First Hologram Protest Held Against Spain’s Gag Law

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Spanish citizens held the first hologram protest in history in order to protest without violating the new draconian guidelines of the National Security Act, the new amendments to the Penal Code and the Anti-terror law.


According to the recently approved “triad gag“, the citizens of Spain cannot protest against the Congress or hold meetings in public spaces, plus they have to ask permission from the authorities whenever they wish to protest publicly

“If you are a person you can not express yourself freely, you can only do that here if you become a hologram,” says a woman in the video released by the movement “Hologramas para la Libertad.”

On the movement’s website citizens were invited to participate by writing a text message, leaving a recorded voice message, or converting themselves into a hologram by recording a video via webcam.


Today’s historic protest took place outside of the Spanish Parliament.

Under the new Citizen Safety Law or Ley Mordaza (Gag Law) as human rights defenders have renamed it, public protests, freedoms of speech and the press and documenting police abuses will become crimes punishable by heavy fines and/or jail.


Image of some key points on the Ley Mordaza.


  • gbossa_25

    It is like literally and figuratively watching the ghosts of our democracies marching.

  • johncocktoaston

    Looks like Spain has gone full-fascist again.

  • Aquifer

    What a neat idea …. the possibilities boggle the mind …. 🙂