Did Belmarsh Irretrievably Show Its Hand By Not Allowing Assange Ample Time To See His Lawyers

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In an extremely intelligent move yesterday on the part of Assange’s lawyers, they were able to have court adjourned because they needed him to sign papers due to not having ample time with their client. Apparently, Belmarsh has denied them access to their client repeatedly.

According to WSWS (link seen here):

It was revealed that, since his last hearing on December 19, Assange had been granted just two hours total to review that evidence with his legal team. What is being conducted in the British courts is not a trial but a legal farce, designed to cover up the lawless rendition of a political prisoner to a country that brazenly assassinates political opponents.
On Belmarsh prison’s continued refusal to allow Assange sufficient time to review his case with his lawyers, Peirce said, “We have pushed Belmarsh in every way” and indicated that the legal team were seriously considering launching a judicial review—”it is a breach of a defendant’s rights.”

His lawyer pointed out:
“The idea that somebody doesn’t have access to their lawyers when they’re facing a life sentence, when they have 175 years [of imprisonment] ahead of them, when the prosecution has had 10 years to mount the hardest case that they have with unlimited resources, and for somebody to have three hours with their lawyers in order to sign off on their future, it’s unacceptable.

With this blow to the U.K.’s treatment of Assange, his present prisons conditions and the fact that the CIA was spying on him through a Spanish security agency, if justice is served, Assange should easily go free. However, so far the U.K. has only shown blatant disregard for free press and true justice.

What is being conducted in U.K. court currently is not only an illegal farce but a circus to entertain those who oppose him. It is nothing but a show trial to send him to a country that illegally assassinates those they consider political enemies. In all likelihood, along with Assange, free speech will be martyred.


This is not a crime against one human but a crime against humanity!

  • rgaura

    While Jeffrey Epstein, alleged serial rapist, pedophile trafficker, Israeli spy and blackmailer of US officials, got 12 hours per day with his lawyers!

  • Lili-Ann Berg

    It’s not a farce – it’s a tragedy. The UK government is beyond contempt, a bunch of utter and despicable cowards, sewer rats dancing to the pied pipers in Washington. The anger I feel on behalf of Assange is choking me. No it’s not just a threat to freedom of speech – as if we ever had that. It’s a sickening act of vengeance against one brilliant, innocent man who dared to reveal the truth about the unspeakable crimes committed by those who consider themselves above the rest of us, crimes that occur every minute of every day with unmitigated impunity.

    Not forgetting the astounding integrity and courage of Chelsea Manning, who is kept locked up in solitary confinement, being charged $1000 a day, for refusing to witness against Assange.

    What’s absolutely frightening is that most people don’t care what happens to Assange or Manning or to our human rights, they are too preoccupied with their own problems or too brainwashed by the corporate media to be able to think for themselves.

  • dan

    While Trump honors war criminals like this gung-ho American who loved to shoot civilians in Iraq….

  • Jo Hayward-haines

    With so little coverage of this despicable travesty of justice in the mainstream media, it’s hard for people to access the information they need about this case. Anyone who is not compromised, who has the time to find the truth, is more than outraged – I for one have seen the truth about media complicity with gov’t and corporate interests and ironically am grateful. But this understanding shouldn’t come with such a high price in human suffering. I weep for Assange.

  • Zdrav Koleski

    Exactly how it is! Uk US and Israel axis of evil!

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    Do you mind if I share your reply? It is so well written and to the point. Please let me know asap, I’ll wait to post it if it’s ok with you.

  • Lili-Ann Berg

    Hi Elyse,
    Please go ahead and share it as much as you like. The more people who know about the plight of Assange and Manning, the better.

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    Thank you so much!