Five Latin American Countries Withdraw Envoys From Israel

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The decision of the Latin American countries to recall their ambassadors in Tel Aviv is a “deep disappointment”, says Israel.

El Salvador on Wednesday became the fifth Latin American country to withdraw its ambassador from Israel in protest at Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru have already recalled their ambassadors.

Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Yigal Palmor said that the move encourages Hamas; “this decision encourages Hamas which has been recognized as a terrorist organization by several countries. The countries standing against terror must act responsibly and should not reward them. While Hamas has been responsible for hindering a ceasfire, El Salvador, Peru and Chile were expected to support international attitude for peace and demilitarization of Gaza”, the statement said.

Earlier Israel criticized Brazil over its decision to recall its ambassador in protest at Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Brazil was one of 29 countries in the UN Human Rights Council that voted last Wednesday to investigate Israel over its military offensive in Gaza.

During a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 17, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said her country was “profoundly concerned by the dramatic events” in Gaza.

The Palestinian death toll from a devastating Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip rose to 1283, according to a Gaza Health Ministry spokesman.

According to the spokesman, at least 7170 Palestinians have also been injured in the ongoing Israeli attacks since July 7.

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  • DoubleCheck

    Heh, the Zionists, who have been overrunning Palestine with rapine, murder and terror for almost 60 years, dare care others “terrorists?’

  • Wroots

    Good for Central and South America! All countries should cut all diplomatic and economic ties with Israel until it has withdrawn to its 1967 borders, left settlements intact to compensate in part for their destruction of Palestinian properties, and a State of Palestine has been created. Oh, and a complete arms embargo on Israel as well. Since Israel is incapable of humanity and common decency, this kind of arm-twisting is in order.

  • Valeria Damiroxa

    The Israel-lobby has less influence in South America and Central America – because several tens of millions of Latin Americans have partial descend from the waves of immigration of Christian Arabs from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine in the later period of the Ottoman Empire, 1871-1920, and from a more recent wave of immigration from post-1948 Palestine. There had also been some immigration of muslim Arabs business sectors in recent decades. As an effect – many families in Latin America have Arabic family names – although in the current generation those families are a product of intermarriage with Latin Americans from other ethnic origins. Several Latin American nations maintain considerable economic relations with Arabic nations – such as export of poultry, grains, life-sheep. There is an annual summit of Arabic and Latin American nations.

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  • jstewa12

    I thought I read that the President of Bolivia condemned israel… wasn’t their Ambassador recalled as well?

  • jstewa12

    All good first steps.
    The war criminals should also face the same justice as the nazis did for similar acts of aggression, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses.. along with their enablers WHEREVER and WHOSOEVER they may be.
    What good are the lessons learned at Nuremburg if they’re not applied to ALL?

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