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Cecily McMillan was sexually assaulted, beaten unconscious and into seizures by NY Police, but the city is charging her with felony assault over the incident.

Cecily McMIllan displaying bruises on her breast from police grabbing herOccupy participant Cecily McMillan is being prosecuted for felony police assault and may face up to 7 years in prison. In reality, it is the NYPD that should be on trial for their assault on McMillan. The trial has already been delayed because of the credibility of the arresting officer, however, New York City should review the case and drop all charges against McMillan.

On the six month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street Cecily McMillan arrived at midnight to Zuccotti Park to meet some friends and go out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, she would find herself unconscious, in seizures and badly bruised.

McMillan was not in Zuccotti to protest, but she arrived as the police began to violently break up the crowd. She felt someone grab her right breast she involuntarily swung her elbow around and hit the offender in the face. It turned out to be police officer, Grantley Bovell. She was violently arrested, knocked to the ground, unconscious and began suffering seizures while she was handcuffed. It would be 15 to 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived. Photos of McMillan show bruises from fingers that grabbed her breast, a swollen eye and other bruises.

Cecily’s hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 3. Take action now to stop the injustice.


WHEN YOU SIGN THE PETITION, IT SENDS AN EMAIL DIRECTLY TO D.A. VANCE. IF YOU CAN ALSO TAKE A MOMENT TO TWEET (below petition), IT WILL ALSO GO DIRECTLY TO HIM. His twitter handle is @ManhattanDA. And remember to always be polite. Thank you!

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  • Firstname Lastname

    Cecily McMillan, please sue them into oblivion.

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  • janlog

    Yet another outrage – hope she empties their bank accounts. An apology would go a long way too.
    They really ought to stop digging now.

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  • ziggypop

    The DA needs to be fired.

  • Just_Plain_Jim

    I respectfully submit that justice in our judicial branch calls for the dismissing the assault charges against Ms. C. McMillan.

    An elbow to the rear is a reflexive move fir a woman whose breast is grabbed from behind with such force to cause bruising .

    She had no criminal intent and has suffered more than enough already.

    Holding your own officers to obey the rule of law reduces or eliminates the temptation by others to remove the officers by extra-judicial means , including ambushing .

    Over 40 years ago , to this day an unsolved homicide , a local officer was ambushed with a shotgun blast while responding to a phony crime call.

    Not all New York resident use the legal methods to handle rogue conduct by police or prosecutors .

    Thank you for the opportunity to observe and comment.

    DJB , Columbus OH 2014-02-25-t2341est
    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

  • AlphaNumeric111

    Why isn’t there more petition signatures!?

  • sisterlauren

    Maybe the problem is the laws have been written too much in the favor of the police. I know in California the constitution is written to give the police carte blanch for rape, murder, etc. I wonder if it is the same in New York.

  • Southernfink

    It needs the proper exposure and marketing etc.

  • Southernfink

    Good idea, clever ‘handle’ btw (^^,)

  • Southernfink

    Hey Lauren, there has been a 21% increase in the number of signatures on the petition in the first 12 hours since I posted it all over the boards on the web, then as you first noticed my comments started getting deleted again, well, at least the signatures are on the up.

  • kevinzeese

    Where were your comments deleted? Not on this site.

  • sisterlauren

    You will have to forgive us, we are old friends who skate all over the web.

    Deleted comments are common on The Hill, JPost, lots of places. Then there are the sites where we have been banned. For me that includes Firedoglake, AlterNet, TalkingPointsMemo, etc. I do not remember them all.

    Most places where I am banned it is for being a 9/11 truther. LOTS of places won’t allow it, Huffpost is just one of many examples.

  • sisterlauren

    Last night I had a cop on my front porch threatening to shoot an unarmed young man.

  • Southernfink

    Horrible, and stressful !

  • jmg660

    Just now posted the link to the new mayor’s office. I’m curious to see if they respond. Will also try doing some news outlet shaming if they haven’t carried the story anywhere in the tradition news outlets.

  • Damascian

    Part of the problem is that many in the law enforcement institutions are war veterans. Coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan, “security” often is all they know. Too many are psychologically compressed, depressed, and without the latest knowledge in true crowd control. Too often, they are on some power trip as that is all they knew when they occupied the war theater. Our whole law enforcement system needs to be revamped. We are looking more and more like the Assad type of crowd control that was used in Darra’a in March of 2011 when the Syrian civil war started. In that case, Assad nor anywhere in Syria, was there an available and legitimate level to affect violent behavior during protest should it have been needed. All Assad ever had was “the army” to do the work of intermediate crowd control policing. In part, it is no wonder things spiraled out of control in that nation. Look carefully at our policing and law enforcement personnel and structure. You will find very much the same attitude of the military mindset of “take no prisoners.” Way past the time for real change in this nation of ours.

  • sisterlauren

    Not just our nation, the whole world. I keep suggesting that the pope should renounce and rescind the Doctrine of Discovery in order to get the ball rolling.

  • Damascian

    That certainly would be a good beginning. Although we do no use the term “Doctrine of Discovery” in these times, the mindset is still very fresh and the attitudes belie those who profess its discontinued use.

  • sisterlauren

    It is still being cited by the modern supreme court in decisions denying people their rights based on their race and their religion.

    If the pope can’t see to renounce and rescind it, then I think he should be forced to defend it as it is his church policy.

    I’d like him to explain to me just why he supports a policy that I can be legally raped by white men just because I’m a Native American.

    I want to know how he justifies it. Would he really argue that Jesus approves of the Catholic Doctrine of Discovery?

    I don’t see it myself, but it is his church policy, he can walk us through the arguments they use to justify it.

  • Damascian

    Whoops!. You’re right. In looking further, I did find a reference to Sherrill vs. Oneida Nation of New York where no less a figure than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2005 sided with Sherrill N.Y. ( against the Oneida Nation. This in itself is disturbing as the US has long admitted that Indian Nations were sovereign upon their land. It seems there is some hypocrisy inherent even in “liberal” judges as much as there is a blindness in those who profess their “Christianity” but nevertheless, commit injustices against the American Indians among others who are in the minority. Too often the law is given way too much latitude when the obvious is too apparent. Laws were made by those who have power, and protect the power they have. It is not surprising then, that few will think to simply say that the law sometimes is “an Ass!” This is one of those times.

  • sisterlauren

    Laws can be changed.

    In this case I think we need a social movement in order to change the bad law. There is no reason for the Catholic church to support a policy that leads to ethnic cleansing. And if they do have a reason, I want to hear it.

  • Damascian

    Start a petition to have this particular policy renounced by the Catholic Church and by extension, the obvious influence it has in our laws. I’ll certainly sign it.

  • sisterlauren

    My comment to you is waiting moderation. Apparently someone does not want us to talk about this.

    I suggest you find me at a different news outlet where they will allow this conversation to happen. Thanks, Sister Lauren

  • sisterlauren

    Kevin, “under moderation” for discussing forms of US Native American legal discrimination? What gives?

  • sisterlauren

    Now our comments are being moderated here. Why do you think that is happening?

  • Southernfink

    Comments with links are automatic, the new DQ shows the user but no one else which ones are pending, removed or deleted, I went back in time and collected them, the comments that were removed are completely harmless.

  • Damascian

    My above remark on moderation, I suspect, was due to the improper initial way I referenced the Daily Kos link. I don’t see any evidence that anyone is interfering with this discussion. How to continue this discussion on another venue is not clear to me. Where else may I find your posts?

  • sisterlauren

    I guess they were just being slow in posting comments with links, that is a relief. I thought we were not being allowed to discuss the Doctrine of Discovery here. You’d be surprised how many people want that kept hushed up, NOT what I expected to see here at all but you never know.

    If you want to find what a person is doing in Discus just click on their name and it will show you their posts (unless it is ‘private’ and their name is in gray). Then you can go to another story they are posting on and pick up the conversation there if you want to.

  • Johan Thorssin

    Being the father of three young ladies who are all out there in the World trying to make it a better place, all in their own way, I applaud your activism in trying to do the same. Considering the circumstances of your arrest and the injuries that you incurred, I would ask the prosecutor to drop all the charges against you. You have been through enough.

  • al92653

    Dropping the charges is not enough. Criminal charges should be filed against the police officer, if justice is to be served.