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Well, not really first.  They had already come for Chelsea Manning; for Julian Assange; for John Kiriakou; for Jeffrey Sterling — the list is longer still.  Last Friday they came SWAT-Like for the founder and editor of, journalist Max Blumenthal, whom they arrested, cuffed, jailed, and shackled, and prevented immediate access to a lawyer. Corporate media played Tar Baby —  “didn’t say nothin” about Max.

Meanwhile, former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin — WMD slam-dunker extraordinaire and devoted fan of Iraqi bio-weapons fabricator “Curveball,” — told a captive audience, “Thank God for the Deep State.”

On RT’s CrossTalk Ray joined Garland Nixon and Dan Kovalik for a no-holds-barred discussion of what happened to Max and why.
Nov. 1, 2019; 37 minutes (including a commercial break from 12:15 to 14:45.)

Also on Podcast:

Obama shied away from holding McLaughlin and his boss George Tenet accountable for fraudulent intelligence before Iraq, while Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence Carl Ford said the two of them “should be shot.”

As for the former partners-in-crime and direct descendants of Tenet/McLaughlin — Brennan et al. — Obama chickened out there too.  He could not even find the courage to rein them in from illegal activities to help Hillary, which are about to be revealed, in all their squalor, by Justice Department investigations — unless Trump, too, chickens out.

Ray’s unkempt beard is meant as a sign of solidarity with good and admired friend, Julian. See:

  • voza0db

    Max has too many POWERFUL ENEMIES!

    The scoundrels in government and the scoundrels in IsRaEl.

    This is how israelis jews depict Max in a news article about him…

  • So they’ve come for the journalist and their sources they’ve even threatened the ICC – for daring to initiate an investigation into US/Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq – the investigation was dropped – a judge has resigned and the chief prosecutor was forced to abandon her investigation – while Bolton was invited for idle chit chat on the main scream media.

    Next they’ll come for individuals who openly continue criticizing Washington’s puppet. governments scattered around the Western world.

    Anyone of us could be next.

  • jwreitter


  • il corvo

    First the reporters who report facts not the party line and then social crediting with jail for those of us that think and act with responsibility.

  • Steven Berge

    I hope this increasingly fascist embrace makes enough people serious enough to take action.

  • William Johnson

    Already been next, Twice! It’s unpleasant. Long story. Might tell it one day, but I can assure anyone speaking the truth to a large enough group that’s actually listening, they should be aware that by so doing, they open themselves up to the entire weight the state can bring down upon their persons, legal or not.

  • Send it in [look under the about us]

    There’s the dangerous downside of writing critical comment under a pseudonym – the Deep Sate already know who we are – they have the means to find out by connecting cookies and other electronic finger prints on our computers – if they ever decide that they’ve had enough of me and my account goes silent, no one will know exactly what happened.

  • Free Assange Free Manning Free Hammond Free Blumenthal

    As I’m typing the names the red typo underline appears under Assange and Blumenthal – I’m suspecting that it triggers some sort of silent alarm.

  • Probably.

  • yup

  • What good would it do anyway.

  • Now I have to presume that you’re referring to the investigation that was dropped.

    What good it would do – You sound defeatist – Bolton has already shown how shit scared the Neocons really are – and that they’re acutely aware that they’re violating international laws on an ongoing basis.

    The more people that become aware of this all the better – in the end it has to come down to Washington’s puppet states taking back control over their nations sovereignty including demanding an end to paying the US astronomical sums of public funds to have US bases in their countries.

  • William Johnson

    Some folks make a big deal out the two provisions of the NDAA of 2012 since these allow the govt to disappear anyone under the guise of national security without due process of law, but this has always been the case to some extent and isn’t new. For example, should too many people begin to listen and act on what any dissent citizen presents, such as, organizing draft card burnings in 1971, the state does and did just make shit up so it can remove such persons from society for as long as the state thinks works best for it’s owner’s. It was surprising to me as a 17 year old child how devious the system was and I met way too many people caught up in it’s tentacles in much the same way as I.
    The difference between 1971 and 2012 on to today is that, no due process of law is required whatsoever and any of us can go dark at anytime without so much as a peep. I can’t help but wonder how many people have already been reported missing by loved ones, not realizing the govt even has the power to kidnap anyone it desires and imprison them into some dark hole without access to any form of communication until the end of hostilities as poorly defined under the NDAA of 2012?
    People would notice if someone like Amy Goodman disappeared without a trace, or some other person similarly famous, but for most of us, we need to take precautions depending on our situations and even so, these might not matter at all.
    It becomes more like a Brave New World as described by Huxley every day in my view. I’m sure metaphors for this empire could be added to and debated endlessly, but meanwhile, Rome actually is burning.

  • yes, ahbooks, I did check your comments and can confirm that both you and “southern” are no more than pretentious, frequently abusive and highly opinionated a-s who have absolutely nothing to say on any subject whatsoever. And so is your dear friend Elisabeth H who is (according to her own admission) pen for hire behind the banderoid troll “veth” currently posting at ua wire and bloom berg.

    Hope that helps.

    Not very likely though.

  • Bolton is scared of nothing, self-congratulatory southern.

    Which makes him far more dangerous and difficult to handle than you perceive him be.

    But then again, you never, absolutely never lifted a finger to confront neocons in real life. A witless, purposefully objectionable keyboard warrior who lost all touch with reality is all that you capable of being.

  • Apart from empty proclamations, what did you actually do help Julian Assange, Chelsey Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Max Blumenthal in real life, southern?

    The answer is quite simple – absolutely nothing.

    You can’t even be bothered to know their first names.

  • You appear to be very cowardly, William J.

    There is absolutely no hope for Julian Assange, who’s health is in a critical state for as long as that is the case.

  • Styx Your recent comments reveal your true nature – as such I’m not willing to lower myself to that level.

  • “Styx Your recent comments reveal your true nature – as such I’m not willing to lower myself to that level.”

    I could say exactly the same about you, southern.

    But then again, you have always been blatantly dishonest with me and other posters. Always.

    btw, I know exactly what sort of tradesman you are.

    Hope that helps.

    Not very likely though.

  • George Evans

    the disgraceful treatment of Julian Assange and most of the others is the way other “sovereign ” Governments fall into line…Australia ..Assange,s home Country tries to skulk in the shadows, hoping it all goes away….
    Now , Sweden conveniently drops any “claim ” allowing a smooth stress free transfer…
    and do not forget the UK..the main accomplice in abetting the USA…in this crime…
    a pox on all their houses…

  • bye

  • I will see you later, alligator.
    Tara for now.

  • William Johnson

    Cowardly? Really? What a sick joke. You have no idea what I risked and lost fighting for peace and justice in this country and world or how that altered my life path in ways too many to explain here. No sir. cowardly isn’t in my dna and I’ve proven that over and over again, unlike so many who only talk a good game but never put their bodies in the way of this totalitarian state.

  • I am no stranger to stepping into the line of fire for the causes you just touched upon, William. Miraculously I am still around.

    Hope that helps.