Flood Wall Street Sit-In Surrounds Wall Street Bull, 100 Arrests

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Above: The NYPD protects Wall Street from Flood Wall Street protesters. Photo by Jenna Pope.

Update: 104 people were arrested at the Flood Wall Street protest. This protest put Mayor de Blasio in the hypocritical position of marching for action on climate on Sunday and then arresting people for taking action on climate on Monday.

The Flood Wall Street Protest began at the WW II Memorial in Battery Park at the lower tip of Manhattan at 9:00 AM. Speakers from around the world representing people from Africa, Central America, South America, North America and Asia spoke to the crowd of approximately 3,000 about how climate change is already impacting their environment and lives with droughts, floods, heat waves and massive storms. The group than practiced the resistance action of the day — flowing like water down in the financial district leading to a sit-in, in an undisclosed area.

They also practiced a song:  The People are going to rise like water — We’re going to calm this crisis down — We hear the voice of a great grand-daughter — Calling shut Wall Street down.

Three thousand Flood Wall Streeters marched into the financial district with a massive carbon bomb blimp, signs and banners. When they surrounded the iconic Wall Street bull, the Flood Wall Streeters sat down and blocked the streets. The take-over of the streets around the bull was something the Occupy Wall Street movement never accomplished. The sit-in lasted from about noon until just before 4:00 PM when the group decided to march to Wall Street for the closing bell of the trading session. A group of Flood Wall Streeters hijacked a tour bus and their video of the protest shows the energy of the massive sit-in. The 300 foot banner being held says “Capitalism=Climate Chaos, Flood Wall Street.”

When they got to Wall Street there was a multi-layered police barricade blocking the street that included a line of police on horseback and multiple barricades. There was an effort to push through the barricades but the police held their ground. The struggle between police and protesters to remove the barricades so the march could continue to the stock exchange down Wall Street. Police used pepper spray to push back protesters, approximately 10 people were hit with pepper spray. One reporter was also punched in the face by a police officer. The Flood Wall Streeters then occupied the area outside of Wall Street on Broadway. The police surrounded them gradually pulling in the barricades and warning them of pending arrests. In the end, photo journalist, Jenna Pope, estimates nearly 100 people were arrested, including a polar bear.

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