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Five New Countries, Including Saudi Arabia And Iran, Formally Join BRICS

Above photo: A BRICS+ meeting held in 2022. Kremlin.

Members of the expanded BRICS bloc have declared to work for multilateral regimes and multipolarity against the attempts to create hegemony and dominance in the world politics.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates formally joined the BRICS group on Monday, January 1, 2024, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced in a statement issued on the occasion of his country taking over the presidency of the group.

The five countries and Argentina were invited to join BRICS as full members during its August summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. Argentina however, formally declined the offer last week. Its newly elected ultra right-wing president Javier Milei said that his country would rather align with the countries in the West such as the US and Israel.

BRICS was originally formed in 2009 with Brazil, Russia, India, and China as members. South Africa joined as the fifth member of the group in 2011.

On the occasion of its assuming the rotating presidency of BRICS for 2024, Putin welcomed the new members in the grouping. He claimed that the expansion of BRICS is “a strong indication of the growing authority of the association and its role in international affairs.”

Putin also claimed that Russia will work during its presidency with the motto of “strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security” and prioritize “promoting cooperation in science, high technology, healthcare, environmental protection, culture, sports, youth exchanges and civil society, ” RT reported.

BRICS has an objective of working to create a more democratic world order with multipolarity and multilateralism in global decision-making against the policies of hegemonic dominance pursued by the US and G7 group of countries.

The stronger and expanded BRICS is also expected to strengthen the existing global regimes and curb unilateral policies followed by the US and others in violation of international norms.

Together with new members, BRICS now represents over 40% of the world’s total population and almost 36% of global GDP in terms of PPP which is more than the combined total of G7 countries.

Russia has also hinted that out of over 30 countries which have expressed their desire to join the grouping some from Latin America may be offered membership by the next summit scheduled in Kazan in October.

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