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Fearless Summer: Powerful Start 6 Days 18 States 28 Actions.

We have been urging people to get involved with Fearless Summer since it was first announced.  We love the solidarity shown by multiple groups and hundreds of individuals across the country concerned about extreme extraction for radical energy. Fearless Summer promised “epic actions” and in their first week they have delivered. They are showing that:

All around the country, all around the world, people are rising up to resist extreme energy. 

#FearlessSummer is off to a rockin’ start and there’s still 85 days of summer left…

We urge you to get involved, there is still time to build this resistance movement for climate justice. We need to end the extraction economy and put in place a rapid shift to reductions in energy use through efficiency, life style changes and conservation; along with a rapid transformation to solar, wind, ocean wave and geothermal energy.  A clean energy economy can be put in place before 2030.  We can create a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy that is essential to all of us.


See: We are Fearless Summer on Facebook, or visit the We Are Fearless Summer website.

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