National Assembly For Black Liberation

National Assembly For Black Liberation

May 18-20, 2018 (Fri.-Sun.)

At North Carolina Central University’s School of Education
700 Cecil St.
Durham, NC 27707
The deep crisis facing Black people requires bold radical action. We can accept this challenge as
individuals and in groups, but the strategic goal must be the rebuilding of a national movement for
Black liberation. There are many groups. Even those organized nationally are small and scattered. But
hundreds of thousands of people see the need for militant fight back. It is time for a great coming
together to rebuild our Black liberation movement nationwide.
Our fight has always been for freedom. The history of Black people involves every aspect of life but
there has always been a central theme: How can we get free? This means an end to exploitation and
oppression. This is a critical starting point for all education and self-consciousness in the Black
community. It demonstrates the basic humanity of Black people, the will to live and find ways to
improve our lives as a collective, a community, a nation.
We build on our Black Radical Tradition. In order to be a revolutionary you have to know your history.
Our tradition of militant fightback has been anchored in five ideological tendencies that are most often woven together in the thought and practice of any person, group, or movement. These five are Black liberation theology, Pan-Africanism, Nationalism, Feminism, and Socialism. The most recent concentration of ideological debate was in the 1960s and represented in the life, work, and thought of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.
We are rebuilding the Black Liberation Movement. How can we tell when a national Black liberation
movement is underway? When Black liberation activists in every generation have organized national assemblies to unite around a common program. The earliest was the National Negro Convention Movement of the 1830s. This unity goes beyond single issues. It grasps the overall character of fighting on all fronts. When a national Black Liberation movement is underway, national bodies set policy and coordinate national campaigns of struggle. Major conferences facilitate debate. This leads to consensus and more intense resistance. So we had the 1967 and 1968 Black Power Conferences, the 1970 Congress of African People, the 1970 revolutionary peoples convention of the Black Panther Party, the 1972 Gary National Black Assembly, the 1974 conference of the African Liberation Support Committee, the 1981 National Black Independent Political Party, and the 1998 Chicago launching of the Black Radical Congress. To be revolutionary, we must learn from these advanced gatherings of our national Black liberation movement as milestones of our Black Radical Tradition.
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May 18, 2018 - 12:00 am

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May 20, 2018 - 12:00 am



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