DIY Solar Desalination Machine Purifies 2.8 Gallons Of Water Each Day

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This activist’s invention may save lives, considering that Gaza is expected to run out of drinkable water within the next few months.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has resulted in 90% of the water in Gaza being rendered undrinkable. An obvious travesty, one man decided to develop a DIY solar desalination system capable of turning undrinkable water into purified H20 – and succeeded!

Fayez al-Hindi’s invention may save lives, considering that Gaza is expected to run out of drinkable water within the next few months.

According to Inhabitat, the distillation tank separates clean water from pollutants and salt and is capable of producing about 2.6 gallons of water daily. That’s just enough for al-Hindi’s and his family’s requirements.

“Sunshine is readily available in our country,” says the inventor.

Because a number of individuals have been concerned about the safety of al-Hindi’s distillation water machine, the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility tested the water. What they discovered is that his process is working. He explains his invention in the video below:

Lab technician Mohamed Abu Shamaleh has been won over by Fayez’s ingenuity, calling the invention “fascinating”.
Because Gaza is in dire need of clean, drinking water, al-Hindi is presently teaching locals how to build their own solar-powered desalination machine. His efforts are worthy of recognition, considering that it will be years before the region’s infrastructure is repaired.

AJ+ Screenshot

AJ+ Screenshot

  • stephenverchinski

    This design I first saw in then1980’s when I started my solar business. I recall calling the inventor and talking about the distillation pan. He may have filed the information with a group that was just getting started that I have supported a bit s a starting member and continuingnto today, That group is called Solar Cookers International.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Congratulations to this entrepreneur al-Hindi, doing his best for his family and his people in the face of unbearable oppression and vindictive actions of Zionist Israel, the illegal occupier (via land, sea, air) of Gaza. I expect the Zionists to further tighten their illegal siege of Gaza, blocking the import of any even rudimentary materials that might make the design and operation of this system more efficient.