Fast For Justice To Close Guantanamo

Fast For Justice To Close Guantanamo

Witness Against Torture’s late friend Daniel Berrigan lives on in his writings on the prophetic mission, inspiring us in these dark times  In his book Ezekiel he writes, “The word must be spoken. In spite of all.”  He tells us that the truth must be “made available.”

Answering his charge, we come once again to the streets of Washington this January to “make available” the truth about the 18-year travesty-without-end that is Guantanamo. While The Report hits movie screens this month to tell the story of the Senate Torture Report, most of the 6700 page report remains hidden from the public eye. (See the film reviews below.) We will decry the impunity with which agents of our government have tortured and may continue to torture. We’ll speak up for provisions in the current NDAA bill that would allow transfer of aging detainees for medical care. We will continue to condemn the military commissions system which suppresses all evidence of the defendants’ torture and fails utterly to bring justice.

Join us to embrace the 40 Muslim men still locked up in Guantanamo and the hundreds of others forever scarred and haunted by the trauma of having been there.  We will remember, we will witness and we will move forward.

REGISTER FOR JANUARY:  We invite you to come to Washington January 7-13  to sing, create, plan, witness, act, fast if you wish, and celebrate our community.  RSVP by emailing  include your name, phone number and the dates you plan to be there.  We will get back to you with housing and other information. Please read on for schedule details and our needs for technical help.

If you would like to donate to support our work, we will be deeply grateful for your help.

WAT FAST FOR JUSTICE SCHEDULE:  A packed week is in the works for January 7-13 in DC.  With details always still in flux until it we get here, this is the basic framework.  Please note that if you arrive at the end of the week you will miss out in creating and shaping the community’s action.

Tuesday, January 7th:  Arrive in the afternoon or evening, visit and share a simple evening meal, then join the 8 pm welcoming circle.  Sign up for teams (eg, media, action planning, reflections)

Wednesday, January 8th:  Join the first of daily 9 am morning circles.  Begin the fast. Start working together to develop our message and action, plan Congressional visits, and begin media work and tasks of community living.

Thursday, January 9th:  Continue creating our action and address risking arrest.  Afternoon exhibition: Shattering Justice & Re-Making the Muslim Threat.  Evening workshop: Linking Guantanamo and mass incarceration.

Friday January 10th:  Finalize details and props for WAT action.  Maybe make Hill visits, do the action today or tomorrow.  Evening concert: Folksingers Tom Neilson and Lynn Waldron; Andean musicians of Duowayta; others TBA.  Jail support?

Saturday January 11th:  Prepare for and participate in midday coalition rally (and action?).  Afternoon: maybe a screening of The Report or other movie.  Evening: Break the fast together and celebrate!  Jail support?

Sunday January 12th:  Begin with Breakfast!  Gather for the final morning circle, then a planning retreat until 3 pm (maybe a debrief of the week, planning activities for this election year and next January).  Demonstration at the Spy Museum? Jail support?

Monday January 13th: The hostel space is available Sunday night in the event jail support is still needed for people being arraigned Monday morning. 

KNOW A SKILLFUL VIDEOGRAPHER?  WAT needs a videographer to join us in January, to tape our activities and create short videos we can use to disseminate our witness and our message.  In the past, we’ve had highly professional comrades who donated their services.  We cannot afford to pay market prices for these services, but we are prepared to pay a stipend.  Can you recommend anyone you know in the activist community?

WANT TO BE PART OF A CRACKERJACK MESSAGING TEAM?  WAT needs a robust media team during our week in DC, to amplify our message to the WAT community and to the world.  Are you passionate?  Do you have things to say? Can you livestream or send photos or messages in real time during WAT activities?  Want to be part of the media team crafting and sending out daily updates, press releases, and photos?  Email Josie ( to join us!


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January 7, 2020 - 12:00 am

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January 13, 2020 - 12:00 am

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