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For COP21 Alternative Villages Springing Up

Alternatiba is mobilising tens of thousands of European citizens on alternatives to climate change, with an upcoming COP21, the international climate summit that will take place in Paris in December 2015.

Following Alternatiba in Bayonne, uniting 12 000 people on October 6th 2013, dozens of alternative villages are springing up in Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Strasbourg, etc. Plans are in motion in Spain, South Basque Country, Austria, Romania… and even in Tahiti !

Alternatiba’s film is featured on our website and are now available in English, German, Spanish and French. The call to organise 10, 100, 1000 Alternatibas is now available in 23 European languages.

Solutions to climate change exist. Even better : they’re building a nicer, friendlier, fairer, more human society.

Alternatiba is uniting people who put local alternatives in motion, and make them visible to the world through villages, to prevent an irreversible climate crisis from the grassroots.

Join us, and help us multiply the Alterniba alternative villages everywhere in Europe, up to COP21!


If you wish to organize an Alternatiba, you may find some useful information here:

  • The tools :
    • practical handbook: “How to organise an Alternatiba in your City, district, or region?”, which explains in detail the method employed in Bayonne, France. English version available on 1st of May 2014. Coming soon!

    • The call to create 10, 100, 100 Alternatiba, translated in 23 European languages. To share!

    • Media tools, such as blueprints for posters, stickers, flyers, web banner and photos, which you can use to communicate on your event. 

  • Even if your Alternatiba is still in process, it is very important to list all the projects in order to encourage other persons to join you or to create their own Alternatiba. Also this helps to show the importance of the Alternatiba mouvement in Europe and the world. 

Contact us so that we can add you to the European Alternatiba-coordination group and to add you to the map. Ask for the creation of your space on the website to publish all the information on the Alternatiba which you are preparing. This space will be ready for use and you can feed and modify it as you like.

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