Disrupt, Sabotage, Shut-Down: #ClosetheCamps Resistance Timeline

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Above Photo: From Itsgoingdown.org

Almost one year to the day that the Abolish ICE movement first kicked off across the United State; blockading ICE offices and in some cases, closing facilities. The movement has now sprung up again, in the wake of the tragic deaths of multiple migrant workers and their children and Trump’s call for mass roundups and ethnic cleansing. Like in the years following the depression, Trump is hoping to tap into far-Right bred resentment against migrant workers in order to distract from his administration’s blatant assault on poor and working people and the deepening social, political, and ecological crisis that defines our age.

Currently, protests are popping up across the US at an increasing rate, generally directed at ICE facilities and against corporations and banks that are funding private prisons and detention centers. Acts of sabotage, from attacks on ICE vehicles and Republican buildings, to graffiti, banners, and posters have proliferated in many areas. Workers at the Wayfair furniture store even led a wildcat strike in Boston after they learned that their products were being sold to ICE facilities. One thing is clear: anger is growing.

The Trump administration now faces a crisis which may explode in their face, and working class and poor Americans face a choice: to either sit back and watch as thousands are rounded up and herded into concentration camps, or stand in solidarity and start to fight back.

With new rallies, protests, and direct actions being called everyday and momentum building towards a mass of actions on July 12th, there is no better time than now to get organized and act. What follows is a timeline of resistance to ICE and mass detention. View upcoming events and protests here.

Timeline Of Resistance:

June 18th: Occupy ICE PDX launched 24 hour encampment and protest outside of ICE building in Portland.

June 21st: Rally outside of detention center in Chicago, IL.

June 21st: Rally outside detention center in Aurora, Colorado.

June 22nd: Anti-ICE flyers and stickers placed up throughout New York City.

June 22nd: Occupy ICE LA holds an overnight protest outside ICE facility.

June 22nd: March and rally against ICE detention in Chicago, IL.

June 22nd: Anti-ICE rally in Los Angeles.

June 22nd: Anti-ICE posters put up in Oakland, CA.

June 23rd: “Fuck ICE” graffiti in Lansing, MI written on Republican Center.

June 23th: Banner drop in Oakland, CA.

June 24th: Survivors of Japanese internment camps protest ICE detention in Oklahoma.

June 24th: Anti-ICE protests in Philadelphia.

June 24th: Anti-ICE protests in Milwaukee.

June 24th: Anti-ICE protest in NYC.

June 24th: Graffiti again written on Republican Center in Lansing, Michigan.

June 24th: Billboard liberated in San Francisco, CA.

June 24th: Anti-ICE rally in Norfolk, VA.

June 24th: Anti-ICE rally in Milwaukee, WI.

June 24th: ICE vans tires attacked in New Orleans, LA. Communique here.

June 24th: Anti-ICE Rally in Philadelphia, PA.

June 25th: Anti-ICE protest San Jose, CA.

June 25th: Rally and banner drop in El Paso, Texas.

June 25th: Anti-ICE protest in DC.

June 25th: Anti-ICE banner drop in Las Vegas, NV.

June 25th: Anti-ICE rally in Philadelphia.

June 26th: Anti-ICE graffiti in Phoenix, Arizona.

June 26th: Protest against ICE in Palo Alto, CA.

June 26th: Wildcat strike and walkout of of Wayfair workers in Boston and beyond after company refuses to stop selling furniture to ICE detention camps. As one report wrote:

Hundreds of employees of Wayfair walked off their jobs at the Boston-based online furniture retailer to protest the company’s decision to profit from sales to migrant detention centers. They were joined by hundreds of supporters, including many who had heard of the protest on social media, in a rally in Copley Square.

June 27th: Anti-ICE banner drop in Lawrence, KS.

June 27th: FANG Collective blockade in Milford, MA against DOC. FANG Collective writes:

In Milford, MA blockades have been launched at the headquarters of the Massachusetts Department Of Corrections. Three entrance gates have been locked while the main entrance have been blocked by folks locked into concrete blockades. The Massachusetts Department of Corrections holds a 287(g) agreement with ICE, allowing local law enforcement to act as ICE agents. We are demanding the Mass D.O.C. end their 287(g) agreement and all collaboration with ICE.

CALL the Mass DOC: 508-422-3300

CALL Massachusetts Charlie Baker who oversees the DOC: (617) 725-4005

Demand they end their 287(g) agreement.

June 27th: Rally against ICE roundups in Vienna, Virginia.

June 27th: Protest in Baltimore, MD against ICE.

June 27th: Protest outside ICE field office in Merrifield, Virginia.

June 27th: Caravan to Clint, Texas arrives at border patrol and rallies against ICE.

June 27th: Protests continue outside of Homestead child detention facility in Miami-Dade, Florida.

June 27th: Protests in Boulder, Colorado against BI, Inc, which is a part of Geo Group, which runs private ICE prisons.


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    This retired ESL Bilingual Teacher is proud of all of you!

  • rgaura

    Thank goodness the people of the US are standing up against these disgusting policies. If you want your government pensions to be there in the near future, the US needs workers! The systematic traumatization of our brothers and sisters must be stopped!