For The Last Time, The Russians Didn’t Do It

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If one more person tells me the Russians are to blame for Trump being president, I’m going to vomit on them. I know who fixed the election, and I will explain it in this article.

There has never been any evidence put forth by the corporate media or their primary source, the intelligence agencies, to prove the Russians hacked the elections to bring us Trump. Nothing, nada, zip.

I have caught the intelligence agencies in so many lies over the years that if they told me the sun came up in the morning, I would look out the window to verify it. Intelligence chiefs and agents have long admitted that lying is part of their job and they should have absolutely no credibility in legitimate journalism (corporate media are not legitimate; they have a corporate/national security state viewpoint and are therefore not straight journalism).

This Russia crap is getting dangerous. Trump pulled out of the INF Treaty with Russia on 2 August and the government, amid cheering from Democrats who are so brain-damaged from whimsical Russia, Russia, Russia hype, that they are willing to back an ignorant president and his ignorant national security team, at the expense of a more dangerous world.

During the Cold War, I communicated with some behind the Iron Curtain, including one Estonian physicist who told me, as the USSR was disintegrating, that he looked forward to capitalism. I told him to beware, that it would not be an improvement. After capitalism came, he wrote me that there were robberies in broad daylight, a thing that didn’t happen before, as the culture of greed came storming. And, although the shops were full of goods, nobody had any money to buy them. I had to say “I told you so.”

Another acquaintance, a medical doctor in East Germany (Willie) came to visit a female MD I know, and she tried to persuade him to come to the USA permanently. When she was out of the room, he confided to me that he couldn’t stand the thought of practicing medicine in the USA under the watchful eye of the insurance mafia. In the communist system he could spend as much time as he liked with a patient and ensure their health to the best of his ability. He shook with anger at the thought of practicing “profiting from pain and suffering” medicine.

Still, the US mainstream media demonized the “communist” system, out of ignorance, because most of the “journalists” had no contact with anyone in the USSR or its satellites and simply acted as stenographers to capitalist propagandists.

I am fed up with ignorant screaming about Russia from people who couldn’t find their own butt with the help of a guide dog.

So (drum roll please) who rigged the election to bring us The Trumpster?

The same people rigged the elections as always rig the elections, the ruling Forces of Greed (FOG). The banksters, the polluters, the defense cheats, Big Pharma, for-profit “health care,” Big Insurance, and the rest of the corrupt capitalists who rule the USA like it’s their private plantation. Good luck to any Russian who wants to get in on the game, we are talking about billions of dollars in influence to keep any semblance of democracy from occurring in the land.

Yes, the Russians spent a few thousand dollars on Facebook, but this shouldn’t be seen as anything more than a fraction of a millionth of what the FOG do. It’s time for Democrats to get real and start going after the people who really thwart democracy, the ones corporate media are dedicated to support with any lie, any cover up, any sycophantic word, instead of kneeling and kissing corporate butt.

The Russians are not so stupid as to think they can out-corrupt the most corrupt government on the face of the planet. A government, I remind you, that allows thousands of its citizens to die each year for a lack of health care. A government which locks up more of its citizens than any other. A government whose elected offices are for rent to the highest bidder, giving us some of the most disgusting leaders on the planet.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Would you like that royalty in Rubles? Get help for that vomiting problem! Go Bernie!

  • rgaura

    Bernie will lead you back to the corporate candidate, just like he did last time. Anyone trusting in a demonstrably untrustworthy candidate is like an abused wife who keeps going back to their abuser. In the political arena, we must look more to deeds than fine words.

  • Victor Madeson

    President Carter is mostly right and you’re mostly wrong. He says that this country is an oligarchy and that the 2016 election was stolen. Numerically, the proven “winner” was “none of the above”, including people who don’t even bother to register to vote.

  • mwildfire

    How does that make this author wrong? Or are you talking to another commenter?


    so who would you suggest can lead the country. There are trolls who complain about everything. 1 You can only complain if you put forth fact, not opinions. 2 you can only complain if you put forth solutions. 3 if you are proven wrong, then the honorable thing to do is admit it.

  • rgaura

    Good question, who? What I recounted was a fact, and there is a lawsuit by many disgruntled Bernie supporters against the DNC, which the senator declined to join.
    I beg to differ about solutions. Stating a problem clearly is the first step, but need not include a (perhaps premature) solution. I recommend Charles Eisenstein´s Climate; A New View (free online).
    As for the road to solutions; its paradigmatic. Putting even a well meaning brilliant person at the `helm´ of a vast criminal network will probably not do much. Solutions arise from people like us, thinking and working together, at the level of persons and communities. I do not consider myself a troll for speaking unsettling facts.

  • Wacanta

    Well Jack, you offer no evidence AT ALL that the russian’s didn’t, and continue to, interfere in our elections and hack our systems. I don’t disagree that the corporatocracy runs this country, but that’s a totally different issue!

  • chetdude

    The global capitalist Oligarchy is THE Issue.

    The Russian capitalists who spent a few million to gain clicks for dollars in a futile attempt to influence USAmerica’s profoundly undemocratic “elections” are not even a drop in the bucket compared to the billions spent by the Owner/Donor Class to make sure that only folks who will f*ck us over will occupy the vast majority of governmental positions…AND those Russians (thanks in no small part to Bill Clinton) are also Oligarchs.

    The more energy and “political capital” that democrats piss away on the Russiagate nonsense, the more the home grown Owner/Donor Class wins…

  • chetdude

    Ah, Greeley, Greeley.

    I thought you were more intelligent that this. The Russiagate nothing burger is not even a minor factor in Trump’s ascension to the office…

    It’s our own home grown Owner/Donor Class…

  • chetdude

    Given the reality of the control of resources, laws and social levers by the Owner/Donor Class and their employees in the “governments” in the USAmerica of 2019, I have to suggest that even though he’s not perfect, nominating and electing a Bernie Sanders (instead of another willing tool) may be just the trigger we need to finally create enough critical mass of Popular Resistance to the system to change direction.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    Want to compare IQ’s? See ya at the next Mensa get together.

  • chetdude

    Russiagate is a loser…in every way at every level…

    Hell, even most of the democratic “leadership” has dropped it.

  • There merely is no evidence that the Russians did interfere, and that’s the real world. The rest is your religion.

  • Skippy Cavanaugh

    For a moment assuming it was a factor, it was far less a factor than gerrymandering, voter suppression and big money’s influence, which have a far more profound effect on election integrity

    But the reality is Russia gate was born of the need to scapegoat for Hillary,s poor performance as a candidate and the shenanigans at the DNC tonout their thumbs on the scale against anyone not named Clinton

  • Wacanta

    The Mueller report was officially titled “Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election”, FFS!!! And no, it’s NOT my fricking religion, but bizarro fantasy world is where you reside.

  • Wacanta

    And the FACT that they targeted every fricking states election systems is just a minor annoyance to you?!?! And now they have Moscow Mitch all tangled up with Deripaska’s $200,000,000 investment in Kentucky, which also seems to be of no concern to you.

  • chetdude

    After over $30 million dollars spent and by Mueller’s own admission the “report” showed no effective interference in the 2016 election by “Russia” or “Russians”…

    Whereas the leaked emails showed PLENTY of DNC/Hillary-ite dirty tricks and interference to make sure that Bernie Sanders would NOT become the President in 2017…

  • chetdude

    The FACTS are that a few “Russian” operatives targeted VERY FEW of the thousands of autonomous local election systems and effected NO OUTCOMES…

    Even though the software on these privatized, proprietary systems are laughably defective and porous…

    Hackers Can Easily Break Into Voting Machines…
    https://www dot salon dot com/2019/08/14/hackers-can-easily-break-into-voting-machines-used-across-the-u-s-play-doom-nirvana/

    Nope, not really concerned – compared to the stranglehold the Owner/Donor Class and their two-right wings of the Duopoly and the 5 corporations that own the M$M have on the profoundly undemocratic “electoral processes”…

    As far as corporate activities, I’m more concerned by the deadly, systemic disease of capitalism that supports the Owner/Donor Class…

  • chetdude

    PS: IQ is useless without Education and an open mind… 😉

  • Nope. It’s your religion–or rather your faith, or your hallucination.

    Have a nice Empire.

  • Jay Hansen

    IQ measures how well you take tests and very little else. It is a vain attempt to quantify a quality.

  • Greeley Miklashek

    On a par, then, with your reply.

  • Jay Hansen

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Victor Madeson

    It’s about “burying the lead” by confusing symptoms with causes. The trouble with chasing symptoms is that they can be infinite in number. The source of the problem is that we allow criminals to run this country. IMO a focus on restoring educated democracy could help in removing our criminals. Similarly, the trumpanzees or their lyin’ king’s connection to Russia (real or imagined) are a distraction from that effort.