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Ecuadorian Protests Against President Moreno Continue, Face Police Repression

Above photo: Police launch tear gas near the National Assembly. Reuters.

Saturday, October 12, Quito, Ecuador – In the early hours of the morning of this Saturday, law enforcement began an attack against protesters in an area near the Arbolito Park.

The Ecuadorian police launched pellets and tear gas against a group of protesters in the immediate vicinity of the National Assembly of Ecuador on Saturday, the tenth day of social protests against the economic reforms of the government President Lenín Moreno.

In the early hours of the morning of this Saturday, law enforcement began a raid against protesters in an area near the Arbolito Park, calling for the repeal of several measures, which include increases in fuel prices. 

As yesterday, the police repressed the concentration of protesters with pellets and tear gas.

Ecuador is going through a wave of demonstrations amid social unrest after the Quito government decreed a series of economic adjustment measures.

The president of the National Assembly, César Litardo, on Saturday called for an emergency session to be held Monday, October 14 to address the state of emergency decreed by the government and the serious political crisis that Ecuador is going through, although analysts indicated that it is too late.

Over the ten days of the social protests of the so-called “package”, the Ecuadorian social movements have maintained a national strike and maintain their claims that the reforms, which inspired the protests, be repealed. 

The main claim by protesters in the massive marches carried out in cities such as Loja, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Ambato, and Riobamba, among others, who plan to stay indefinitely, is to repeal Decree 883 that eliminated the subsidy for extra gasoline and diesel,

“Out assassin, out”, in relation to the repression of the Government of Moreno in the last days recorded in Quito, are some of the slogans shouted by the people gathered this Saturday in the “Arbolito” park, near the Assembly building National.

Quito citizens call for “no more repression with pellets, there are women and children in the park the ‘Arbolito’ .”

Hundreds of protesters expect more people to join the protests in the area, where barricades have been installed over the past few hours, while police continue throwing pellets and tear gas.

In the City of Cuenca, there is a shortage of gas despite announcements of having fuel on previous days.

Citizens are beginning to make long lines in gasoline stations, after traveling to several stations without finding fuel. Today, they report on social media there is a shortage in the city.

Meanwhile, representatives from different social sectors of the country continue to arrive in Quito, to join the national strike.

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