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EPISODE 7 – Water Shortages, Edward Snowden Busted & Surveillance

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This week, we dive into the shallow waters of California’s extreme drought and what you can do about it CA (hint: it’s not just about cutting back on personal hygiene). From extreme drought to extreme measures, we take a look at Baltimore’s notice to over 25,000 people that their water will be shut-off. Is water a human right? Are low income residents all to blame? Could there be some low life scum lurking in these murky waters?
From murky waters to gallery art shows, we shift to some Art with Teeth, interviewing founder Keef Ward on why he handpicks thousands of social and political artists to showcase on his page, why art in activism is so important and some artists you absolutely have to check out now.
Finally, we take a look at the busted case of Edward Snowden, from genius creative activists in Brooklyn to an update on the surveillance state on the Front Lines!

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