4th Annual Shut Down Creech

4th Annual Shut Down Creech

Details here:   shutdowncreech.blogspot.com
This summer 2,500 peace activists converged at U.S. Air Base Ramstein, in Germany, in their first courageous mass civil resistance to Stopp Ramstein!.   Ramstein, the largest foreign U.S. military base, plays a critical role in the U.S. Drone Killing Program by acting as THE KEY RELAY STATION in the U.S. global drone assassination program.  Without a relay base like Ramstein, the U.S. could not successfully kill remotely from the other side of the planet.  German activists demand an end to Germany’s complicity in the illegal and immoral U.S. remote killing apparatus.  As one German activist shouted out passionately and movingly in this video:  “Stop the Murder!”  At least 5 American citizens participated in the protest, including CODEPINK members Ann Wright, Toby Blomé and Elsa Rassbach.  Dozens of us blocked two merging roads into one gate for nearly an hour, and ultimately about 15 people were arrested, including 2 Americans. It was an amazing collective stance for peace & justice, and the German police were remarkably humane and civil in how they responded.  Fortunately all were released after being detained briefly.
Ramstein’s “partner drone base,” CREECH AFB, plays an equally important role as a CENTRAL DRONE COMMAND CENTER in the U.S.  
Learn more about Ramstein and Creech in this important Intercept investigative report.  
SF Bay Area CODEPINK calls on activists from across the country to converge this fall at Creech AFB for our 4th annual nonviolent, peaceful, mass mobilization to SHUT DOWN CREECH, and help us put an end to the barbarism of drone murder.  Per a NY Times article  over 900 drone pilots/operators are actively working at Creech, remotely murdering people in foreign lands, often away from any battlefield, while victims are going about their daily lives:  driving on the highway, praying at a mosque, attending schools, funerals and wedding parties, eating dinner with their family or sleeping in their beds. 
Shockingly, one recent report indicated that about 80% of all drone strikes go totally unreported.  We must stand up for the right of all people around the planet to be safe from the terror of remote controlled slaughter from abroad.  Drone killing is spreading like wildfire  with at least 10 countries now who have used drones to kill.  The U.S is fully responsible for this uncontrolled Pandora’s box, by developing and proliferating these horrendous weapons without giving concern to the long term consequences.    
Last April our protest at Creech was reported in over 20 states across the country by mainstream media, including TV, radio, print and military media, thus reaching tens of thousands of Americans about our resistance to these covert and brutal practices.  It is remarkable the impact a small handful of peacemakers can have with a well planned action.  We need you to help us educate the public and awaken the consciousness of U.S. military personnel.  Drone operators themselves are victims of this inhumanity by bearing deep psychic wounds within.  Through our twice daily vigils, we call them over to the side of peace, and encourage them to assess the consequences and reality of having a daily job of remote-control murdering.   U.S. drones are the main tool used to terrorize and dominate the planet. We must stand up to these barbaric policies and the system that gives little thought to the world our children’s grandchildren will be living in, and the harm it is doing now to our young men and women in uniform. 
JOIN US AT CREECH THIS FALL, September 30 – October 6.
Check out our updated website for details on the  4TH Annual SHUT DOWN CREECH.
Let’s show the Germans that we have a thriving U.S. resistance to U.S. Global Militarism and Drone Killing too!
We hope to see you there,

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September 30, 2018 - 12:00 am

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October 6, 2018 - 12:00 am

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