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Exclusive: Flush The TPP Conversation With President Obama

President Barack Obama, played by Tighe Barry, gave an exclusive interview to’s Margaret Flowers, to discuss the massive trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The agreement, which has been negotiated for 3 and 1/2 years in secret by President Obama except for 600 corporate advisers who have put into the agreement language that ensures the transnational corporations have more power than governments; and that their profits come before the necessities of the people and protection of the planet. In a unique approach, President Obama classified the text of the TPP. This has never been done with a trade agreement before the TPP. The TPP is the largest agreement since the WTO and will allow corporations to dominate every aspect of your life including food, water, wages, Internet access, banking regulation and environmental laws among other areas. In fact laws like “Buy American” will be a violation because they are a trade barrier, as are laws that favor buying local or buying sustainable products. The TPP will make it impossible to label foods such as those that contain GMOs and will undermine healthcare by keeping pharmaceutical prices high and making adoption of single payer impossible. A law with such vast consequences needs to be debated and discussed, not hidden from public view and classified as secret. If the law would be too unpopular to pass if the people knew what was in it, as the former US Trade Representative said, then it should not become law. Isn’t the United States supposed to be a democracy? How is passing a secret law that affects every aspect of our lives democratic?

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