#DescendOnDC To Protect The Internet

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As you know, the FCC is set on killing net neutrality.

But Congress is key.

They can 
stop the FCC and block the bigger threat: ISP-backed bills that would end net neutrality forever.So, Fight for the Future is organizing Internet users to meet with members of Congress—in DC, or locally—on September 26th & 27th.

And they’re helping to cover travel costs!
Here’s What To Do:
  • Go to the action website and sign on & sign up. You can choose whether to come to DC or act locally (But we’re really pushing for people to make it to DC!) 
  • Get the scoop on the specific actions via Public Knowledge’s event page.
    • 9/26: Rally & FCC Open Meeting Day – we want to really show up en force!
    • 9/27: Hill Walk – Lobbying Day! (Training Included)
  • Spread the word using some of the images and sample tweets below. 
  • Get ready for the days of action! 

The @FCC is dead set on killing #NetNeutrality but they have to answer to Congress. And Congress has to answer to us battleforthenet.com/dc

Internet users: this could be our last chance to save #NetNeutrality. Descend on DC to meet with Congress Sept 26-27 battleforthenet.com/dc

September 26-27: We’re taking the battle for #NetNeutrality directly to lawmakers in Washington, DC. Join us battleforthenet.com/dc

Signing petitions and holding signs is not enough. This is the most effective way you can help save #NetNeutrality battleforthenet.com/dc

Keep the Internet open for innovation and freedom of expression. Help save #NetNeutrality in DC Sept 26-27battleforthenet.com/dc

Internet, this is an emergency. Can you fly to DC and meet with lawmakers who have the power to save #NetNeutrality? battleforthenet.com/dc

Congress needs to hear stories directly from real people whose lives are affected by #NetNeutrality. What’s yours? battleforthenet.com/dc

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