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Former Honduran President Convicted Of Drug Trafficking

Above photo: Former president of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández, March 8, 2024. X/ @ParallelFacts.

His tax process concluded in his guilt of three crimes imposed by the US prosecutor.

The former president of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández was found, this Friday, guilty of international drug trafficking by a jury in New York.

His tax process, considered historic, concluded in his guilt of three crimes imposed by the US prosecutor, the former president may even face life imprisonment for their charges.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Hernández created a narco-state during his eight-year presidency, 2014-2022. He was also convicted of arms trafficking and weapons possession.

Despite the minimum sentence of 10 years, the court foresees a minimum imprisonment of three decades, for the degree and duration of their criminal acts.

The evidence presented by the prosecution included testimony from narcos and ex-narcos who were promised a reduced sentence or US visa.

They also testified against Juan Orlando Hernandez, corrupt police officers, former Honduran politicians and even the son of former President Porfirio Lobo, Fabio Lobo, was among the witnesses in Hernández’s case.

The defense of the former Honduran president declared that the witnesses were lying shamelessly in order to obtain a reduced sentence or to take revenge on Hernández for imprisoning them and seizing property from some.

Former President Juan Orlando Hernández had been detained since February 15, 2022 by the Honduran National Police and the DEA, on charges by the US government of drug trafficking and weapons possession.


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