Direct Action Ramps Up Resistance To Line 3

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Superior, WI – Resistance against Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline expansion is ramping up. Near the Fon du Lac Reservation, at the front line camp, Makwa, water protectors, land defenders, warriors, and others have participated in a wave of civil disobedience that has resulted in 16 arrests in multiple actions that have delayed construction work on the pipeline in the last month. On the morning of September 18, Unicorn Riot covered another direct action to stop construction on the Wisconsin side of the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

Direct Action Stops Pipeline Construction in Wisconsin from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

To watch a live stream of the action which featured a person locked down to a flipped over car, see below:

These direct actions have targeted the construction of the Line 3 pipeline expansion in Wisconsin. Line 3 carries diluted bitumen slugged out of the Alberta, Canada tar sands through Minnesota and into Wisconsin’s Calumet Superior Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin.

Calumet Superior Refining in Superior, Wisconsin

Calumet Superior Refining in Superior, Wisconsin

While necessary permits for pipeline construction have yet to be granted in Minnesota, in Wisconsin, construction is nearly complete. We are following today’s actions in hopes of learning more about the growing resistance against the Enbridge Line 3 that’s already being built through both Canada and Wisconsin, despite no permits being granted in Minnesota.

Exposed Line 3 pipe is seen in Superior, Wisconsin (September 17, 2017)

Exposed Line 3 pipe is seen in Superior, Wisconsin (September 17, 2017)

Stay tuned with Unicorn Riot as we will have a larger special on the struggle against Line 3 and those fighting to defend and protect the Ojibwe way of life.

  • tsyganka

    Unicorn Riot gave excellent coverage of the Water Protectors too.