Did Police Set Autos On Fire During Ferguson Protests?

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This video captures images worthy of investigation. The video seems to show military-clad police setting fire to a car outside of auto parts store. The store and the one next to it burned down. In other videos where fires were started or stores had windows broken you can hear protesters saying ‘leave that store alone’ or ‘don’t start a fire’.  We know organizers in Ferguson trained 600 people in nonviolent resistance tactics. Burning cars and looting building is not part of that training, indeed typically people are taught that the idea is to grow the movement into a larger movement and that looting and rioting is counterproductive. We are not saying that all the fires were started by police, but this one raises questions that deserve investigation — were fires started by police?


This is what Che Lank says: “Para-military Police CAUGHT ON FILM methodically setting fire to a vehicle in front of Advance Auto Parts in St. Louis MO. This happens on W Florissant Ave., the same street where nearly every fire occurred. Despite having this building locked down, Advance Auto Parts burnt down to the ground!

Here is smoking gun irrefutable proof that police were methodically and deliberately setting the fires after the announcement of the Grand Jury Decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown.

I think the owner of that building might want to see this footage!

UPDATE: The white pickup truck seen in the Fox News photograph of the Advance Auto Parts building can also be seen in the original footage of the police lighting a car on fire. Also, I have confirmed that these are SWAT personnel as can be seen by the matching uniforms and vehicles of SWAT on W. Florissant in the following video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyt7G…

Also notice that the nearby buildings are on fire but “rioters” are no where to be seen. I suggest these buildings were being methodically torched by SWAT/Para-military Police operatives to create the illusion that this was done by Protesters/Looters.”

  • Emanuel


  • jack black

    There’s no fire in the car, conspiracy fail…

  • Alex Elsten

    Nice try but those aren’t burn marks on the ground they’re oil stains.. Haven’t you ever been to an auto parts store before? When a vehicle burns the tires burn and leave rubber on the ground plus there would be much more damage from the fire. How do you know that that car was set on fire? There is no evidence that it ever burned. They didn’t throw a flashbang in the car or you would have seen the flash and smoke from it igniting. The bang that you heard can be easily distinguished as a shot from a rifle which was going on all night…

  • Joe Michael Stonebraker

    OMG did they put flashlights INTO a car?

  • Mike Smollon

    No, they obviously were NOT started by police if this is the evidence.

  • Gw Brewer

    The red you see from the car “flame” is something the man is using on the bed of the el camino. I’d assume the el camino has a closed bed he is using as a table. If you look close enough he is in the rear of the seat behind the back window of the cab… he is not in the cab of the el camino.

  • Jay

    Of course! Trust the government when it involves shooting and killing unarmed blacks and those blacks rioting — but, otherwise? Oh no!

  • TJ

    Agree with the comments below. This is a terrible theory. The cars were not burned, those are oil stains. And when you’re watching the video with SWAT you can see that some of those cars are actually running. So it’s no surprise they moved. Lame.

  • Rob

    You can tell from the acoustics that the sound is a rifle shot that was fired off to the right of the videographer. I also do not see flames in the car. However, it’s suspicious to me that all those buildings burned after the police were already in the area. Did they just leave the street completely empty afterwards? I mean, there were at least a dozen para-police and two or more trucks just in this video clip. Even if the para-police vacated the area, you would think that officers of some sort would have kept the area secured. That is the main drag in Ferguson that they were on. At a bare minimum, this demonstrates the poor policing during the protests.

  • Bob Horning

    wow, saw the article and wow. The author of this video shows police around a vehicle early in the night, shows a light from a flashlight shining into the car and calls it flames, and posts a picture of the next morning. This is SO MUCH BULLSHIT!!! The author of this video is full of shit to say the least! Just goes to show people will believe in anything they want to believe in, those people are called sheep.

  • Tom

    Nobody wants to go to Canada nice try 🙂

  • rayb_baby

    TOTALLY unconvincing, but EXACTLY what I’d expect from Infowars.

  • rayb_baby

    What else do you expect from INFOWARS, other than bullshit?

  • James Williams

    Good lord, no. Blacks are responsible for most of the gun crime in Toronto. The last thing we need is to import more.

  • James Williams

    Maybe. Police seemed to have collaborated in setting fire to police vehicles at the G20 in Toronto. It is not beyond belief that they did so here.

    On the flip side, it is hardly a stretch to think that large groups of blacks are capable of this as well, given the various riots, frequent flash robberies where hundreds of ‘youth’ rob stores and smash property, mass attacks on other ethnic groups at places like the Iowa state fair, etc.

  • lugnut

    For all who say he just pointed his flash light into the car. Please tell us where the bang and flash come from and the car goes up in flames? Remember, they had that section blockaded off. Are you saying rioters got through all of them and set all those cars and buildings on fire? The flash light was white and while he still hand his hand in the car, I saw a red flash and heard the bang.

  • lugnut

    There were burn marks all over the place where tires were. Plus you notice all those other cars weren’t on fire? So how could the rest of the cars be sat on fire by rioters with that area blocked off with cops and all their vehicles, including armored vehicles. Are you saying rioters got through all those armed swat team looking personal?

  • lugnut

    For all who say there was no flame, where did the bang and the RED FLASH come from? FROM A FREAKING FLASH LIGHT? No one was over there other than them and the other cars were burned also, with just the militarized team there? Did the so called rioters somehow get through all those law enforcement personal? It’s obvious they did it.

  • parrotail

    The U.S.

    is not a democracy, it’s a republic.

  • aztekman

    This video has been epic failure since it was posted. Ultra-Liberals continue to see something that is not there.

  • rayb_baby

    Not ultra liberals, anarchists! I’m pretty damn liberal and I say bs to this video.

  • rayb_baby

    I think you’re partly right. The instant of red looks like it could have come from a reflection from the red pole as the camera was scanning across. A flash-bang would certainly be much bigger and brighter than that.

  • Lauren Steiner

    This has been debunked. The car in the video was unburned the next morning in all the photos. They were just looking in it with flashlights and the illumination looked like a flame to someone.

  • Lauren Steiner

    The car in the video was unburned the next morning in all the photos. They were just looking in it with flashlights and the illumination looked like a flame to someone.

  • Silent Waft

    Even so, the fact that they had the block secured and national guard present…and theyre hanging around a building that was burned down right afterwards, is HIGHLY suspicious. I don’t see any rioters in that area, but I see many cops…cops who apparently didn’t prevent any fires in the location they secured.
    Again, highly suspicious activity.

  • Silent Waft

    The fact that the cops/national guard secured a building (and whole block) that burned down right after the video (with NO protesters around!), is incredibly suspicious. You’d have to be in denial to not think such sketchy activity deserves further investigation.

  • Silent Waft

    yet the building burned down right after the video was filmed? Even though it was surrounded by police, national guard, and armored vehicles? There was a row of like ten cars burned down, no rioter is that efficient. you’d have to be nuts to believe that there’s not something fishy about the official story at this point.

  • Silent Waft

    Yet the whole block was burned down, even though it was secured by POLICE and NATIONAL GUARD with armored vehicles….and NO protesters in sight?
    Highly suspicious.

  • Bob Horning

    So you think that they just stand there while other areas are going up? This was a volatile situation and I’m sure their limited resources were needed elsewhere during the night than to simply stand in one spot. your other posts indicate that you are the type of person who is searching for reasons to justify your own perverted stance instead of someone searching for truth.

  • Mike Smollon

    The cops didn’t have the resources to guard every building and every block. When they left, the building fire was started. And is there even any evidence that the car BURNED? The row of cars burning in no way implicates the police. The cops and the city of Ferguson did plenty wrong, but to make up crap like this is BS.

  • Mike Smollon

    Are you colorblind? There wasn’t a RED flash. And if you watched the video demonstrating flash grenades, there is NO WAY that one was thrown into that car. The windows would have been blown out, and it would have filled with smoke.

  • Terri Maria

    There are no cars directly in front of the store during this video, only that one, the rest are on the street side of the lot…yet the supposed “burn marks” are all along the front of the store…they are oil stains..one at front and back of each space where people pulled in straight or backed in…also, the white truck would have been blackened if a car burned right next to it. Never saw one flame in that car, or anything thrown, just light reflections, if the thing was on fire I think whoever shot the video would have filmed a bit longer.

  • rayb_baby

    Get over it, already. Are you blind? Watch the video again! The only cars there were the one with the cops around it and the 3 to the right by the street. Two had their headlights on ready to pull out. There was even someone getting into the car on the right. There were NO cars parked in front of the garage doors. The after aerial shot shows OIL STAINS, NOT burn marks. The burning cars were somewhere else!
    If you still believe this totally bogus conspiracy theory, you’re really pathetic.

  • rayb_baby

    Are you blind? Watch the video again! The only cars there were the one with the cops around it and the 3 to the right by the street. Two had their headlights on ready to pull out. There was even someone getting into the car on the right. There were NO cars parked in front of the garage doors. The after aerial shot shows OIL STAINS, NOT burn marks. The burning cars were somewhere else!
    If you still believe this totally bogus conspiracy theory, you’re really pathetic.

  • rayb_baby

    HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve been totally punked! Read my comment above and learn something ……….. maybe some observational skills.

  • Guest

    What’s that?! No it can’t be… It’s the el camino after the fire and that’s weird it doesn’t look very burned…

  • Alex Elsten

    Hmm that’s weird, nah it couldn’t be.. Could it?

  • James

    You’re an idiot! Nice try, trying to frame the Police or the military for setting this car on fire. If you actually listened to the sound, you would realise it was impossible to have come from that direction. And IF they actually started the car on fire, wouldn’t you see damage on that side of the building? Later videos showed ZERO damage to the building where that car was parked. So your assertion that they caused it is utter crap! And then you spew on about the car lot that had all those cars on it burned, you once again imply it was the work of the police or military, if your dumbass actually watched the live coverage of that event, you would know it was not caused by the police. Only three cars were on fire at first, but the winds and heat and fire quickly spread to the other cars. I watched it live. I live here in St. Louis so I can speak from the side of truth, not your tinfoil conspiracy hat wearing ass.

  • rayb_baby

    ARRRGGGH! OH NO! A WHOLE ROW OF BURNT UP CARS! Those SWAT team guys are ruthless, burning up those beautiful cars. And the fire was SOOOOOOO hot that they virtually disintegrated. WOWEE ZOWEE!!!

  • rayb_baby

    Watta ya mean? It burned SOOOO fast that it never had a chance to collapse and left white ash still in the shape of the car.

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  • Greg hill

    the video in no way shows what the narrator proposes. Great example of people believing what they want to believe

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  • Web Watcher

    this ain’t infowars. look at the website.

  • rayb_baby

    He swiped the video from INFOWARS! Look at 17-29sec.

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