End Silence on Dirty Energy

Fact: Oklahoma has experienced eight class F5 tornadoes in its entire history – two of them in the last two weeks. One, with a funnel 2.8 miles wide, was the largest ever seen, anywhere. 

The stakes are rising. Fearless Summer is our response – a coalition of grassroots groups standing together against extreme energy. Fearless Summer will start with a week of action, but it’s much more than that. Fearless Summer is about mutual aid and cross-pollination. It’s about not allowing ourselves to be divided. We reject half-measures and false solutions: natural gas is not a “transition fuel.” Nuclear is not an alternative to coal. Our struggles take different forms but we recognize their common roots.

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As our communities brace for a stormy summer of droughts, floods and heat waves, extractive industry assures its shareholders that they won’t stop until the Earth has nothing left to give; they will frack until our water is undrinkable, strip-mine until our mountains are replaced by toxic piles, lay waste the forests and flood our world with carbon from burnt poisons and dying soils. Each passing season warns that our movement needs to grow faster. Fearless Summer needs your passion and your voice.

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We will block their machines and confront those responsible with the consequences of their greed. Together, we can stop them. Last week, the Canadian province of British Columbia put up substantial hurdles to the approval of Enbridge’s proposed tar sands pipeline, the Northern Gateway, in the face of overwhelming resistance. Increasingly, investors are questioning the viability of the tar sands mega-project. In Appalachia, the coal industry is slowly losing ground. We all need to step up our involvement. Fearless Summer is barely two weeks away

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Grassroots resistance is already heating up. Mountain Justice recently carried out three action in three days to disrupt business-as-usual for profiteers of mountaintop-removal coal mining. The next week, the Campaign to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees faced arrest and police brutality to disrupt an industry conference about replacing the forests of the Southeast with GMO monoculture tree farms to be burned in biomass incinerators. People are tired of having the Earth sold out from underneath them, and they are determined to put a stop to it. Stand up! Don’t miss out on the energy and excitement of a Fearless Summer!

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