Fascist Bolivian Coup Leader Fails In DC Charm Offensive

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/  The Grayzone

On Red Lines, Anya Parampil covers the obliteration of Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho’s big event in Washington, where he was auditioning for US support at the Inter-American Dialogue think tank on December 12. The presidential candidate had hoped to present himself as a unifying figure, but was instead met with ferocious resistance by Bolivians and US anti-war protesters denouncing his fascist past.


    ANYA its not “NO PASARON (PAST TENSE) but NO PASARAN -as in the name Ann, but with a broad A NO PASARAHN. This was the rallying cry of Dolores Ibarruri during the Socialist Republican government in 1930s Spain.

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    resistance without a hashtag enlivens people and thought, unlike its plastic imitations.