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Divest The Globe, Invest In The Future

Above photo: By Lori Panico in Indianz.

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We demand banks stop financing repression of Indigenous rights, human rights abuses, and desecration of the earth.

On October 23rd, ninety-two of the world’s largest banks will meet in São Paolo, Brazil to discuss policies on the climate and Indigenous People’s rights to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent  (FPIC). These banks include Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) financiers such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, and many more. Mazaska Talks is calling on indigenous people and allies everywhere to join us for 3 days of mass global action that make it clear to the banks: Financing climate disaster and the abuse of Indigenous Peoples will result in a massive global divestment movement.

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RE: Millions-Strong Boycott of Your Bank

Dear Gregory B. Braca, TD Bank, CEO —

On October 23rd, ninety-two of the world’s largest banks are meeting in São Paolo, Brazil to discuss environmental and social risk management policies regarding the climate and Indigenous People’s rights to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC).

We are writing today to inform you that we are boycotting your bank. We are taking this action as a result of your financing of new tar sands pipelines ― including Kinder-Morgan’s Trans-Mountain; Trans-Canada’s Keystone XL; and Enbridge’s Line 3. As with the Dakota Access Pipeline, these pipelines lack Free, Prior, and Informed Consent from all of the impacted indigenous nations  [See chart on Page 3], an indigenous right upheld by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Over 150 First Nations that are party to the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion oppose tar sands mining at the source and throughout the pipeline route. We implore your bank to prohibit all financing for all companies with tar sands operations, as well as all finance for tar sands projects, with public reporting on implementation.

Furthermore ― given that tar sands is the most greenhouse-gas-intensive of fossil fuels ― the construction of these pipelines is entirely incompatible with achieving the goal of curtailing catastrophic climate change, as agreed to by 194 nations in Paris in 2015.

As such, not only shall we be boycotting your bank, but we shall also be encouraging individuals, institutions and cities around the world to move towards banks that place people and the Earth before profits.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Heaton, Co-Founder Mazaska Talks

Matt Remle, Co-Founder Mazaska Talks

Jackie Fielder, Organizer, Mazaska Talks

Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, Founder, Sacred Stone Village

Tara Houska, National Campaigns Director, Honor the Earth

Joye Braun, Community Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network

Bill McKibben, Founder,

Lindsey Allen, Executive Director, Rainforest Action Network

Todd Paglia, Executive Director, Stand.Earth

Stephen Kretzman, Executive Director, Oil Change International

Vanessa Green, Director, DivestInvest Individual

Denise Patel, Coordinator, Divest Invest Network

RL Miller, President, Climate Hawks Vote

Lydia D. Avila, Executive Director, The Power Shift Network

Aldo Seine, Wica Agli

Lucie Pinson, Finance Campaigner, Friends of the Earth France

Isabelle L’Héritier, Board of Directors, Alternatives

Ethan Buckner, Energy Campaigner, Earthworks

Alec Connon, Fossil Fuel Financing Campaign Organizer, 350 Seattle

Micah Parkin, Executive Director, 350 Colorado

Maeve McBride, Director 350 Vermont

Michelle Fournier, Organizer, 350 Maine.

Sandy Polishuk and Taryn Oakley, Divestment Team Co-Coordinators, 350 Portland

Gilbert Starkey and Roberta Tsukahara, Co-founders, 350 Austin

Melissa Brice, Founder, Chicago 350

Kate Jacobson, Program Director, MN350

Daniel Villa, Organizer, 350 Tacoma

Rebecca MacMullan, Coordinator, 350 Spokane

Jack Eidt, Co-Founder, SoCal 350 Climate Action

Patricia Hine & Debra McGee, 350 Eugene, Directors

Laurie Litman, President, 350 Sacramento

Griffin Sinclair-Wingate, Volunteer Coordinator, 350 New Hampshire

Alex Lukas and Kevin Fistanic, Co-Presidents, Oxy 350

Nicole Kemeny, President, 350 Silicon Valley

Lin Hagedorn, Steering Committee member/Divest Eastside WG,350 Eastside

Ed Chadd, Executive Committee member, Olympic Climate Action

Jill MacIntyre Witt, Organizer, 350 Bellingham

Alan Weiner, chapter co-lead, 350 Conejo / San Fernando Valley

Darcy DuMont, Coordinating Committee, MassDivest Coalition

Tracey Waite, President, Harford County Climate Action

Susan Evans and Bill Layman, Climate Conversations North Central Washington

Drew Foley, administrator, 350 Louisville, KY

Darcy DuMont, Coordinating Committee, MassDivest Coalition

Nancy LaPlaca, LaPlaca and Associates

Sulakshana, Organizer, Fossil Free Oxford University

Drew Hudson, Founder, 198 Methods

Daphne Wysham, Director of Sustainable Energy & Economy Network

Lee Stewart, Organizer, Beyond Extreme Energy

Dr. Bruce Amundson, MD, President, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Alfredo Quarto, Executive Director, Mangrove Action Project


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