Every War On Drugs Myth Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain

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Below is an interview with Peter Christ.  Peter is a co-founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). The video from his appearance on WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY has gone viral. Peter takes on all aspects of our disastrous War on Drugs. Captain Christ is currently vice-chair of LEAP.

LEAP is in a fundraising campaign.  Their goal is to raise $35,000, they have five days to go and $14,000 more to raise. They are raising money to make a documentary film of LEAP when they accompanied Javier Sicilia’s  Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity from the Mexican border, through 27 U.S. cities, to Washington D.C. You can be part of the crowd-sourced fundraising by donating here.

Retired police Capt. Peter Christ is about to make more sense about the War on Drugs than anyone you’ve ever heard in the past. His basic premise is that we need to legalize drugs, but if you’re skeptical, just give him a few minutes to convince you.

Highlights include a very honest answer to a commonly asked drug question at 0:54, the easiest question to answer about the War on Drugs at 4:48, the complete destruction of the biggest argument anti-drug advocates use at 7:23, using the Bible to prove the ineffectiveness of prohibition at 13:55, and a rapid-fire debunking of several myths all in one breath at 14:20.

If you have to leave right now, just skip to 5:58 for the thesis statement in a single sentence.