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Empire Files: US Empire Exploits #COVID19 For More War

Abby Martin breaks down all the hidden acts of foreign policy aggression under the cover of the pandemic.

“We’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Billions of people around the world are worrying about how they are going to survive it physically and economically. The US Empire sees it as a perfect opportunity to advance.

This new reality exposes the great contradictions of the current world order. So-called enemies of the US, Cuba and China, are exporting hundreds of doctors and medical supplies while the capitalist icon, the United States, doles out death abroad and trails the world in caring for its own people. First claiming COVID19 was being used as a Democratic Party hoax, now Trump boasts it would be a great success if only 200,000 Americans die.

Most Americans who don’t know how they are going to pay rent can clearly see the $2.2 trillion bailout prioritized corporations and billionaires, handing out billions of dollars for candy dynasties and cruise liners. But what’s more hidden is how the US Empire is using the pandemic outside of its borders too.”

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