Evo Morales Resigns In The Face Of Fascist Attacks

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Above Photo: From Resumen-english.org

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has announced his resignation from office after opposition groups, who do not want to recognize the election results of last October 20, launched a wave of violence.

The escalation of violence by these groups attacked militants and leaders of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS). They are intimidating journalists, burning residences of MAS members, including Evo’s sister, and attacking anyone who looks indigenous. Some political allies and the National Police have gone over to the side of the opposition. The country is in a complete crisis.

In a communiqué, the Armed Forces (FF.AA.) indicated that in order to recover the stability of the nation, a change in the presidency is necessary:

“We suggest to the president that he resign his mandate allowing the pacification and maintenance of the stability of Bolivia”, said the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, William Kaiman.

Morales suffered the collapse of his cabinet after massive resignations such as in the cases of the vice minister of Tourism, Marcelo Arze; the president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, María Eugenia Choque; the minister of Planning, Mariana Prado; as well as the senator-elect from Potosí, René Joaquino; Governor Juan Carlos Cejas and Mayor Williams Cervantes, from the same department.

Although the now former Bolivian president called on international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS) to audit the electoral results and convene all social sectors to a Roundtable of Dialogue, that was not enough for the opposition and far-right groups remained deployed in the streets attacking the population.

Morales’s force resignation leaves Bolivia with high human development indexes, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the population and with an economic growth of 4.5 percent, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • John Kenney

    Morales’ ouster was borne out of his failure to arm his base and purge the police and armed forces of unreliable elements. Regrettably for Bolivia, all that has been achieved under his governance is now in jeopardy.

  • kevinzeese

    The people are mobilizing. There is a chance that people power can overturn this US-supported coup. https://popularresistance.org/will-the-people-of-bolivia-reverse-the-us-supported-coup-against-evo-morales/

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  • Sharlene

    Evidence of a coup? It amazes me that the majority of English-language articles on this fail to mention that Morales was ILLEGALLY in power against the constitutional term limits even after losing a plebiscite years ago that did not allow him to simply change the constitution as he saw fit. Have any of these “journalists” been to Bolivia or spoken with actual Bolivians, or does this just fit nicely into a pre-baked, half-assed, oft-repeated narrative?

    Bolivian people stood up to dictatorship, won, and now can’t even get the credit for it. #BoliviaNoHayGolpe

  • Kampanga

    which people? anarchists? its democracy if you win and we let you rule but when we win we loose to a point of loosing our lives. ….

  • Eric Gregory

    What bullshit. The US hand was all over this, from the direct informant of the CIA to groups like the ned and unsaid, to bribes to military officials, even too the involvement of janice daza whose roots go all the way back to KANVAS and OTPOR in Serbia. Get drug outta here with your low wattage propaganda