Environmental Justice Suffered Setbacks In 2017

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Above Photo: During the months-long protest over the Dakota Access pipeline, law enforcement officers manned armed barricades and, at times, used rubber bullets and water cannons on protesters in freezing weather. Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

‘There is a real war going on and it’s a war against health, against the environment and against human rights.’

  • mwildfire

    It is worrying, it is awful, there is, however a silver lining among these black clouds: the likelihood that these overreaching, ugly reactions stem from a sense of desperation on the part of the corporations/government/agencies/regulators/corporations–in the long run, they’re losing legitimacy and fossil fuels are losing economically to renewables. Keeping their heads above water financially requires fast approvals and build-outs and lots of subsidies–they’ve invested enough in Trump and state governments to get the legislation they want most of the time but it may not save them.