Fed Up!: The People Need to Take Ownership of the Production of Money

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It is time to take the power of money creation from the Federal Reserve and private banking cartel and return it to a transparent system that is accountable to the people.

We’re trying something new. We’re FedUp. We’re fed up with the Federal Reserve and the private cartel of Wall Street banksters who work at the Fed.  And we are Fed Up with the deliberate misreporting of what the Occupy Movement stood for.  For some reason the corporate media, funded by Wall Street investors, could not see that Occupying Wall Street meant the people were angry at the corrupt economy created by Wall Street and corruption of government by Wall Street’s ‘rule of money.’

During the occupy encampment phase of the movement for economic justice the media refused to report that our original intention was to actually shut down the big banks by occupying Wall Street, thereby making it impossible for the banksters to go to work. We didn’t make any formal demands at the time because the problem was system-wide, effecting every aspect of our lives.  Occupy Wall Street did issue the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, which described the systemic crisis the country and world faced because of big finance capitalism centered in Wall Street.

We also knew that the government was incapable of responding to specific demands because the government has been corrupted by the ‘rule of money.’ Why bother making specific demands of the corrupt, political economic elites that have ruined so much for all of us? Why give them any opportunity to redeem and thereby legitimize themselves with false solutions? The amount of painstaking effort that would have been necessary to formulate coherent demands would have distracted us from engaging in direct actions against the bankers and other political economic elites; and from building the kind of mass movement that could make the types of systemic demands that are needed.

Our use of direct action was so successful in terms of engaging the public in spite of the mainstream media’s naive dismissals, that Occupy faced the legitimate threat of being co-opted into becoming the Tea Party of the Democrats in the fall of 2011. We weathered that storm however, we won our autonomy from big party influence. The encampments so frightened the ruling elite that the engaged in coordinated raids involving multiple federal agencies, police forces across the country and corporate security firms to shut down the encampments.  But, that did not resolve the problems raised by Occupy, not did it stop our activism.

Now, understanding Occupy is even more difficult for the media.  Occupy activists are no longer in encampments but they are doing the grass roots organizing that challenges the wealth divide and the unfair economy. While this is reported by websites like Popular Resistance, most of the media ignores it.  Now more occupiers are participating in the hard grass root organizing that is needed, e.g. participating in organizational meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations, but this is actually turning out to be a blessing in disguise. Occupy has been evolving into a leaner, meaner, more focused movement. It’s becoming easier for those of us who are still active to have intelligent, pragmatic conversations about the kinds of progressive radical reforms that could actually make people’s lives better.

This is why we want to set a new example for the movement and build on these efforts. Our ultimate goal is to take the ownership of the means of producing money in this country away from the private cartel of Wall Street banksters. Sovereign, debt-free currency is our demand. This isn’t a solution as much as it is a necessary first step that will create more opportunities for all of the changes we want to see.

FedUp is an idea, a conversation more so than a formal organization. It is a pragmatic way of organizing around a realistic goal of monetary reform by nationalizing, or federalizing, the Federal Reserve. Our goal is no longer merely changing the conversation or urging people to quit their jobs, leave their homes to occupy the streets, or get arrested and beaten by the police. We do however recognize the value of spending time in the streets at actions, demonstrations, rallies and marches in order to help grassroots activists and organizers learn more about the Federal Reserve; and to show the public that people are organizing to create a better economy for all of us.

FedUp is an educational movement. Our aim is to illuminate the truth about the Federal Reserve and to spread awareness about alternatives to the centralized banking system. We will gather at The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. this Friday and Saturday, March 21st and 22nd, with a panel of experts on the history of the Fed and the relationship between money, debt, and war in order to expose the corruption of the Fed. We’ll also hear from experts in monetary reform, the NEED Act, livable wages, unconditional guaranteed basic income, United States Postal Service Banks, debt forgiveness, and alternative currencies in an attempt to create a conversation within Occupy and beyond about viable solutions rather than problems.

We speak truth to power and to each other. Knowledge is more powerful than the corrupt, illusive policies and practices of the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s policies are by no means isolated to the American economy. Global central banking is central to global economic injustice. While the Fed and ECB talk more status quo economics, surely making insignificant policy changes and making cases for printing more and more debt backed money to further enslave and oppress the 99%, we will present radical alternatives that can transform the power dynamics and empower entire communities that have been completely disenfranchised from the system and alienated from the ever elusive “American Dream.”

The future of the new economy is in our hands. But we must remember to work both within and externally from the system which has created the mess we find ourselves in today. That means today is just a first step, and we need to keep the flow of the conversations we have this weekend going when we return to our communities.

More Information:
Facebook page for The People’s First Grassroots Conference on Monetary Policy

We will be live streaming from The People’s First Grassroots Conference On Monetary Policy Friday and Saturday at the FedUp channel on Ustream, as well as live tweeting from @FedUpNewYork & @OccupyNEEDAct, and posting on the FedUp100 Facebook page.