Five Myths About The Venezuelan Opposition

| Resistance Report

Above photo: President Donald Trump raising his thumb during his meeting with Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido at the White House in Washington, DC. By Kevin Lamarque for Reuters.

The latest video produced by VA and Tatuy TV explores the “myths” that sustain the mainstream media’s favorable coverage of the Venezuelan opposition.

The corporate media is almost unanimous in its support for US regime change plans in Venezuela. This support naturally extends to the US-backed Venezuelan anti-Chavista opposition, which in the past 20 years has constantly tried to overthrow the government. In order to maintain uncritical support for the opposition, the mainstream media has created a series of “myths” about it.

The latest joint VA-Tatuy TV production explores five myths that sustain this favorable coverage.

  • Southern

    The expression on Guano’s face say’s it all – he’s clueless.

    Exactly who do the puppets in the US government think they are to freeze the economic assets that rightfully belong to the people of another nation only to release these assets to the self proclaimed [P]resident – their own preferred puppet Guano from whom it can be expected that he will do their bidding like privatizing state owned assets which will be gobbled up while using credit they’ve created themselves.

    That is in essence the crux of the matter – those in high office have only attained those positions of ”trust” because they have shown to be loyal to their true masters which is definitely not the electorate – yet for whom all these lie based wars and unjustified economic sanctions are being pursued often to the brink of thermonuclear war.

    In the end – it’s still all about stepping stones meaning that those that serve their masters well can expect to receive a lucrative corporate appointment in the way of a golden handshake.

    Cut to the chase – all this is possible since none of us have figured out how to hold them responsible for their crimes committed in the process while catering to an outside entity.

    Apparently treason is very hard to prove – remember how the material released by Wikileaks / Julian Assange showed the world the crimes and the lies that are being committed in our names – yet it’s not war criminals that are on trial like they should be but the very people that have exposed the crimes of empire have had their careers ruined, reputations smeared and tarnished and justice denied in the way that Julian Assange has been treated by revoking his right to a Political asylum, There’s no Due process in the home of the Magna Carta.

    Lets suffer no illusions that the architects of these injustices against humanity harbor a passion for Democratic ideals – they don’t all they care about is the bottomline – [what’s in it for me?]

    The more we learn about these affairs all the more evidence that a legal system such as the one running empire is proven to be completely and utterly corrupt will also prove incapable of correcting itself.

    If this is the so called leader of the ”Free World” we might as well not have a leader for all the harm and destruction that follows in it’s wake !

    Like a rotted out shipwreck on the bottom of the harbor – there’s absolutely no point attempting to salvage the wreck and repair the rot – while there’s definitely a very good case for building an improved version utilizing new idea’s and technologies.