United People’s State Of The Nation Address Against Duterte’s Dictatorship

United People’s State Of The Nation Address Against Duterte’s Dictatorship

Let us come together as people united against the fascist Duterte regime to organize the largest national mobilization in the United States on July 22nd, 2019. More and more people are choosing to fight against the Duterte regime and its anti-people and anti-national policies and programs. We must show our full force as a united opposition and raise the international attention on the conditions of the Philippines!

For the United Peoples SONA 2019, we want to amplify the call:

Tama na! Sobra na! People Power na!
National Day of Protest vs Duterte’s Dictatorship

Taking action on July 22 for the United People’s SONA:

1. LAUNCH large and widespread protest actions on the day of SONA across the U.S. and rally as many people as you can to Washington D.C. Ensure the unity and mobilization of chapters and affiliated organizations for the July 22 SONA. Launch gatherings or assemblies to call action for the SONA as build up.

2. ENDORSE this National Day of Action! Have your Organization join the list of endorsers- this means your organization will mobilize also in full force and outreach for others to join! Please fill out this form to begin this process: Be an Endorsing Organization

3. LAUNCH widespread education and awareness campaign on various national issues. Let us expose the real impacts of Duterte’s economic policies on the regular Filipino. Let us expose the connection of Duterte’s anti-poor and anti-worker policies such as contractualization, TRAIN law, etc to his repressive measure such as the ongoing Oplan Tokhang and crackdown on human rights defenders, activists, journalists, and others. We must also conduct a widespread education campaign on the dangers of Duterte’s push for charter change.

4. UTILIZE different media and platforms for information and education dissemination. Be prompt in answering emerging issues, especially in the regime’s attempts to stop and derail People’s actions. Be proactive in exposing and responding to false news and lies of the regime’s propagandists.

JUNK the TRAIN Law! END contractualization! Implement the national minimum wage!
Genuine freedom and democracy, not Cha-cha and dictatorship!
STOP the Killings in the Philippines NOW!
END martial law in Mindanao and all-out war in the countryside!
FIGHT for Land, work, decent housing and democratic rights!

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Actions will take place nationwide and in D.C.

Below is information regarding Malaya Movement’s national actions and then in particular the one happening in Washington, D.C. on Monday, July 22nd.

11:00 am Rally Outside the White House with BAYAN USA

Meet along Pennsylvania Ave NW DC near Lafayette Square;

Pennsylvania Ave NW & 16th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

12:30 pm Rally at the Philippine Embassy with Malaya Movement 

1600 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20036


Starts On

July 22, 2019 - 12:00 am

Ends On

12:00 am

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