Extinction Rebellion Members Blockade Private Jet Terminal Used By Wealthy Elites In Geneva

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Above Photo: Extinction Rebellion climate change activists block an entrance to general aviation terminal at the Geneva Airport, Switzerland November 16, 2019. (Photo: Reuters/Denis Balibouse)

“We want to denounce this completely absurd means of transport since a private jet emits twenty times more CO2 per passenger than a conventional airplane.”

Targeting ultra-wealthy passengers and owners of private jets, campaigners with Extinction Rebellion in Geneva on Saturday shut down a terminal that caters to luxury jets at the main airport in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We want to denounce this completely absurd means of transport since a private jet emits twenty times more CO2 per passenger than a conventional airplane,” Micaël Metry, an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson, said in a statement.

In a statement of purpose posted to Facebook, the local chapter of the global movement said, “We have blocked the private-jet terminal to defend the principle of climate and social justice. This means of transport is completely absurd.”

In a video posted to social media, the group explained the reasoning behind the action and declared: “For a social and ecological justice: Rebellion for life!”

As Reuters reports, “Geneva is a hub for the private jets of the rich and powerful who either live nearby or travel to the lakeside city for its private banks, auction houses, hospitals and United Nations offices.”

According to Swiss Info:

For two and a half hours, some 30 activists sat in front of the entrance to the private jet terminal, partially blocking its entrance. Others were reportedly singing and holding signs with white clouds or flags with the symbol of the movement.  The group’s stated aim is to use nonviolent civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid ecological collapse.

One protester, a 27-year-old student who gave his name Nicolas, told Reuters: “Our politicians are only taking small measures, to satisfy citizens, while at the same time saying that we have to make efforts, that if everyone one makes efforts, we can fight against climate change.”

The blockade was reportedly peaceful. Though no arrests were made law enforcement said they took down the identities of those who participated and would consider what legal action, if any, to take in the future.

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