Ecuadorians Protest Neo-liberal Austerity And Win

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President Lenin Moreno restored neo-liberalism to Ecuador, accepting a $4.2 billion dollar loan from the US-dominated International Monetary Fund that required measures call ‘structural adjustments’. These included putting austerity in place in order to repay the loan. When Moreno announced Decree 883, or “The [Austerity] Package,” on October 4, the country erupted in a general strike with mass protests in many cities. Moreno imposed a national emergency, fled to the coast and sent police and troops to repress the protests. At least ten people died and thousands were injured. We speak with Wellington Echegaray, an Ecuadorian living in the United States, about the protests and about the history of political instability and difficult living conditions that led to this uprising.

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Wellington Echegaray is from Ecuador and lives in New York City. He is active with Accion Revolucion and the Free Jorge Glas movement. He is also a member of the IBEW union.

  • voza0db

    It’s FUNNY how you guys always try NOT TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS!

    This wasn’t made via NON-VIOLENT PROTESTS!

    SO… here it goes AGAIN.

    And this happened via NONVIOLENT PROTESTS!?!

    Of course not.

    Those that IMPOSE VIOLENCE – financial, economical, judicial and physical –
    will only back down if OPPOSED with EQUIVALENT or GREATER VIOLENCE.

    This is OUR NATURE…


    Those too ignorant or too full of cognitive dissonance that persist on clinging to the mantra “Human Beings” and all the fairy tales this notion embodies are the ones creating resistance to real CHANGE.