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Enough: Beyond The Myth Of Lack

Note from the author: “My book is meant to serve as a catalyst for activists and change agents.  I plan to launch a nonprofit initiative that lends large “Enough!” banners to peaceful protesters at my expense.  I will mail the banner to the first group that requests it, and they “pay it forward and give back” by mailing the sign to the next group that requests it, by signing and dating the back of the sign with the subject and town of their protest, and by posting photo or video of using the sign on a Facebook page created for this purpose.  I am wondering if you might be interested in cosponsoring this initiative with me, providing a link on your home page that directs protesters to my sign up form for the sign.  My intention is to build awareness that we are indeed movements moving together,  and when we rise up in one area, we are linked to arisings in others.  I also believe that Enough is a unifying word that applies to any protest and can serve as a unifying word to assist in our feeling sense of one world unity.” Visit


What if one single word could “flip the paradigm,” unleashing the power to create enough for ourselves, enough for our communities and enough for the planet?   And what if it wasn’t a trick or a gimmick, but a universal truth written into the very design of the cosmos ? 

Enough: Beyond the Myth of Lack shares a startlingly simple yet profoundly transformative secret:  changing our orientation to the word ENOUGH could be the key to unlocking the sleeping consciousness and to birthing a new planetary story.     

Traditional approaches to transformation either focus on our inner selves – our spirituality or beliefs, or on the outer world – on activism or innovation.  When we work hard on ourselves, but encounter a culture that neither supports nor reflects our evolving wisdom, we must put tremendous energy into standing our ground.  We tend to want to distance ourselves from the outer reality.  Likewise, there is a growing despair and fatigue among people who focus on changing the outer world because no matter what progress is made, it never seems to be enough.  How do we gracefully combine the spiritual and the practical, the inner and the outer, the individual and the collective to bring about a better story for ourselves and the planet? Enough shows us how.

Author Laurie McCammon, MS, shares the divine download” she experienced in 2011 which changed her life and gave this stay at home mom the courage to accept an assignment as a planetary change agent. She spent the next three years researching what she had felt intuitively: The Enough Message is on a mission to lovingly and gracefully boost humanity into its spiritual adulthood, showing us we are divinely-inspired, fully supported co-creators.  She found abundant evidence in diverse disciplines such as quantum physics, anthropology, evolutionary biology, feminine spirituality, ecology, indigenous wisdom, technology, activist movements, mythology, systems theory and cutting edge consciousness that proves that The Enough Story is inevitable, unstoppable and bursting with genius and activity right now. 

Enough is a book for activists, spiritual seekers, social innovators and change agents who feel personally called to birth a New Story for themselves, humanity and the planet.  The Enough Message will  convince you there is much to be optimistic about and will forever change how you perceive yourself and your power to change the world.  

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