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Demonstrators Rally Against French Security Bill In Paris

Above photo: “France: A country of police rights.” Sputnik.

French parliament late on Tuesday passed a bill on global security, criminalising the publication of images of police officers online, despite the recent riots against the legislation being criticised for possibly infringing on the freedom of the press.

Live from Paris as protesters rally against the ‘Global Security’ bill in France.

Article 24 of the bill, which has come under especial criticism as it makes it illegal to distribute videos and photos identifying law enforcement officers and thereby violate their “physical or mental integrity,” was approved by the parliament, against the backdrop of demonstrations over the past week.

Critics of the legislation have said say it may hamper the functions of mass media to cover protests and inform the population, while also violating freedom of expression.

In turn, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Twitter that the government has never had any intention to undermine freedoms of press and expression, and added that he would refer the bill’s controversial Article 24 to the country’s Constitutional Court.

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