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Despite Bluff And Bluster, Pentagon’s Bioweapon Threat Is Serious

Above Photo: Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino.

We must take into account the Pentagon’s threat to Russia from its undeniable bioweapons program in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week that his country had “no choice” but to intervene militarily in Ukraine to halt a genocide against the Russian-speaking people of the Donbass and neutralize the growing national security threat to Russia stemming from Ukrainian territory.

Eight years of military assaults on the breakaway Donbass region by the NATO-backed Kiev regime – causing 14,000 deaths – are exhibit A. The documented Nazi ideology of the Kiev military regiments and their explicit aspiration to kill Russian people is exhibit B. The NATO training and weaponizing of the regime despite its Nazi affiliation is exhibit C.

And fourthly, exhibit D, we must take into account the Pentagon’s threat to Russia from its undeniable bioweapons program in Ukraine. That threat also extends to China which is faced with expanding Pentagon laboratories near its borders.

When Russia launched its intervention in Ukraine on February 24, the Kiev regime promptly ordered a network of 30 laboratories funded and managed by the Pentagon to destroy samples of pathogens. That these laboratories were engaged in biological weapons development was later admitted on March 8 by U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland during hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Nuland’s admission has been corroborated by documents published by the Russians which were obtained during operations in Ukraine.

Those documents show and name U.S. officials who were working for the Pentagon and private American firms involved in the development of the laboratories. It is also clear from the documents that the programs were purposed for the development of biological weapons using pathogens such as anthrax and coronaviruses.

The head of the Pentagon’s Orwellian-sounding Defense Threat Reduction Agency is named as Joanna Wintrol whose work in Ukraine was coordinated with the U.S. embassy in Kiev.

Historically, the Pentagon took over laboratories in Ukraine and other post-Soviet republics in the name of decommissioning bioweapons facilities. But what happened instead was that the Pentagon upgraded and expanded the pathogen programs. This is consistent with the history of the U.S. coopting the biological warfare techniques and personnel of former enemies. Following the Second World War, the Americans redeployed Japanese and Nazi bioweapon programs at its then newly established Fort Detrick facility in Maryland.

The trove of documents discovered by the Russians in Ukraine also shows that the Pentagon programs were looking at ways to weaponize the pathogens through aerial delivery from drones. It was also being assessed how deadly diseases could be spread by using bird migration from Ukraine to Russia.

Russia claims that the Pentagon’s work in Ukraine coincides with outbreaks of deadly diseases in Donbass going back several years. For example in 2018, there was a fatal outbreak of tuberculosis in the Russian-speaking region that was resistant to multiple standard drug treatments.

All attempts so far by Russia and China for the topic of bioweapons in Ukraine to be debated at the UN Security Council have been rebuffed by the United States. The U.S. asserts that Russian and Chinese concerns are “disinformation”. At a hearing called for by Russia and China on April 6, the U.S. and Britain did not even attend the Security Council meeting.

But it’s not just Moscow and Beijing that have expressed concerns. Professor Francis Boyle is a world-renowned author and legal expert on biological warfare. He says there is no doubt that the U.S. was involved in conducting a biological warfare program in Ukraine even though such activity puts the United States in direct violation of the Biological Warfare Convention.

Boyle points out that the involvement of Fort Detrick personnel in the laboratories in Ukraine and the close coordination by the Pentagon demonstrates that the research was for creating weapons of mass destruction.

“The Pentagon funded these biowarfare labs in Ukraine, and Fort Detrick is an adjunct of the Pentagon. I suspect the right hand of the Pentagon knew what the left hand of the Pentagon was doing,” said Boyle who authored Biowarfare and Terrorism (2005).

Last year, in June 2021, Fort Detrick had several military professionals assigned to Ukraine to train with Ukrainian troops in “laboratory and field environments” for “understanding capabilities and support each other within a theater,” reported the Military Times.

Fort Detrick has a storied and nefarious history of biowarfare development going back to the early Cold War. It has been clandestinely working on “gain of function” pathogens such as anthrax for decades. It is even known to have conducted experiments on unwitting U.S. populations to study the epidemiology of diseases.

China in particular has complained that the American biowarfare center based in Frederick, Maryland, should be opened up to independent inspectors to find out what its laboratories are up to. China points out that Fort Detrick was temporarily shut down following a massive outbreak of an unknown flu-like infection in the U.S. in 2019. This was months before the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan was detected at the end of 2019. Adding to China’s suspicions is that the Wuhan outbreak followed the Military World Games which were held in the city in October 2019. A team from the U.S. participated.

The SARS coronavirus which caused the Covid-19 global pandemic is also believed to have been experimented on in the Pentagon laboratories in Ukraine.

The United States has arrogantly demanded that China be more open to international inspectors over its virology institute in Wuhan with the implication that the institute may have leaked the coronavirus. China has already permitted two scientific teams from the World Health Organization to investigate the Wuhan outbreak. The WHO concluded the infection spread from animals to humans in nature.

By contrast, however, the U.S. has stonewalled all demands by Russia and China for UN discussion about what its Pentagon-sponsored laboratories were doing in Ukraine. Chinese demands for an independent investigation into Fort Detrick’s biological experiments have also been rebuffed.

It’s a measure of arrogance that Washington feels entitled to accuse and impose demands on Moscow and Beijing yet the evidence of American culpability is stacked much higher.

China points out that over the past 30 years since the supposed end of the Cold War, the Pentagon has expanded over 300 biological laboratories in over 30 countries, most of which are neighboring Russia and China.

Fort Detrick’s sinister record of harnessing biological weapons of mass destruction and its growing presence in Ukraine for specific offensive objectives makes the case for Russia’s military intervention. China is also right to take a critical stance and demand answers and accountability from the Americans.

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