First Day Of G-20 Mass Protest, Tear Gas and Water Cannons

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Above: G-20  German riot police clash with protesters on July 6, 2017. By Fabrizio Bensch for Reuters.

Black bloc marches through Hamburg. July 6, 2017.

Black bloc marches through Hamburg. July 6, 2017.

The meetings of the G-20 began on July 6 with President Trump and other foreign leaders arriving. They were met with immediate mass protests of globalization policies that urge corporate trade agreements, neoliberal privatization and austerity as well as inadequate action on climate change. More than 100,000 protesters are expected and 20,000 police are on hand to control and arrest them. The Huff Post reported:

Violent clashes erupted Thursday between police and protesters in Hamburg, Germany, as world leaders are set to attend the G-20 summit in the city.

Several people were injured, according to HuffPost Germany reporters on the scene. Hamburg police said 76 officers were injured. Earlier the department said three were hospitalized for the injuries. They implicated small groups of protesters in the violence.

Police used smoke grenades and water cannons on protestors, reporters said, while activists threw stones, bottles and explosives, and set at least one car ablaze. Fires were still burning in the street as of 11 p.m. local time.

Below are tweets, photos and video that tell the story.

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    Contrast the anti-capitalist messages with the US. Here, liberals have spent the past 20-some years promoting middle class elitism (very recently updated to “working class”) — a product of our capitalism, the factor that sets them above the poor. In the US, we have been implementing the austerity agenda for years, from the bottom up, to the approval of the broader public.