Drop All Felony Charges Against Michigan Tar Sands Activists

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From Fearless Summer: This is a big week for our friends at MI CATS! The courageous cat who skateboarded into an Enbridge pipe has a hearing Tuesday and the four feline “felons” who locked to Enbridge destruction equipment have court Thursday!

Please continue to pass around our petition and check out the support events for both cases below!



Drop all felony charges

Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands

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The Kalamazoo River oil spill, which occurred in July 2010…. a six-foot break in the pipeline – resulted in the largest on-land oil spill in US history. On Monday morning, July 22, 2013, dedicated MI-CATS (Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands) activists,with the moral and financial support of affected homeowners and others nationwide, took a courageous stand against the expansion of dirty Alberta tar sands oil at the Enbridge construction site directly across the street from their Stockbridge, Michigan pumping station. Arriving at 5:30 AM before the arrival of Enbridge employees working on pipeline 6B expansion, over 40 of our brothers and sisters in the struggle for clean alternatives gathered from the tri-state area to form soft blockades at two locations while a select few physically chained themselves to heavy machinery, the same machinery used to cut the landscape into a super highway for the massive flow of dirty fossil fuels by an industry bent on putting profit before planet and people. We applaud their courageous efforts, risking arrest and bodily injury to send this message to the fossil fuel barons.  Eleven courageous activists were jailed, all charges non-violent, ranging from alleged trespassing to alleged resisting and obstructing. The 4 individuals who locked down to machinery ( Lisa Lala Leggio,Barbara Carter,Will Lawrence,Vicci Hamlin ) are  being charged with a felony.  We ask you to recognize that this was an act of civil disobedience and not a crime worthy of a felony!

Stuart Dunnings lll,, County Prosecutor of Mason,[ Ingham Co.] Michigan

Drop all felony charges

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