‘Empire Strikes Back’: Eric Draitser On Western Destabilization Of BRICS

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Above Photo: Brics leaders. Picture: GCIS.

‘They see [the BRICS countries] as integral to the Western-centric worldview … and they don’t want to allow any competition to emerge,’ the geopolitical analyst tells Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline.’

MINNEAPOLIS — NATO, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank are all touted as global organizations, in which every member is deserving of dignity, progress and support.

Yet these organizations and others like them are dominated by economic and political heavyweights in Washington, Wall Street, London and Brussels, who are working to preserve the ideals of Empire that exploit, dominate or wholly ignore the Global South.

Despite efforts to promote only the interests of the Western elite, emerging economies are growing strong enough to fight modern-day economic imperialism and shrug off the chains of Western hegemony.

There’s the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Asian Infrastructure Bank, and China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy to link much of the Eurasian landmass via trade and investment.

But nowhere is the focus on decentralizing power away from the West more apparent than in the bloc of emerging economic powers known as BRICS.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have formed a multilateral political and economic bloc that champions efforts to wrestle power away from Western-dominated organs.

As Eric Draitser noted in the first of his exclusive series for MintPress News, “Empire Strikes Back,” the BRICS countries are home to over 3 billion people. It’s the “single largest bloc in terms of human capacity among global alliances.”

The growing muscle exerted by BRICS, he writes, “has undoubtedly ruffled a few feathers in Washington and elsewhere in the West.”

And thus, with feathers sufficiently ruffled by the threat of a potent rival to their power, various actors have stepped in over the past year or two to destabilize and undermine BRICS nations through both political and economic means.

And in each case, there’s a clear beneficiary: the U.S. and its allies.

Here to talk more about the Empire’s destabilizing tactics is geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser.

Watch the full episode of Behind The Headline to learn more about the attack on BRICS:


  • AlanMacDonald

    It’s encouraging to see articles like this, dealing with the reality of the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, in writing and video format by serious exposers of the Empire like, Eric Draitser with “Empire Strikes Back”, Mnar Muhawesh at Mint Press News, and Abby Martin with her fabulously revealing look at the Empire in “Empire Files”.

    Such focus and public exposure to the reality of this global capitalist Empire — which is unfortunately well hidden by the ‘media/propaganda-sector’ of the Empire’s MSM, and even disguised from most coverage of the so-called ‘leftish’ and progressive-lite alt media — needs to be brought to the direct attention and ‘in the face of’ many more Americas if we are ever going to spark a real “Political Revolution against Empire”.

    We can’t just follow some pied piper who repeats the vague and
    vacuous sound-bite of somehow causing an undefined “Political
    Revolution” — against what?

    We have to actually ignite a “Political Revolution against Empire” — which is what all successful Political Revolutions throughout all history have been ‘against’!

    But our greatest advantage over this new disguised Empire is that since no country has been exposed as an Empire after 1989, and since being identified as being an “Evil Empire” (are there any other kind?) today is totally unexceptable in the 21st century — we don’t have to rise up and fire shots at this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire in our former country, but all we, the American people, have to do to ‘bell this hidden Empire’ is to shout it out loudly, in public, in unison and ‘expose’ that it’s a damn EMPIRE, which will quickly and non-violently kill it through world public opinion alone!

    However, only Americans can ‘out’ this Empire — because,
    as we have seen in numerous foreign countries whose people have tried this, they will be slaughtered with impunity and without limit, if they try to do what only ‘we Americans’ can currently get away with. But that window of opportunity for ‘we the American people’ may very well be closing quicker than we think.

    So it’s always encouraging to see a major and popular alt media site like “Popular Resistance” bringing into light the continual oppressive, militarist, fascist, and sneaky attempts to overthrow and reverse every bit of progress that individual global peoples, and countries, and alignment of countries (like BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Asian Infrastructure Bank, et al.) attempt to do as elements foreign to the metropole of this DGCEmpire HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country, are able to occasionally accomplish against this well disguised (like a cancer) deadly EMPIRE, which we all need to undersand and confront.

    Unfortunately, the U.S. HQed and Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE is, as Eric Draitser correctly diagnoses, “Striking Back” against the brave people and progressive leaders of Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Paraguay, as well as throughout what Thomas Barnett in his 2004 Naval War College strategy and book, “The Pentagon’s New Map” (which should have been more accurately titled, “The Global Empire’s New Map”) views as being the entire set of “GAP” countries of the ‘Crescent of Instability’, which the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE is now invading and using every ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ power apparatus of the U.S. state super-power to drive into the EMPIRE.



    Unfortunately, the ordinary working-class, working-poor, and everyone NOT in the ruling-elite 1% of ‘American people’ — who are the only people who can possibly non-violently and successfully overthrow the reactionary EMPIRE ‘posing’ as America, are almost totally blind to the key fact that their country is not any kind of normal country, nor certainly any form of democracy, but is rather the nominal HQ, metropole, and false cloak of a Global VEMPIRE of a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE — and until the average American people are consistently told, made ware, educated, and ‘exposed’ to the truth that their former country is an EMPIRE and has to be Revolted Against, all the rest of the ordinary people of the world, the ‘citizens of the world’ who are abroad, will continue to get the “tip of this DCGEmpire’s spear thrust in their faces” — until the Americans get off their arses and start a real “Political Revolution against EMPIRE”.

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