Distraction From Climate Action: False Solutions

When Indigenous Peoples and organizers are kicked out of the UNFCCC COP 25, the people rise up and find a vehicle for expression shown in this 15-minute documentary. The UNFCCC COP 25 in Madrid aimed to finalize the rules for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, a set of guidelines under which global carbon pricing systems will operate. The film demonstrates the stark contrast between the privileged corporate and government elites and those of Indigenous Peoples and organizers resisting Article 6 and other false solutions. Depicted through a diversity of Indigenous and international voices, the film warns us of the rebranding tactics used by corporations to commodify life and proliferate carbon pricing systems for the purpose of continuing business as usual.

Even after the UNFCCC virtual Intersessional conference ended last week, Article 6 continues to be negotiated. As Indigenous Peoples and organizers prepare for the upcoming COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland, this 15-minute video, **Distraction from Climate Action: Article 6 False Solutions**, is a critical tool to educate, uplift and build resistance.

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