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Dream Defenders In Governor’s Office Being Denied Food, Water

The Dream Defenders continue to occupy Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office for the 12th day with the demands that the Stand Your Ground law be repealed and that the state address racism within its criminal justice system. They say that they will not leave until action is taken.

1dreSupport for the Dream Defenders is growing. Yesterday, faith leaders joined them as well as singer Harry Belafonte.

The governor is refusing to take action on the Stand Your Ground law, saying that he supports it.

Perhaps in reaction to the growing support for the Dream Defenders, the governor is now denying access to food and water for the occupiers, which includes a child of 8 years. According to their tweets, staff at the Capitol are telling the Dream Defenders that if they want food and water, they will have to go outside to get it. Of course, the occupiers know that they are not likely to be allowed to return.

Supporters are gathering outside of the Capitol to demand that the Dream Defenders be allowed to eat and drink. They urge people to call the Capitol and the Governor’s mansion.

Here are the numbers they recommend calling:

Call Greta Plessinger 850 294 6538, spokesperson for the governor’s office security.

Call 850-487-2700 to tell FL Capitol Police to allow food & water to the 100+ brave @Dreamdefenders fight for justice!

For more information, visit the Dream Defenders website.

Here is an interview from Real News’ correspondent Jaisal Noor on July 26:

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