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Demand Investigation Before New Base Built In Okinawa

Above photo: From VFP-ROCK Facebook Page.

NOTE: Okinawa is heading for a crisis.  After decades of delays, the Japanese Defence Ministry is poised to begin dumping earth into the pristine coral garden of Okinawa’s Oura Bay to build a super base for the US Marines.  The Prefectural Government opposes it, the grassroots vigil at the construction site has continued for more than 5000 days, the actual sit-in (blocking construction vehicles) over 1000 days.  The Okinawa Chapter of Veterans For Peace is launching a campaign to persuade the US Government Accountability Office to launch an investigation of this flawed project, which, with a nudge from Congress, they just might do.  Please take a look at the attached VFP resolution and, if you agree with it, push the button [click on the link] that will automatically forward it to your representatives in Congress.
C. Douglas Lummis
Coordinator, Veterans For Peace – Ryukyus/Okinawa Chapter Kokusai (VFP-ROCK)

Tell Your Representative and Senators to Create a GAO Investigation Before Another Base Is Built in Okinawa

Okinawa suffers under the burden of major U.S. military bases. The people of Okinawa and their elected representatives do not want another one built. Nor is it in the interest of the people of the United States.

This letter-writing campaign has been initiated by the Veterans For Peace-Ryukyu/Okinawa Chapter Kokusai (VFP-ROCK – an independent international chapter associated with Veterans For Peace).


For more information, visit the VFP-ROCK Facebook Page.

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