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In March, 2013, Detroit was placed under the control of an appointed emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, despite protests from local residents. Facing a severe financial crisis, the city later filed Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. Several years prior to the emergency manager for the city, the Governor replaced the school board with an appointed manager, Robert Bob, who made cuts to the budget and closed schools. The Detroit public school board members continue to meet ‘in exile’ and protest these school cuts. We’ll speak with Lamar Lemmons, a past president and current member of the school board in exile. We’ll also speak with Miss Beulah Walker, an amazing volunteer who works with the Detroit Water Brigade bringing water to those who have had their water turned off and helping to pay their bills. Miss Beulah also volunteers helping homeless people in Detroit.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.36.31 AMLaMar Lemmons
 is past President of the Detroit Board of Education, and now serves as a member of the Detroit Public School Board ‘in exile’. He is a former state legislator in the Michigan state legislature, who served from 1999 until 2007; and after serving that term came to run for the Detroit Board of Education, receiving a majority of the citywide at large vote, and was later elected by his colleagues to serve as the president of that body. When Mr. Lamar Lemmons was state legislator, he served as the representative of the second district.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.36.35 AMBeulah Walker, named after her Grandmother, was born and raised on the Eastside of  The Great City of Detroit, Michigan.  Proven product of The Late Mayor Coleman A. Young Administration. Superior proven product of  Detroit Public Schools System, Graduate of Jared W. Finney High School. Graduate of Detroit College of Business ABA., concentration Accounting/Management. Holding 3 Seminary Certifications from Michigan Theological Bible Institute (2006-2010) Basic Bible Study, Advanced Bible Study II, and Advanced Bible Study III. She is a proud dues paying Member of UAW Local 7777 Gaming Division the first organized Casino Workers in Labor History. A Community Activist for The Homeless for over 16 years plus  where she advocates in all areas with NO BUDGET only donations from family and friends.   Beulah is the Volunteer Captain of The Detroit Water Brigade, where she delivers emergency water to City of Detroit Residents whose water has been shut off or is facing shut off  and provides financial assistance to restore running water.  Detroit Tent City is a proud project out of Detroit Water Brigade. Beulah is free spirited, loves people for they are and can meet everyone on their level. Everyday she ask GOD to “Break her Heart for what breaks HIS Heart”, Water is Human Right, Housing is a Human Right. #detroittentcity, #detroitwater, #right2housing.

Detroit Resistance to Neo-Liberal Assault with LaMar Lemmons and Beulah Walker by Popular_Resistance on Mixcloud