literal guilt and remorse. It is ENTIRELY to be white and hear of these atrocities and be JUST as disgusted as black or ethnic peoples and be on the EXACT SAME PAGE in that regard. You’re CHOOSING to be on the “other side” and get all defensive. That’s your prerogative. That CHOICE is YOURS. But, you don’t get to STOP this conversation with your personal issues. PERIOD.

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  • Lie_Buster

    Your ignorance (or arrogance or both – take your pick) is on display: in other words, we all should remember & recite the white jews as victims today and forever, but hush hush all other people’s slaughter.

    Here is your hypocrisy in your own words:

    “If you want to take pitty [sic] on a people take pitty [sic] on the Jews who were killed by the millions by Hitler. Nobody wants to talk about that.”

    Huh? Nobody wants to talk about the suffering of jews? Darling, that ALL the white western world ever talks about. We are inundated – hit over the head with whining jews 24/7. Strange you don’t see your own hypocrisy in your own words. Actually, you probably do, but that’s permitted by your cult book. You want dialogue and knowledge about what is written in this article hushed up, but want even MORE sympathy and crocodile tears for jews as if the world hasn’t shed enough tears AND DOLLARS for them. How many movies, documentaries and reports have been aired about jewish suffering – real & imagined – and how many have been aired about the items in this article? How many jew memorials and museums paid for by goyim sucker taxpayers for jew and JEWS ONLY. No publicly-funded memorials & museums about anyone else’s genocide and suffering. DEFINITELY NOT any memorials or commemorations for Palestinians whom jews murder, torture, humiliate, steal from AROUND THE CLOCK today, yesterday and tomorrow. Well, pardon me trying to discuss logic with a pathetically illogical being. The real problem is that folks like you and most others of your god’s-chosen-liars-thieves-&-murderers tribe do, in fact, practice racial supremacy right now in the present hour.

  • Pingback: Daar krijg je racistische kindjes van | Christa Noëlla()

  • JPVan

    All of these examples are disgusting but the general aim here is to single out Europeans in particular for these vile practices. Understandable to a degree when Europe was engaged in exploration, colonization, and the subjugation of other people. What’s missing, and its impossible to cast a wide enough net, are other examples from around the world from antiquity to the present time. In North and South America, in Asia, in Africa, in the South Pacific, and anywhere I’ve missed, conquerors have subjected the vanquished to all manner of inhumanity. Not exclusive to Europeans, these atrocities occur and have occurred in cases of neighboring tribes and states as well as with those empires with a longer reach. Only this week did we see Peshmerga captives paraded in a convoy of cages toward some unknown fate, probably not good. My point is this; it is a mistake, the “fundamental attribution error” known to behavioral scientists and anthropologists, when we oversimplify and use people, personalities and groups for our explanations and usually premature conclusions. This is at the cost of determining facts and putting them in the right context to provide a true description of a situation and learn from it. We evolve that way and using the same old thinking means more of the same old problems. Forever and a day, the real divide among humankind is an enduring one; it’s a divide between those who want to control other people set against those with no desire and who simply want to be left alone. Groups seeking to profit and extend control over others include the chroniclers of past grievances, the purveyors of prejudice, those who cast blame at this or that particular group based on a selective sampling of the historical record. They only promote themselves and make reconciliation less likely. Name any tribe, religion, race, or nationality and I can lower the boom on any of them — there’s plenty of material for making those arguments vut to what end?

  • Eevie


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  • Mary Villano

    Actually you’re so very wrong it’s almost funny. People of African descent DO indeed carry Neanderthal DNA, as well as Denisovan DNA, just like ALL other populations on the planet. Since you’re obviously not too bright I’ll explain why: When modern humans left Africa (Yep, that’s where we ALLLLLL came from, even you buddy) they branched out into different areas of the globe. The amount of Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA is based on where they went and what other populations they later interacted with. So, nice try on the “inferior” thing, but I’d say the only person who’s “inferior” is YOU, Mandate Schoolman, since you obvously #1 are a racist piece of shit, and #2 don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

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  • Lisajustin30

    I am an African, even in this century Africans are stepped on and treated unfairly because of less civilization around the African continent. let us develop Africa may be that way we can start to gain the respect of the world.

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  • dn

    What happened to “Egyptian Ancient Civilised Black” then,how come no trace?

    Reading the article till end,one will see that they make little mention of
    “Blacks Civilisation” and how they participate in most of the things the
    scientist decided to keep secret.

    It seems they dealt with the civilised ones so that they can steal,and enslave their future children to make money and develop their economy,therefore preventing their children from getting educated,or any form of knowledge to give the impression that they are
    more intelligent and superior?

    Where did europe get civilisation from,is it not from the same black race,and their hand work in Egypt?
    Something definitely happened someways,and somewhere,time shall tell!

  • jfkeeler

    The Native American photo is NOT of Iroquois, The Iroquois are the people of the LONGHOUSE not of the tipi. Those depicted are of the Plains culture. Probably Lakota/Dakota or one of their allies, the Cheyenne.

  • Mike Barson

    You don’t even know who the real semitic peoples are you idiot, and you get on here talking Jews and WWII? Read a fucking history book (not that piece of shit you got in the 5th grade if you ever made it that far.) We SHOULD feel guilty since it’s the seeds planted THEN that have people fighting over make-believe nation states NOW. Fighting for a logo on a fucking flag that means jack shit nadda at all. No shit personal feelings are all but hypothetical, since I can’t crawl up in the ass of every person to know how their shit is like you seem to want to do, but anyone who isn’t a fucking PSYCHOPATH feels guilty about what they’ve done and what their ancestors did.

  • Pingback: A brief history of forensics and the perverse incentives that undermine the science | Later On()

  • dn

    May God forgive you

  • Jody Fingers Finch

    And so do we

  • Jody Fingers Finch

    I will admit that everything isn’t about race, if you can admit a lot of things are.

    I am an optimist. By nature I believe I can do anything and will always look for the way to get it done. One should never forget his/her history, but neither should the be trapped by it, be it by internal or external forces.

  • Emilie

    jesus fucking christ

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  • Truth

    Only 40% of Holocaust victims were Jewish. The distortion of what happened (i.e. portraying the Nazi genocide as completely anti-Jewish) is a political move by Zionists to garner sympathy. The likes of Elie Wiesel have even made deliberate and successful attempts to delete persecution and annihilation of Gypsies under Nazis from our history books.

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  • Steve

    Its bigger then a blame game you piece of shit

  • Nolan

    Again , should you know the history it was the Rothchild family who then and now controls the worlds finances. Lend money to both side of the war with Europe and Germany the Rothchild’s who are of Jewish decent paid Hitler to kill Jews as part of Hitlers propaganda turned a blind eye (Rothchilds) while collecting the interest on the loans from said wars. So why forget the past of these White on White crimes committed against Humanity and it continues today…smh

  • Nolan

    Just dropped the mic…KABOOM!!!

  • Nolan

    Inversion is the cloaking-device for injustice in the matrix of “White” Supremacy. Swagger around on plantations sipping tea while other humans do your backbreaking work without pay for 250 years – yet the
    “blacks” are the Lazy ones. Build shame-free legacies on this generational pillage – yet “blacks” are the Greedy ones who want “something for nothing”. Rape enslaved women, then house servants – yet “blacks” are the Rapists. Terrorizes and beat and lynch and burn
    and torture and corral and imprison and kill – and keep killing – from coast to coast, North to South, for hundreds of years – yet “blacks” are the Dangerous, Violent, Scary ones. Go here:

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  • Joshsofer

    Most people in poverty in the U.S. are there because liberals created a culture of entitlement to control them. They create false narratives telling people they can not succeed without government help. They make modern members of society believe that their plight is due to racism and not poor education, broken families, and an attitude that someone else is at fault. The impoverished are brainwashed to ignore the success stories and dwell on personal and community failures. We must conquer history not surrender to it.

  • Rafael Stefania

    however we are forever reminded of the jewish holocaust

  • Rafael Stefania

    if you go to east Europe you will find people not very different from Africans Asians, Arabs or American Indians.

  • Rafael Stefania


  • Danijela


  • Danijela

    Did you ever herd of Belgium King Leopold II and what he did in Kongo? Why don’t you google a little bit. That’s western democracy!

  • Maggie

    sorry, some of these were cultural exhibits and it is false to call them zoos when they were created to denote a way of life and enlighten. There are still such exhibits today and two that easily come to mind are the Acadian Village in New Brunswick, Canada and Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. People there dress in costumes of the day and live as they would have in that time period and are indeed on display as tourists stroll the the villages.

    That said, they are paid wages for doing this and it is of their own accord. If there was/is no such agreement in exhibits, then it is wrong on all counts. But let’s please not lump in cultural exhibits with human zoos!

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  • I don’t want to give my name

    So you are saying you are racist and should go to hell.
    Your grandparents and great great great grandparents probably did something like this too, so you must be a racist.

    Hope you got your shorts on, because if you believe in your own words you will burn in eternal fire.

  • Derrick Washington

    You are CLEARLY out of touch. It’s not about “shaming” or making anyone feel “guilty.” I feel the purpose pf this article is to remind people of how evil some were in the past, and how this type of behavior on perpetuated racist stereotypes and the false sense of superiority of some white people.

    Your last name seems to be of Hispanic “origins” and I’m not surprised that you would take offense to this. After all, “your people” are now the “most desired people” by white people because of your “work ethics” and your choice to work so cheap. Once they finish with you all, you’ll change your tune.

    Why is it that some people always bring up the topic of what happened to the Jews when an article such as this appears? People do that to deflect from the actual topic at hand. Stay the hell on point, or don’t comment at all. You make no sense whatsoever.

  • Derrick Washington

    He’s an idiot man. I saw that when I was reading his ridiculous comment.

  • Derrick Washington

    Lol, here’s yet ANOTHER idiot who thinks that the ghettos are DIRECT RESULTS of the “desire” of clack people to NOT work. You are foolish if you really believe that.

    Do you realize that the ghettos of America are DIRECT results of governmental policies? Do you get it – evidently NOT – that black people were segregated to certain areas, and once in those areas, they were inundated by drugs, funding for those areas was drastically CUT, and job opportunities were almost non existent. These factors led/lead to what we now call “ghettos.”

    If you believe what you do believe, then you also believe that black people are genetically predisposed to be fuck ups. That’s ridiculous. Look, stop sounding and looking so damn foolish and do some research on “the creation of ghettos in America. You sound like a damn fool dude.

  • Derrick Washington

    George is a racist idiot, what do you expect?

  • Derrick Washington

    Lol @ “stop playing the victim.” Here’s yet another stupid and out of touch white person who thinks that racism is an imaginary invention in the minds of black people.

    If you read the article above, and believe that AFTER this type of behavior stopped, racism stopped also, you have some serious issues. Just look at the news on a daily basis and see that “victim-playing” role we constantly play.

    Damn, where do you people come from? Do you live in some gated community with no access to any type of media other than some right-wing rag that’s constantly filling your head with nonsense.

    What’s sad about it all is, it’s people like you who continue to perpetuate racist ideologies and stereotypes. Cease with the ignorant, racist rhetoric and learn something for once in your life.

  • Derrick Washington

    And a piece of shit is what she is.

  • Derrick Washington

    I could not have said it better.

  • Derrick Washington

    Man, you are SERIOUSLY stupid. Do some research and stop sounding like you’re out-of-touch.

  • Derrick Washington

    I think you meant 400 years.

  • Derrick Washington


  • Derrick Washington

    Pretty much nailed THAT on the head.

  • Derrick Washington


  • Derrick Washington

    “Modern “Interactive History Parks” have pioneer villages and native American “Interpreters” who dress in authentic costume and demonstrate customs of their tribe. Does that make them human zoos?”

    What you failed to realize in your response is your usage of the word “modern” when describing human zoos. The “Human zoos” of the past and present are entirely different. The past zoos didn’t have the well-being of their “exhibits” in mind. Those “exhibits” usually died within a year of being held CAPTIVE, they were barely fed, most weren’t returned to their homeland, some were poked and prodded, and treated like so many animals, yet you compare THOSE human zoos to the MODERN-DAY zoos?

    Do you now see how ignorant and out-of-touch your comments are now? I hope you do.

  • Valencia Jackson McNeill

    And the BLAZING IRONY is that these are NOT even the REAL JEWS according to The Bible. Look it up. Those Bible verses describing the experiences and curses of the jews have ZERO correlation to the adoration, admiration, care, coddling, and protection extended to these SO-called jews, yet those bible verses describe VERBATIM the “black” experience on earth. THAT’S the REAL reason for these deflection techniques used by so-called jews and their fanbase EVERY SINGLE TIME that BIBLICAL EVIDENCE aka LITERAL MANIFESTATIONS of the Bible’s prophecies are put on the table. They want the table cleared IMMEDIATELY of The Truth. The Bible ITSELF calls them FRAUDS. Look it up, if you dare, racists.

  • Derrick Washington

    Blacks are inferior? Can you provide proof of that? If you took the time to read the article – which I HIGHLY doubt – you would have read the part where WRITING was introduced to WHITE people by BLACK people of Egypt.

    How could you have not noticed that little tid bit? Did you see it and just decided to simply ignore it? What about black people’s contribution to science, math, geography, etc.? Did you miss that also?

    Black people have been “left behind” because of blatant racism. Let me guess, you’ll deny that also. If a group of people aren’t or weren’t permitted – BY white people – to partake in discoveries, inventions, etc., and at one point were not allowed to be taught in schools or even just learning to read, is that the fault of that group, or the people who initiate such actions?

    Now please tell me how is it that a group of people who rapped, kidnapped, mass-murdered, bred a people like so many animals, tortured, maimed, experimented on, sold, separated slave families JUST for profit, become “superior?”

    I guess that you also view the murdering, rapist Christopher Columbus as superior also. How about Hitler and his crew? Were they also “superior?” How about those white people who out of jealousy, bomb Black Wall Street? Were they “superior” also?

    EVERYWHERE that white people stepped foot, they destroyed whatever was there, so I guess if violence, greed, and out-right evilness are traits of a superior people, they can have that title.

    You make no sense and PLEASE don’t utter the word inferior again.

  • Joshsofer

    It’s interesting how those that can not defend their position have no alternative other than to call people names. I am more than happy to have an intelligent debate but not with those that have nothing to say.

  • Teth Adamus

    ur dumb and lost homie

  • Horwood-Dickie Fiona

    Well said. I was shocked that it is still even happening now in India.

  • Maggie Rae

    Great post!

  • Maggie Rae

    People bring this up because it is a fact of our history and not to cause shame and guilt nor to make races hate each other. It’s asinine to tell people that what happened in the past doesn’t matter because no one living now was even born when these things happened.

    That logic makes no sense at all. People aren’t suppose to live hundreds of years into the future. But what they did during their time on Earth impacts what people do now.

    If you don’t think the actions of the dead while still alive, has no relevance on present day society, then we may as well make a concerted effort to close down all historical museums, close down anything that relates to our past, including statures of U.S. Presidents, etc.

    After all nobody was “alive” when most of the events and historical figures that we honour and celebrate happened or lived. By the way, no one feels guilty about anything unless they have a reason to feel guilty.

  • Lil Waynes’s Two Chains

    Piece of shit.

  • Joseph Muldoon

    This article presents an extremely misleading depiction of the phenomenon of “human zoos”. None of the people on display were brought there against their will. They were paid performers. The phenomenon really were more akin to P.T. Barnum-esque carnival shows than zoos.

    Even the notorious case of the pygmy exhibited at the Bronx Zoo is misrepresented here. Ota Benga wasn’t ‘captured’ and forced to stay at the zoo. He was paid for his ‘performances’ and did not live at the zoo.

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  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    This is some of the funniest fucking shit I have ever seen in my life.

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    Actually, considering the fact that you’re a zealot that believes in magic and mysticism, you most likely would go with whatever the current social trend or flow is without question; meaning you would more than likely be one of the people throwing bananas at the black kid.

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    Almost all of White America doesn’t have decedents that stretch back to the original slave trading days of the 1500/1600s, or aren’t Spanish/Portuguese themselves. Black Africans sold their black slaves to the Spanis and Portuguese; it was a business they partook in, not innocent tribes they rounded up.

    Black people have no one to blame for their current situation but themselves. You can’t cry about something that’s 500 years old forever.

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    Yeah, this stuff sure is racist. Who gives a shit? I don’t give a shit; I don’t /have/ to give a shit. Something is offensive or someone is offended? Okay cool, I don’t care and I’m not legally obligated to care.

    I have empathy and sympathy for real human suffering and actual issues that affect people in the here and now: I’m not going to apologize profusely to a bunch of professional victims that want endless handouts and who burn down their own cities and continuously blame others for their own actions and mistakes.

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    What’s it like believing in magic? Like, to seriously believe that magic exists and that magic created our world and universe and ourselves, and that magic will punish or reward us forever? What kind of world do you people live in with that sort of thinking? Do you even care about your life or those around you when you’re just preparing for some new magical dimension to enjoy or suffer in? Do you only do good things because you want enough points to get into your Valhalla or whatever?

    Are you all retarded faggots?

  • Tray-Tray Boonmonkey

    Also non-retard translation here for anyone confused by this person’s old word salad: they’re basically saying that people get to be victims forever and can profit off of that professional victimhood for as long as they can keep up the act and keep getting milk.

    Probably a jew or a nigger.

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  • Angel

    Why don’t WE help them? I mean, God’s been taking a ‘break’ since the beginning of racism…

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  • Jeff

    No, it’s the past, get a brain.

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  • Jessica Kelly

    You & Jeff are idiots. What Joyce was saying is that the hate is a perpetuated cycle – kids saw their parents partaking of this, it was ingrained in their heads, & present generations act on it. Not all, but definitely more than is desirable.


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  • Heivenu Alachem

    Must be the blood type. Omega Death & Destruction

    Seems to be a bad transmitter of normal and healthy emotions. It all goes to the Ego

  • Now its “Homeless people” same feeding lure, same picture taking, same difference.

  • Damn humans can be messed up.

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  • dimposs

    Many photos have disappeared from the articles. Please replace them so we can see what you are talking about. Thanks.

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  • Michael Hoss

    That doesn’t mean that white people today, at least ones who don’t hate other races, should be tried for the sins of their fathers and hated on. If I personally didn’t commit any of those atrocities, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Stop the hate all around.

  • Mentious

    $10 bucks says Jews set up human zoos. (To make money of course.) Anyway, this hysterical page is very Jewey.

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  • Miguel W. Castro

    He is not just ignorant, he’s a hypocrite! He seems to think the Jewish people from the WWII era are more deserving of our compassion than the Africans that built this US nation! What a FOOL!

  • Cassandra

    No, it’s in the minds of the present…you get a brain.

  • Regina D Waller Eiland

    When Black Wall Street was growing and prospering; when Blacks were self-sufficient, and running their own businesses, ruling their own territory, had their own schools, banks, etc. the whites got intimidated and burned the city to the ground! In one breath, you say get off your a$$, get an education and a job (by the way I have both) and in the next breath you cry I’m taking your jobs. No matter I graduated from one of the best Universities this country my people built with honors; that just makes me a threat to those whites who can’t hold a candle to what millions of Blacks are capable of! France and Belgium kept Blacks in human zoos for the pleasure of the white “man” to view only a little over s 60 years ago! That means my parents during that time and a couple of my siblings were already born. I’m 60 years old. The “Jews”, which they are not really, were given reparations. No one knows the death toll of Blacks who were killed at the hand of the lazy whites who considered them animals, even as they raped them (wouldn’t that be bestiality? Oh, yeah! That’s normal for you all) and forced them to build this country for them and then had the nerve to tell them to “go back to Africa!” We didn’t bring ourselves here! Your people did! So, maybe you should be a little angry at them too. Then again, you have to feel some gratitude because it’s due to their atrocities that you never had to live in the ghetto!

  • Regina D Waller Eiland

    REALLY?!! SERIOUSLY??!! You let a Black person try to walk into an “upscale” white area! That person would be beaten, shot, maybe even hung with no questions asked! And then, to add insult to injury, we’ve still got to worry about white cops, (or non-cops who call themselves citizens’ watch) come where Blacks live and shoot them in the back for the color of their skin, and all they (the cops) get for it is paid vacation labeled “Paid Administrative Leave”, meaning they still have their actual vacation time on their books. DOUBLE vacation time if you kill a Black Man, Woman, or Child for no valid reason! Wow! What a job! Turn the tables and sign me up for that one! Doesn’t take much education, very low level of intelligence, inability to make good judgement calls or decisions. All they need is guns and bullets! Like I said, turn the tables and sign me up! Then again, even after all you’ve done to our people, I wouldn’t have the cold, low-life, disgusting, dirty heart to treat you that way! I even pray the sins of the fathers (and mothers) who had consensual sex with Black men and then cried rape, don’t visit the sons and daughters, and/or grand kids. But I have a very strong feeling it will visit them in a very horrific way! But when it does, don’t blame it on us because it won’t come from us. Just remember, it has nothing to do with those things perpetrated upon our people by yours, as you say. I AM NOT A VICTIM! I AM A SURVIVOR! A SURVIVOR AGAINST ALL ODDS!

  • Regina D Waller Eiland

    I’m just jumping in here with this info before I sign off. Research this: What Hitler said before he died….

    Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3.

    One of his soldiers asked how?

    Hitler replied, “The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this
    nation, Germany, from then that’s the day World War 3 will start.

    For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save my Nation from
    The Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Jews. For if the Americans wins the war,
    then they will conquer the world and forever be a slave to the Jews and they
    will try to conquer God. Do you know who America has in its possession?

    “NO,” the solider replied.

    The Americans has the jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God’s precious

    “What do you mean his precious jewels?” THE SOLIDER asked.

    Hitler said, “America has stolen the Jews. The Jews of God. His jewelry. The
    Negroes. They are the true Hebrews. What a foolish move and a direct challenge
    to God. And they plan on moving these false white Jews into a state of Israel.

    America is desperate in its attempt to win this war using atom bombs on Japan.
    America will destroy the whole world in its attempt to conquer it.

    When America and its Jewish slave masters conquer the world and the world
    realize I was right, then all nations will begin a third world war to dethrone
    America of its rule. Every nation will soon possess atom bombs of their own. It
    will be the end of most of the world as we know it.

    “Why will the Jews control America?” the solider asked

    Hitler said, “because the white Jews knows that the Negroes are the real
    children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the Jews will blackmail
    America. The Jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work
    if the Negroes knew who they were. The white citizens of America will be
    terrified to know that all this time they’ve been mistreating and
    discriminating and lynching the children of Israel. They will fear God will
    destroy them as he destroyed Egypt for doing the same thing. So the elite, the
    Illuminati keeps this a secret at all cost.

    After I die, I will one day cause World War 3 just by this message which will
    be like planting a seed in people minds until it sprouts once they nurture that
    seed and seek more truth and learn Hitler was right. I did the world a favor by
    killing the false jews before they designated a false state of Israel.

    But I fear I have failed. The world will fall into the hands of Satan.ere

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  • leroy thomas

    And the butcher LEOPOLD who murdered 20 million africans you dont mention…..and it may be the past but every white person has been able to enjoy WHITE PRIVELiGE because they cannot comprehend the word EQUAL…

  • Don Rodriguez

    My people? Lol! My people are the legal citizens of The United States.. That’s who my people are. My last name has no bearing on who”my people” are.. That’s the problem with liberal shit heads like you who like to group everyone in their own little categories their own box’s. You preach desegregation but your very much segregationist. You fucking preach diversity but have no tolerance for anyone that don’t think like you.. Your a bunch of hypocrites that are divisive. You can lie cheat and steal.. Your the most discusting vile creatures on earth. “The means justifies the end” for all you losers..

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  • Just_a_man

    You do have a Mental problem, upon closer look the picture you termed “Human Zoo” in Belgium, is a Cultural Exhibit from Congolese Village exhibit, 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Congo was then a Belgian colony. There were all kinds of exhibits of far away places, ordinary people newer had a chance to see. Same was Buffalo Bill traveling exhibit, or pavilion of Philippines showing native village. Canada EXPO 1986 in Vancouver also showed Native Spirit Lodge and Indians in costumes of the colonial era. No one would have ever call it a “Human ZOO”. You only promote hatred!

  • pubpubpub

    Those Human Zoos were run by Jews.

  • pubpubpub

    No, you’re just a trendy idiot who likes to perpetuate hate.

  • pubpubpub

    You just love to hate White people, you hatemonger.

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  • Jcat Board

    One should note that What a load of misleading headlines. At the Brussels Expo 58 one of the attractions was a “Typical Congo Village” on the same lines as Bomas of Kenya but with people. This little girl would have spent her nights comfortably in a hotel.
    Who knows what might have happened to this little girl in the turmoil that followed Congolese independence in 1962. She may have been lucky and grown up in Belgium.

  • Donald Raber

    Yer dumb

  • Donald Raber

    Yer sooo dumb!

  • Michael Bethel

    This is the logical result of the lie of evolution in contrast to the fact that we are all of the same parents, Adam and Eve, formed in the likeness of God, and there is no race but the human race.
    As long as a person declares that there is no God they will always
    justify their own actions as being “good” no matter how vile they are.
    Yes these images sicken me but then I look at my own life and think of
    all of the times I have treated someone else shamefully because because
    of my own selfish pride.
    It is the evil in the hearts of every man that does these things to their brothers. This only changes by being reconciled to God through the Love of Christ so we can then be reconciled to one another; forgiveness received is forgiveness that can be given but it has to start with each person confessing their own failings to God; selfish pride, lying, stealing, sexual immorality, bitterness, hatred toward God and others. But God showed His Love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8); He didn’t wait for us to get our act together first but lead the way that everyone must follow in or forever be separated from Him in a place called hell.

  • Sevinj

    There was enough told and fought about Jews. So enough that they know feel to have rights to hate and kill Palestinians. I am ashamed to have anything common with human kidnappers and criminals and those who paid the human zoos to support this shame. Western civilization. Even today killing the weak and stealung their dignity and goods.

  • Sevinj

    Respect your comment.

  • Sevinj


  • Alvin Morrow

    you sound like a oxy-fucking moron! How is it an intelligent debate when the opponent you would choose has nothing to say. I see you like it easy.

  • Alvin Morrow

    Its not our plight but racism has been the obstacle. No people lacking a health knoweledge of self has the proper tools to navigate in this lifes journey. Study black people who have a healthy self knoweledge are properly equipped to thrive. Consequently the 85% majority is lacking in this area. Thanks to the lies of media Euro centered religion, and education. My people are destroyed for the lack of knoweledge.

  • When all else fails and we can’t see eye to eye or agree to simply disagree…………just keep the BS going and call one another racists. It’s sickening to read comments from “adults” who love to wage wars on the internet.

  • Tobbie Mobbie

    fuckin white pigs shitting everywhere, they are most ugly smelly filthy bastards among all nations and most useless only living on sucking goods and wealth of other nations just like mosquitoes going to lose it all soon.

  • Mayank Lathwal

    hi your articles are amazing

  • Great white

    Simply shameful and disgusting.. Funny thing is the EU states loves to teach humanity..

  • Ravenelvenlady


  • minted

    This is pure race and hate bait. You should be charged for this rubbish. These were not “human zoos”. They were cultural exhibits of regions where Belgium ruled, which included different tribes. Even to this day in Africa tribes give tourists performances, which they sit and ogle and watch. No different than these exhibits.
    It’s tragic that the liberal elite seem to find black people so reprehensible, shameful and unwanted that any presentation at all about black culture, black complexion – anything – is immediately shamed and condemned, demonized and exaggerated.

  • Great white

    The western civilization. Damn Shame

  • PointMan

    God?! Hahahahahaha.

  • Alexandre Laporte

    You know that the pope declared that black people didn’t have any souls, therefore they were cattle. So much for crime against god approved by its representative on earth.

  • Quis custodiet Custodientes

    Wow, you are an antisemitic scumbag of epic proportions…

    Not even worth destroying your lies, you’ll never get it.

  • Great white

    What a disgusting history…And the famous human rights they said..

  • Arturo Jimenez Jr.

    racism is human nature

  • Dlomane Washington

    I agree, racism is “human nature,” and those humans just so happened to be white folks. They were and still are the ONLY group of people who have benefitted from racism